This is an idea that I came up with thanks to Rech20. I'm so happy she let me add on to this and I'm hoping she likes the changes I made. It'll get interesting. Lets just say there are more than just our favorite mermaids out in the sea.

"When I said I needed money, I wasn't saying I was this desperate," I said as I looked at the job list Cleo handed me. We were at Rikki's café and I mentioned I needed some extra cash.

"I have to go, good luck" Cleo says before leaving for her house, leaving me in front of Rikki's. I decide to take a chance and call the number listed on the add. I sort of wished that they wouldn't pick up. Sadly for me a person answered. They explained to me where they would be going and the address of their house.

Later that Day

I take a deep breath before ringing the door bell. I hear the sound of small footsteps, followed by much larger footsteps. Then I hear what sounds like at least 6 different types of locks. This family is a little secure. I think just as a woman opens the door. She is average height, blond hair, in a bob cut, and pale skin. Next to her is a little girl, no older than 6 that has the same hair color, much longer, and skin shade.

"Hello, you must be Rikki," The woman says shaking my hand. "This is Meredith, my daughter." She explains. I look down to see a frightened little girl.

I smiled and said a quick hello to her and her daughter as she guided me into her home. The place was so neat, I was questioning the fact that they had just moved her, and that Meredith actually lived here. The place looked as if it had just come out of a magazine. It was beautiful.

After grabbing a few quick items and throwing them into a bag, Janie turned to me with a fake smile that screamed over worked, and worried mother. I smiled back, trying to keep peace and get this day over with as soon as possible.

"Ok, Meredith knows the rules, you can take her anywhere you feel, just don't let her out of your sight, and don't leave her with anyone, even if you fully trust them," Janie said as if saying, "don't let Meredith eat too many sweets" or "don't let Meredith play in my bed room." Then the over protective mother kissed her daughter good-bye and left.

As soon as Janie was out the door, I turned to look at Meredith, who had picked up a doll that looked almost exactly like her. It was kind of cute and freaking at the same time. Without looking up from her doll, Meredith said, "Mommy likes to be safe. She says that I am the most important thing in her whole life and there is nothing she wouldn't do for me. She says I am special." It was a freaky side of her I was not ready to see. Then she set down her doll and looked me in the eyes, with a cute little girl face and said,

"I'm hungry." I smiled, glad that she had turned into a little girl again, and said, "Well what do you like to eat." Then I started for the designer kitchen.

"Nothing in there," Meredith said following me. "Mommy likes to get these icky healthy things." I smiled and looked down at her and asked,

"Do you want to go someplace with really yummy food?"

She quickly nodded her head and slipped on fancy black flats. That's when I got a real good look at her outfit. She was wearing a fancy pink dress with a floral print and a ribbon around the waist. Her bangs were tied back with a matching pink ribbon. She looked as if she was going to church. Then, after putting on her shoes, she grabbed a pink purse that matched the dress. I could've sworn the girl was rich.

"Where are we going?" Meredith asked with a big six-year-old smile as we walked out the door. I gave her a big I'm-great-with-kids smile as I said,

"A really great place with really great food and really great juice."

The walk didn't take long, not even with Meredith holding us back. As we walked, I watched Meredith look around fearfully. She acted as if someone was going to come out of nowhere and hurt her. She was more careful than I had ever been in my life.

We were not but a few feet from the café, I could see the roof from where we stood, when they grabbed her. Two men, all dressed in black. They grabbed Meredith's mouth so she would not yell. Before I could do anything, another man had my mouth and hands. No one was around to see or hear, and we were quickly gagged and blindfolded. Then they pulled us away, leaving the scene quieter than they had arrived.

It had to have been at least an hour before they pulled our blindfolds off and showed us we were on a boat. Now I could clearly see that there were four of them, all in black, all smiling at Meredith.

"Tell the boss we have her," One said to another. He was tall, average width, brown hair and evil looking gray eyes. They looked deep into mine, sending fear through my whole body. The other was shorter, thin, with shaggy blond hair and blue eyes so deep, I could see his disproval of this kidnapping when he looked at me.

I looked over to Meredith, expecting her to be in tears. She as calm as a kid getting picked up by their father. I didn't understand her calmness. I would've been yelling my head at them if , mouth was not gagged up. I would've been fighting back, if my hands were not tied up. I would've been in tears, if I was all alone, and her age.

