Chapter 3: Mission Confirmed

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Last time on Universal Heroes:

After Ben Tennyson's team is split up across the country, he is immediately called back into action as his Ultimatrix picks up a distress signal coming from City Station. Setting his transformation dial to 'Jetray' he takes off to the source. However, on his way there he spots two Dextech Agents about to be crushed by a building. Both of which he immediately rescues.


A group of Plumbers are ambushed by a pack of flesh eating insectoid monsters, and the resulting battle kills all but one of the troop. The last two creatures are about to go in for the kill when local Providence hero Rex pulls a last minute rescue and slays the creatures.

A turn of events leads the two groups to make contact, and Rex mistakes Ben's Jetray form as a hostile and attacks. Jetray s able to free himself with the help of the girl he rescued, and now the two heroes standoff.

Jetray hovered 3 feet off of the ground as he stared at the teen that just attacked him. He was pulling himself off of the hood of the car he just landed on.

"Okay freak show, you wanna fight?" said the teen. "Have it your way!"

Suddenly his mechanical feet were absorbed into his body, his arms glowed with light blue lines, and two massive mechanical arms sprang out of his shoulders.

Jetray's eyes grew with surprise. "Okay, that was unexpected."

"Ready to give up?" said the teen. "Cause I don't feel like messing around today."

Jetray frowned, and slapped the Ultimatrix on his chest. A green light formed around him. His smooth red skin became furry and blue, his yellow underbelly turned deep blue-black. In his place now stood a 5ft blue monkey with four arms and four eyes.


To say Rex was surprised would be an understatement. The Ray-like creature he was just fighting suddenly turned into a creepy monkey thing!

"What are you gonna do? Bite me?" Said Rex smugly.

This really got Spider-Monkey irritated. "I'm gonna do more than that!" He yelled as he leapt at the teen EVO.

That was all the invitation Rex needed. He pulled his Smack Hands into fighting position, and charged. He punched out with his right, expecting to pound Ben in the face.

Spider-Monkey quickly caught the hand and summer salted over the giant arm, mid-flip he swung his legs down over Rex's head and flipped again, landing behind him.

Rex caught himself quick and swung his left arm behind him, only for Spider-monkey to lean backward and dodge, using the opening to kick Rex in the ribs. Using his momentum he spun around and swung his open right hand directly over Spider-Monkey.

Ben caught the massive hand, but the strength and pressure of the swing slammed him into the pavement, and the metal fingers wrapped around his thin body. Before he knew it he was thrown into an arch across the street heading straight for a street light. With acrobatic grace he twisted his body, reached out and grabbed the pole, flipping himself on top.

'Okay, so he's smarter than he looks', Thought Ben.

Rex scowled at the creature before him. 'What the freak is this guy? It's like trying stab a fly with a tooth pick.'

"What's wrong?" asked Spider-Monkey childishly. "Too fast for you? Can't handle my moves? Or are you just-whoa!"

He barely leapt away as a thick cable like whip cracked and destroyed his perch, sending out little sparks of electricity.

"How do yah like me now!" Laughed Rex as he swung his whip at the annoying little creature. The monkey leapt onto a car.


Onto a wall…


Onto another car…


No mercy. At least now the little bugger couldn't do his fancy flips.

Spider-Monkey's reflexes were the only thing keeping him from being torn open by the ridiculously long cable. 'So this kid can make machines from his body?' Ben noted the large circular coil on Rex's back that spread over his arm into the whip.

Rex raised his arm in the air again, and as the whip spiraled up it lit up with electrical sparks. He swung it diagonally at Ben.

'Crap.' Spider-Monkey had no time to dodge or react as the whip hit his side. By reflex he caught it with his two right arms, only to have his entire body light up with electrical energy. The momentum of the swing smashed him straight into a parked Fed-ex truck. The whip coiled around him like a python.

'I got him now.' Thought Rex, He swung Spider-Monkey high into the sky, preparing to smash him into the street, when another green flash emanated from the end of his whip. As he slung down, instead of a loud smacking sound, a sound like a falling boulder rung out from the newly formed crater.

In Spider-Monkey's place wrapped inside the electric coil was a 10ft purple stone man with violet crystals coming from his body. In the middle of his cone shaped face was a single green eye.


Rex sweat-dropped. 'Why is he shouting his name?' He thought as he sent another wave of electrical energy down the cable.

There was no struggle. As the electric currents entered Chromastone he stood as still as a rock.

"That won't work on me." He said casually. "I'm a conductor." The blue sparks traveled into his body as it began to glow with multicolored energy. It took Rex a moment to realize what was happening before a spherical burst of energy blasted him snapped his whip and shot him back several feet as his mechanics were reabsorbed.

He picked himself up slowly. 'Ouch.' He looked up and saw the stone man standing a good 20ft away with his arms crossed, as though this whole thing was pointless.

