Ultimate Heroes: Prologue

It was 12:33 in the morning Numbuh 5 snuck through the halls of Endsville Mall in the shadows.

The building had been abandoned ever since the recent fusion invasion.

With fuse now dead, all that was left was the clean-up operations of his spawns. That's where she and her team came in.

She ducked behind a shelf in the clothing store, and made a quick and detailed hand signal to her team, signaling for them to follow.

Their movements were barely visible in the pitch black room. Each took their positions in a circle around their target.

A bead of sweat rolled down the back of 5's neck as she slowly glanced around the room.

All seven of them were in position. She pressed the small red button on her wrist.


The room came alive with quiet beeping and faint flashes of red dots all around the room.

That was the signal. It was time to move in.

The 8 agents leapt from their hiding places and dashed to the center of the room, towards a huge crater about 15 feet in diameter.

Within that crater stood a large, yellow, squid-like creature with 3 pairs of green eyes that ran up its scull. Its 6 tentacles, scrunched up to its body, were covered in tiny barbs.

This rare creature was known as a Toothent, a powerful monster of unsure origin that was infamous for using its long extendable tentacles to pull people into alleys and sewers and devour them.

It was absolutely too dangerous to be kept alive.

All of the Agents stood with weapons drawn pointed directly at the monster. Numbuh 5 herself held a Shaverama. It was the best she could do for this mission.

The creature shrieked, letting out an earsplitting sound that could pop a skull like a cherry tomato. Its arms came alive a waved wildly in the air.

"Careful y'all", said 5. "This thing is a level 2 threat; it will kill you if you aren't careful."

"Got it.", said a tall dark boy with yellow eyes. "But you know, it didn't look that surprised to see us."

A tentacle suddenly lashed out faster than he could blink and knocked his recon rifle from his hand.

"I think the Professor was right", said a girl with orange hair. These things are smarter than they look."

5 readied her weapon. "Then let's take it out before it can out think us. Open fire!"

The sound of gun shots and lasers echoed throughout the room, as everyone fired their respective weapons.

The creature wrapped its tentacles around its body like a cocoon to shield itself, its tough epidermis making it currently invincible.

The orange haired girl ceased fire and lowered her weapon in disbelief. "Seriously?"

"Let's try this then!" yelled another girl with short auburn hair, as she flipped out a Mecha pulse cannon. "Well just blow him to pieces!"

An electric light formed at the end of the weapon and speed towards the cocooned monster, blowing up a cloud of rubble in the process.

As the dust settled the creature was revealed to be intact, now with a layer of sparks around its body.

"That's it." Said the yellow eyed boy. "I'll pry it open if I have to." His hand gripped a hilt on his hip, and as he pulled it, a 4ft green energy blade formed at its base.

He leapt down into the crater and ran up to the creature with his sword pointed forwards. "RAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Before he could make contact, one of the arms, still alive with electricity, lashed out.

This time however, the boy was ready as he rolled to the side and sliced the arm in half.

The toothent shrieked in pain for the first time all night as its tentacles unwrapped themselves, revealing it's freakish face once more.

"Hit it now!" yelled Numbuh 5. She rushed forward herself, abandoning the rifle for a King Hammer and lifted it to bring down on the abomination. The other fighters followed her example.

Melee weapons were drawn and the ring of agents was closing in.

The creature suddenly sucked in its tentacles to an extreme shortness and lashed them out to 3 times their length in all directions. 3 fighters were whip lashed across the room while 2 others were grabbed and thrown in a random direction. 5 and the yellow eyed boy managed to dodge roll, while the auburn haired girl…

"Hey ugly, look up here a second!"

The toothent turned its scull upward to the ceiling. The auburn haired girl was hanging from the lighting by a grappling hook holding a green Acid Buster in her hand.

Before the toothent could react, a shower of neon green acid rained into its fragile eyes like a fire hose.

The shriek was deafening. But 5 endured as she swung her hammer at the side of the creatures head. The machine induced shockwave knocked it clean over on its side. She gasped.

For one thing, she could see how the toothent got its name. Instead of a beak like a squid, it had compacted rows of razor sharp teeth that looked like they could shred a freight train. And second, it was sitting on a smaller crater, full of little black orbs. Eggs.

"Sweet baby amugus, you've got to be kidding me!" Said 5. She reached into her bag and pulled out a handful of M.U.S.T.A.R.D. bombs and raised them over her head.

As the creature once again sat up it watched as the young black girl threw her bombs into its nest and blew her eggs to smithereens in an explosion of yellow powder.


The now enraged toothent swung its arms at 5 as she flipped herself out of the crater. It followed suit and pulled its massive body over the edge. Completely ignoring the gunshots from the other 2 agents.

5 ran through the aisles at top speed, realizing her obvious mistake. She technically killed mother's children right in front of her.

The toothent lashed out again, extending its arms to wrap around the girl. 3 of the arms meet their target.

Numbuh 5 found herself being dragged towards the open mouth of an angry, truck sized squid.

Just as she was about to be pulled in, she pulled another surprise out of her bag. She smirked.

"Gotcha fool."

Before the creature could pull her in, the grenade fell into its throat…

… And went off.

Well that was the prologe everybody. This story is mostly Ben centric, with afew other characters that will come in over time. Ben is defenatly gonna have his hands full with these upcoming chapters, which are pretty long after this one. If you like it, tell me. I'll try to udate evey couple of weeks. mabey sooner. Some characters may seem OOC because i love charater developement. I can't stand childish Ben, or his arrogent best friend, or his snobbish cousin. It's why i liked AF so much.

Well thats all for now, till next time

-DR. Pluton, sighning out.