"What are we going to do with the babysitter?" Asked another guy. He was average height, not taller than the gray eyes guy, but not shorter than blue eyes. He had buzz cut clearly graying hair and brown eyes that showed no emotion at all.

"We'll through her over board," The fourth guy said. He was the biggest, strongest and meanest looking. His eyes were also gray, but they did not show emotion as the first guys did. He was completely bald, showing off a very pale shiny scalp.

I whined just a little at the thought of trying to swim with my hands bound behind my back. But to my luck, the first guy said, "No, of course we will not." Then he smiled at me saying, "Mommy needs to know what happened to her daughter, and the best way to get bad news is through the one who caused it."

At that Meredith looked at me as if I were the bad guy. I could've cried, not caring who was around to see. But I believed she saw that, and smiled.

At that point, I knew I had to get us both out of here. I worked quickly with my hands, trying to get the restrain off as discreetly as I could. It was working, since none of the men looked in my direction. I worked as fast as I could and as soon as they were off, I looked to Meredith. She had not noticed that I had even moved, let alone freed myself. I was not about to ruin a great opportunity I had in front of me now to get us free.

The blue eyed man came back in with news that their so called boss would be there as soon as he could. Then he looked right at me again with his eyes sympathy. It was like her was saying sorry for kidnapping us, and I wasn't believing it.

I waited till we were left with only the blue eyed guy and the tall gray eyed guy to make my move. I pulled my hand from behind me to a space where they couldn't see it, but it was in a better position to do as I needed. I watched as they talked, making no eye contact with either Meredith or me. Meredith had seen me move, and now her eyes were locked on me. I could tell she was confused.

I smiled, the best I could, as I crunched my hand into a fist, heating up the water pipe that run the length of the boat. It started to heat up quickly and burst faster than I thought it would, burning both men with hot steam. The gray eyed man looked right at Meredith and to my surprise yelled, "It's one of her tricks."

Before they knew what had happened, I had hit the blue eyed man in the back and stood up, grabbing Meredith up from the ground. She followed, no questions asked, not that she could ask any questions.

After we were out on the dock, I ripped my gag off and started quickly on Meredith's. As soon as it was off she asked in a panicked tone, "What was that?"

"Shh, The other two are close," I said as I worked to get Meredith's hands free.

"What was that?" Meredith asked again, not understanding the meaning of shh. By that time, it didn't matter, the other two men were right behind us and seconds away from grabbing us.

"We have to jump," I told Meredith. "It's the only way to get free."

Surprisingly, Meredith agreed quickly, with nothing of not being able to swim or that the water was cold or deep. Meredith agreed so quickly, that she had jumped off the boat faster than I could.

The water hit me fast. I could not see Meredith right away, and I almost panicked. But then I caught a glimpse of an orange tail just like mine, but smaller. Meredith was a mermaid, and they knew. They wanted her because of it. It's why they didn't suspect me to be the one behind the quickly planned out I knew we were far enough from the boat, I surfaced, hoping she would too. She did.

"You're a mermaid too," She started. "Wow."

"Yeah," I said, avoiding the fact that I was just, probably more, surprised than she was. I looked around to see where we were. Not far from Mako, closer than main land. I decided to go there. Without telling Meredith what we were doing or where we were going, I took her hand and pulled her along as I swam. I was going to yell at Cleo next time I saw her for recommending this to me.

Once at Mako, I helped Meredith dry off before I dried myself off. I guided her to the beach, the only part of the beach, we had found out, with cell service, even if it was just a little. There was a rock near this spot with a secret opening. It was were Zane made us keep a cell phone he payed for just so we could always get a hold of someone on the main land, since none of us ever really carried our phones. I quickly dialed Ms. Hollow's number and listened as the phone rang three times. Then a man picked up and said,

"Meredith, sweetie, I was wondering when you were going to call."

"It's not Meredith and who is this?" I asked quickly.

"Oh, the babysitter, even better," The man said. "My name is Dr. Rover and I have captured Ms. Hollow, and I wish to capture her little mermaid as well. Is Meredith with you, or has she already been taken?"

"Taken, escaped, yeah she is with me," I answered in a way that he could not read my fear.

"I want my mermaid," Dr. Rover yelled again.

"Then you are going to have to go through me," I said. I wasn't thinking clearly when I said that and I forgot that Cleo, Bella, and Emma could help with this.