"Are you ready to give up yet?"

Rex frowned. His torso glowed with blue circuit-like lines. From his back burst twin turbine wings. "Yeah right, I'm just getting started." He said as he shot into the air, until he reached a height of about 30ft.

"Am I supposed to be impressed or something?" Asked Chromastone in a bored tone. He concentrated the energy in a field around his body, and lifted himself off of the ground slowly. "Anyone can fly nowadays."

Rex just smirked. The tops of his turbines pointed at the floating golem and eight spikes appeared on them. A second later the spikes fired small metal cables at Ben, catching him by surprise.

Chromastone raised his arms to defend himself, but what he didn't expect was for the cables to wrap around him like snakes. He wasn't concerned though, the kid had tried this already and-

Suddenly Rex flew by Ben, and the cables tightened around him. Ben suddenly found himself being dragged through the air at speeds he wasn't prepared for.

'Here we go.' Thought Rex. As he reached the edge of the street he looped as he came to a tall building, going the opposite way as Chromastone smashed into a 5th story window. In a split second he reabsorbed his Boogie Pack, and grew out his Punk-Busters as he crashed against the ground and spun a kick into a nearby car. The car shot directly at the hole in the building and exploded inside.

"And that's all she wrote." Said Rex smugly. "Better go fish him out of there."

He was about to check his handy work when a gross, guttural sound erupted from the wrecked tower in front of him. 'Don't tell me…'


A ball of glowing green energy shot out of the window directly at Rex, who tried to kick at it only for it shattered half of his mechanical leg.

"UPCHUCK!" Yelled a 2ft tall round, green…lizard? Weasel? Newt? Whatever. Upchuck leapt from the building as four tongues lashed out at Rex's remaining leg.

Rex leaped awkwardly to the side as the tongues stuck to the bottom of his Punk Buster. His face hit the ground as he felt the mechanical leg rip off of his body. He flipped back up and crouched back into fighting position.

Upchuck's body inflated to the size of a sumo wrestler as his stomach glowed with acidic energy. BLECK! A huge green ball of energy came speeding towards Rex like a cannon ball.

'Crap!' Rex held out his arms horizontally and morphed them into Block Party. A blue dome of energy covered him as the explosive projectile hit, creating an explosion of blue and green super charged atoms.

As the smoke cleared, Upchuck's eyes went wide. His projectile had done nothing buck crack the shield. Rex was still standing. He watched as he reabsorbed the shields and his left arm morphed into a massive orange sword. He frowned and slapped the Ultimatrix yet again. The green light engulfed him as he morphed once again.

Rex growled under his breath. Just how many transformations did this guy have? He was running out of counter attacks. As the light faded, a 7ft green plant man with red flame shaped hair stood in fighting position.

"Swamp Fire!" He yelled.

"Stop doing that!" Yelled Rex as he charged, his sword held out to the side as he was trained to do.

Both fighters were running full speed, ready to plow each other into the ground when…


"Wha-" Rex barely had a second to register the sound.

Swamp Fire was confused by the voice as well and tried to pull back on his speed until he tripped over a piece of rubble and fell head first into the metal fisted teen in front of him.

Both fighters were suddenly caught off guard as and unceremoniously, WHUMP! Swamp Fire's head went directly into Rex's unprotected solar plexus, and they fell into a heap on the ground.

Off to the side, Kit sweat dropped. 'Well…That was anticlimactic.'

Rex absorbed his BFS, and pulled himself off of the ground holding his gut. Which was most likely bleeding internally, he noted.

Swamp Fire did the same as he sat up and rubbed his head. "Who the heck was that?"

"Sounded like Firebrand." Said the orange clad boy.

"Fire what?"

As if on cue a red haired man in a plumber's uniform jogged over to where the two heroes lay on the street. He looked rather tired too, Ben noted, and relatively low in rank compared to himself. If he had to guess he'd put him at the rank of captain, with Ben himself being of Majestar rank.

"I think there is a small misunderstanding here." Said the plumber. "Rex this man is plumber just like myself. I was trying to tell you before you took off like that."

"Seriously!" said Rex. "Why didn't he say so?" As if Ben wasn't standing right next to him.

Ben's eyebrow twitched. 'Not the brightest crayon in the box is he?'

"If you would have just asked, instead of crushing me with your oversized feet, we could have avoided this whole-"

"Well if you weren't circling those kids over there like a friggin vulture I wouldn't have thought you-"

"If you listened to your captain I could have-

"I don't have a captain he's with me. And if you-"


Ben and Rex turned around slowly to face Firebrand, who was wrapping bandages around the wounded boy. Ben's mind snapped back to reality. 'That's right how could I be so stupid!' He ran back to where the girl was hunched over her friend, with Rex trotting behind him.

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