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Hear My Voice

Chapter One

A 16 year old girl with beautiful long silky lavender hair sat under a large willow tree, as her pale lavender eyes were concentrated on a large sheet of paper. She poked her pen lightly on her cheek, as if she was pondering about something.

Hm, what should I write? I don't even know him! But then again, this is the whole point… we aren't supposed to know each other yet. Silly me.

That girl was Hinata Hyuuga, that high school girl that stood out in her school. Not only did she have exotic eyes, but she was mute. Because of that, she always gets disowned by her father, Hiashi.

Hinata was about to write something on the blank sheet of paper, but then slapped the pen on the paper as she sat in silence, her eyes closed.

Argh! Why is it so hard for me to think of something to write about? I have such a boring life…

Hinata heard the graceful birds flapping their wings, and the gentle chirps here and there. She heard light laughter of children and soft dog barking. The trees swayed everywhere. Everything just sounded right to Hinata. Hinata mentally sighed peacefully.

How should I write this? It's such a beautiful sound, but I don't know how to write this… It's so nerve wreaking! I don't even know him, except the fact that he's 16 and his name was something like…oh darn. I forgot! Hinata, you're such a klutz!

Hinata smacked her head as she looked at the sky with pleading eyes.

Kami, help?

"Hinata!" Shouted a rather loud voice. Hinata snapped out of her trance and turned her body slightly to the sudden cry.

It was Kiba Inuzuka, her best friend. Well, her only friend anyways…

Hinata made a light wave as she smiled. Kiba huffed as he ran up towards the Hyuuga, with his adorable white dog Akamaru, trailing behind him. Kiba plopped down next to Hinata as he leaned over towards Hinata to see what she was doing.

"Hina, you're seriously gunna write to this random stranger?" Kiba looked at his mute friend in disbelief. Hinata's face became red as she nodded quickly.

"But I don't know what to write!" Hinata signed to Kiba, as she frowned slightly. Kiba chuckled lightly.

"Hina, you got an A+ in writing. How could you possibly struggle with this?

Hinata's face went red again as she lightly punched Kiba in the arm. He pretended to look hurt.

"Ouch," He said, as Akamaru licked Kiba's arm. Hinata's eyes widened as she began to put her hand over her forehead.

"Sorry Kiba!" Hinata signed nervously. Kiba began howling in laughter.

"Geez Hina, you take things too seriously! Did you see the look on your face?" He tried to keep a straight face, but was unsuccessful. Hinata pouted as she pushed Kiba down.

"Hey!" Kiba shouted, as a smirk sneaked into his face, "Fine, I see how it is."

He began to tickle Hinata in the ribs, and she began to roll on the grass, as she tried to pry Kiba and Akamaru off her.

"Attack!" Kiba ordered and Akamaru pounced on Hinata once more. Hinata's face began a bright red as she realized people were watching. She finally managed to get the hysterical Kiba off of her.

"Kiba! Look what you did. Now everyone's looking!" Hinata signed as she looked down to cover her embarrassed face.

"But you have to admit – it was fun," Kiba teased, before breaking out into laughter as she dug her face into her neglected paper.

After a few minutes, Kiba nudged Hinata.

"They're gone now, Ms. Hyuuga."

Hinata peeked one eye open, as she mentally sighed in relief.

It's all Kiba's fault…

"Those two kids are such a cute couple!" A 20 year old woman whispered to her friend, who nodded in agreement.

Hinata's eyes widened as she dug her face back into her paper.

Kiba smirked.

"Write to Mr. Penpal about this," Kiba suggested.

"About how you tickled me to death?" Hinata signed as she stared at Kiba, who nodded with a menacing laugh.

Hinata mentally sighed.

Dear "Alone",

Hello. You can call me Lavender (: I know, horrible name. But since we aren't able to write our real name, I'll choose that.I hope you don't mind, but why did you make your pen pal name "Alone"? Is there something wrong? Well, you can always talk to me! I'm always going to be to lend a helping hand! Despite knowing each other anyways. I hope we can be very good friends though. So, I wanted to start with a funny story. Well I'm not sure if you'll find it funny, but it happened just today, in the park I was in. My best friend was asking me about you, and then suddenly he began tickling me, and his dog attacked me. Okay, maybe it wasn't funny, but super embarrassing! Everyone in the park was looking and pointing! How embarrassing is that? Doesn't it suck to be me? Well again, we shoule be friends (: I need to go sleep now, because my dad is getting angry. Bye!


Hinata sighed as she folded her letter and placed it into the vanilla white envelope. She smiled as she felt proud of herself for writing a letter to someone.

Just then, her door whipped open.

A 30 year old man glared at the lavender haired girl. He had similar pale eyes, but he had long chocolate brown hair, just like the Hyuuga traditions liked it.

"Hinata, sleep now. You're being such a disgrace to the Hyuuga family. Staying up late and doing things only lord knows!" The man, Hiashi bellowed.

Hinata flinched.

"I'm sorry, father. Good night, father," Hinata meekly looked at her father, who glared at her once more before slamming the door.

"Disgrace," He muttered on his way out.

Hinata lowered her head, as she felt tears coming.

No, I will NOT cry…again. Father says it's weak! Hinata, stop. Stop, stop, stop! Hinata mentally shouted to herself as she bit her lip, but she could already feel the warm liquid rolling down her face.

I'm so weak… I won't be able to run the Hyuuga business when I turn 18. I don't even want to, but father wants the business to continue. I need to keep my head held high! Somehow…

And with that thought, Hinata shut off the lamp light and wiped away her tears.

His eyes scanned the paper, as his face was still and un-readable.

Hello. You can call me Lavender (:

That was the first line he saw. He grunted slightly as he secretly smiled. He grabbed his ballpoint pen and let the liquid of the pen make it's letter.