Sarah stared at the graffiti covered metro carriages in the Spagna station in Rome. Compared to the more familiar and cleaner Tube stations of London, the conditions here caused a certain hesitation in her step. She sighed, inwardly berating herself. This was 1985 and she was a successful journalist that had experience travelling all over not just the world, but across the universe. She'd faced everything from power mad dictators to bug eyed monsters intent on domination and destruction.

The doors to the carriages opened and Sarah pushed through with the other rush hour passengers. She took a deep breath as the doors began to close. At just the last second, Sarah glanced over as two more people pushed their way into the carriage. She smiled, recognising them instantly from her experience of being pulled into the Death Zone on Gallifrey a couple years previously. The blonde haired man wearing a cricketing outfit and the shorter young woman in a leather mini-skirt stood out amongst the suit-wearing dark haired Italians.

The hesitation she'd felt earlier made its presence known again, this time as a lump in the pit of her stomach. If the Doctor was here, Sarah knew trouble wasn't far behind. She was far enough away from them that she couldn't make out the words, but she could tell from their obvious body language that the Doctor and Tegan were arguing.

Sarah continued to watch them go back and forth and couldn't help but smile as the Doctor turned away from Tegan and jammed his hands into his trouser pockets. Pouting seemed to be something consistent through all his regenerations. She was watching the Doctor's face as suddenly, a huge smile crossed his features. He'd seen her.

The Doctor turned and said something briefly to Tegan before slowly pushing his way through the crowd, ignoring the mumbles from the Italian commuters as he made his way towards Sarah. 'Hello, Sarah Jane,' he said as he finally got close.

'Doctor,' Sarah replied with a smile.

The Doctor wrapped Sarah in a warm hug. 'What are you doing in Rome?'

'Here on a story. What about you and Tegan?'

'I was aiming for Greece in about 500 years.'

'TARDIS missed again? Nice to know something's never change,' Sarah said softly.

The Doctor regarded Sarah for a moment. 'You remember the Death Zone. I wasn't really expecting that.' He sighed. 'Usually the Time Lords are very good at wiping the memories of anyone that enters the Death Zone.'

Sarah shrugged. 'Maybe you mucked around in my memories too much over the years.'

He reached over a put a hand on her shoulder, 'I doubt that's the case.'

The metro pulled into the station. 'This is my stop, Doctor.' Sarah started making her way towards the doors when the entire carriage began shaking violently. The Doctor instinctively wrapped an arm around Sarah, holding her close to him protectively.

People began to scream as the lights flickered, then finally went out, leaving the carriage in the dark. As the emergency lighting came on, people jammed themselves against the doors as they opened, desperate to escape.

Tegan pushed through the crowds in the opposite direction, making her way towards the Doctor and Sarah. 'Doctor, what was that?' Tegan asked.

'I think we'd better find out, don't you?' The Doctor turned from Tegan to Sarah. 'Are you coming, Sarah?'

Sarah looked at Tegan and at her barely susceptible nod, agreed. 'Absolutely.'

The Doctor smiled and took them both by the hand, pulling them towards the doors. 'Come on.'