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Supernatural Chat Room 5


Sam: SamW1

Dean: Ladysman124

Bobby: Bobby

Crowley: sellursoul2me

Gabriel: Originaltrickster

Leo: ROARiamalion

Castiel: Angelofthursday

Chuck: Iamnoprophet

Adam: Theforgottenone

Michael: Thefirstarchangel

Lucifer: TheDevil

Theforgottenone has logged on

ROARiamalion has logged on

ROARiamalion: my life sucks!

Theforgottenone: join the club.

ROARiamalion: Bobby and Crowley tricked me into going over to Bobby's house then proceeded to dye my hair bleach blond.

Theforgottenone: Lmao. That's what you get for dying their hair orange and blue.

ROARiamalion: Yeah but those are fun colors! And I don't look good bleach blond.

Theforgottenone: I'm sure it's not that bad.

ROARiamalion sent a picture to Theforgottenone

Theforgottenone: You didn't tell me that they cut your hair too! O_O

ROARiamalion: Yup they did it wouldn't be so bad if Bobby had let Crowley do it.

Theforgottenone: I am so sorry.

Sellursoul2me has logged on

Sellursoul2me: Hello darlings. Leo how do you like your hair?

ROARiamalion: If you ever come near me again I will kill you.

Sellursoul2me: Like you could.

ROARiamalion: Try me.

Sellursoul2me: So Adam how have you been?

Theforgottenone: Does it matter?

Sellursoul2me: No but I thought I ask.

ROARiamalion has logged off to go to get her hair fixed

Theforgottenone: Is Leo going to be okay?

Sellursoul2me: Who cares? She's not even in the show. And even if she was she'd get killed off in a few episodes or lose her memory, like most the other women in Sam and Dean's lives.

Theforgottenone: What show? O.o?

Sellursoul2me: Don't worry about it love.

Theforgottenone: okay. Weirdo.

Sellursoul2me has logged off

Originaltrickster has logged on

Originaltrickster: alright who cut Leo's hair?

Theforgottenone: Crowley and Bobby did.

Sellursoul2me: she dyed ours different colors.

Originaltrickster: You couldn't have stopped at just dyeing hers?

Sellursoul2me: no.

Originaltrickster: This means war.

Originaltrickster has logged off to help plot revenge with Leo

Sellursoul2me has logged off

Theforgottenone: ….why does everyone forget about me?

TheDevil has logged on

TheDevil: Because you're boring and no one likes you.

Theforgottenone: I'm telling Michael you said that!

Theforgottenone had logged off

Angelofthursday has logged on

TheDevil: Hello little brother.

Angelofthursday: Hello I am no longer your brother.

TheDevil: Really and why is that?

Angelofthursday: Because I am this world's new god.

Angelofthursday has changed his name to Bowdown

TheDevil: What the hell O.o?


Iamnoprophet has logged on

TheDevil: DAD! Castiel is playing you!

Iamnoprophet: I know I let him…I'm on vacation.

Bowdown: You did not let me do anything you were absent during the hole thing.

Iamnoprophet: That's what you think!

Bowdown has logged off

TheDevil: Dad?

Iamnoprophet has logged off

TheDevil: well damn.

TheDevil has logged off

ROARiamalion has logged on

Originaltrickster has logged on

ROARiamalion: you sure you can hack them?

Originaltrickster: Who do you think your talking to?

ROARiamalion: good point.

Sellursoul2me has changed his name to CareBear permanently

Bobby has changed his name to LovelyTeddy permanently

ROARiamalion: NICE!

Originaltrickster: yup now let's get gone.

ROARiamalion has logged off

Originaltrickster has logged off