Broken Things

Some people save things that are broken storing them in hope that they could be repaired in time.

A washing machine no longer working. A broken computer to be repaired. Things passed down throughout the generations that have a special memory broken and stored away.

A manual read. Attempts to fix something that could not be repaired.

She met a broken man and gathered him to her after the war. There was no manual available to her but gathered him she did.

He survived the war bitter and broken.

He allowed himself to pull her to him and felt her love and he joined with her and pushed her away time and time again and yet she still came back.

There came a time to discard something broken that could not be fixed.

She came to him once again despite the abuse he gave her.

Hermione loved him the best she could and rested in his arms. "Severus this is the last time. I love you with everything that I have and yet I cannot pull you from the past. You are a broken man not to be mended despite my best efforts."

He looked to her and watched as she rose from their bed. She would be back again.

Hermione dressed and looked to him in sadness. "Good bye Severus and I wish you well."

Severus looked to her not saying a word as she left the room.

Months passed and he did not see or hear from her at all.

Hermione finally responded to his latest letter. "Some things broken are not meant to be mended."

Severus read the words on the parchment and knew her words were true.

He placed the parchment down and knew that she was correct in discarding him. He felt a slight pang of regret and quickly quashed it down before leaving his chambers for another day of teaching.

AN Having a dilemma and these words speak what I'm feeling right now.