"Happy to, it's fun to capture an ordinary human in my way," Dr. Rover said in a creepy voice.

"Who said anything about me being a human," I said before I hung up the phone, turned it off and hid it again.

I looked back at Meredith. She was my responsibility now. I had to keep her save from her kidnappers if it took all the power in my body. And this was all because I couldn't say no when Cleo had recommended me this job.

"Meredith, is there anyone other than your mom that knows about you being a mermaid?" I asked as nicely as I could. I needed to figure out what I could do.

"Just my sister." Meredith said. I wondered what it would be like having a sister. I mean I had ideas thanks to Cleo and Will's sisters. I don't think that I'd want one anytime soon though.

"Where is your sister? It seems like whoever is after you doesn't know your sister. Who can you stay with for now?" I asked. It took a minute for her to respond probably because she's only six.

"She went to a friend's house I believe. My parents are divorced so I can probably stay with my dad. We might want to get my sister though. She doesn't know what happened." I smiled at her. She seemed so innocent unlike me. I couldn't believe what I was doing I mean we just met. Oh well I guess it's the mermaid connection.

"All right. Where to?" I asked and then I thought of something. "I don't recommend we go back to your house though." I thought about what could happen if we were caught there. I quickly got that image out of my head.

Then I remembered something that Meredith's mom told me. I quickly found the phone I hid a few minutes ago. I dialed the number that she told me about. Luckily for me it was easy to memorize and I had no memory loss at that point of time.

"Hello, who is this?" The person answered.

"Hi. This is Meredith's babysitter she'd like to talk to her sister please. It's urgent." I hoped the woman would buy my reasoning because I knew it wasn't as good as Emma's.

"Sure thing." She said. I was so happy. I gave the phone to Meredith who was a bit confused. She waited until she heard her sister's voice.

"Hey sis. What's up?" She asked. Before Meredith could say anything I grabbed the phone from her and put speaker on.

"Something happened. We need to come get you." I was glad that Meredith used her urgent voice there.

"What happened?" Meredith's sister asked.

"Well your mom left me in charge and then we got kidnapped and now they took her and we need to get you and I have to bring you to your dad." I said getting annoyed.

"We're coming to get you Hannah nothing to worry." I smiled at Meredith. She was being brave for a six year old.

We went and got Hannah with no haste. We didn't talk much on our way to their dad's house which was close to where I lived with my dad. I honestly felt bad and a bit jealous because even though my dad and I had a good relationship I couldn't tell anyone in my family about my secret and for that I sort of envied Meredith.

When we got to their dad's house I sort of was surprised. The house was a bit bigger than the one my dad and I shared. I hoped that they would be okay with staying with him for a while. I knocked on the door as best I could. I was a bit nervous but I had to be brave for the kids.

Their dad was a sort of scary man. I was glad my dad wasn't as scary as theirs looked. I hoped he was nicer than what he appeared to be.

"Hello dad" Meredith's sister said to him. For a moment he was silent he said nothing. Then he came outside and hugged them.

"Hey girls. It's been a while hasn't it? Are you okay? Where's your mom? Who's this?" He looked at me. I knew I recognized his voice somewhere. I had no idea why so I just let it go hoping that I heard it at like a business meeting I went to with Zane or something.

"I'm their babysitter. Their mom has to go away for a while and there's no room at my house for them otherwise they could stay with me. They told me you lived nearby so they were wondering if you'd mind if they stayed." I lied and wasn't surprised how easily it was for me to do so. It got easier over the past three years since I became a mermaid.

"No problem I haven't seen them in a while. Why don't you come in?" He asked me.

"I'm sorry but I can't. I have to go home." I looked at Meredith's eyes who looked like they were about to start pouring tears.

"Please don't go. Stay with us for a while." She begged. I looked at her. She seemed so afraid. I really wanted to stay but I knew I couldn't. I had to go whether she wanted me to stay or not.

"I'm sorry Meredith. I have to go. I'll come check on you tomorrow. I'll have you meet my friends. I'll be back as early as I can tomorrow. Sleep well." I gave her a hug which really wasn't like me. I just felt so bad.

I didn't get any sleep that night. I felt horrible tomorrow I'd keep the promise I made. I had to. I also had to figure out a way to save her mom without endangering myself, any of my friends, and Meredith of course. The only thing I could hope on was that she slept safely with her sister and dad.