Shadow's Story

I was deeply inspired to write this by a discussion my brother and I had and this something no one else has done. If this is similar to anyone's work and I hope not, it merely a coincidence. The disclaimer is I do not own the characters used or the game they are from which is Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. This is my theory of how Shadow and the Biolizard came to be, how Shadow ended up in the chrono chamber and how Gerald Robotnick did his plan. Well, shall we begin.

Space Colony: ARK
Research Facility Year: 2010

"Gerald, quick get down here!" yelled one of the scientists. The entire research facility was working hard to try to create a creature, which the famous Professor Gerald Robotnik called, "The Ultimate Life Form." So far they were failing, at least until know.

Professor Gerald came rushing in. "What seems to be the trouble?" "I think we may have done it", exclaimed one of the scientists whose name was Dr. Finfield. (Hey, see if you can come up with a better name) Gerald looked at the creature he and his colleagues have just finished. The creature was huge and reptilian. Its body was all covered with red. It seemed to have a life support system strapped to it.

"Why does it have a support system", asked Gerald, "Well", began Finfield, "the creature is very powerful and can resist the most powerful weapon known to man. But it needs that support system to do so."

Gerald looked at the creature and said, "Well, I'd say we have made the prototype but we still need to do more experimentation. Seal him someplace and we'll continue experimentation." "Yes Professor."

No sooner did Professor Gerald leave he heard shouts from his men and roars from the creature, which he code-named, The Biolizard, as they were pushing it into a secure area.

While walking down the hall he felt a tug at his lab coat. He looked down and saw his granddaughter, Maria. "Grandpa", she asked. Gerald smiled and responded, "Yes my darling what is it?" "What happened in there." Honestly, Gerald couldn't lie to his most cherished thing in the world, besides his work. "Well we had a small set-back on the project, but I think we have made a prototype, but we still have ways to go." "Grandpa", she asked, "Why do you do this?" The good doctor smiled and said, "Because I feel it is my place. We all must chose a path we think is right. Now if you excuse me, I have work to do."

Maria watched her grandpa head off. Maria was almost sad. Besides her Grandfather, she had no one else to talk to. She was lonely, ever since she came to live with her grandfather on the space colony. Even though she was welcomed everywhere she went she still wished long and hard for a friend.

10 Years Later

Gerald worked hard at the counsel. He and his colleagues were trying hard, once again, to make the ultimate life form. The now 14 year old Maria came in carrying a tray of tea. "Thank you Maria", said Gerald. "Doctor look!" In the tube a creature was beginning to form. "Keep your eyes open for signs of life failing, we can't lose this one", Gerald yelled. Maria walked close to her Grandfather and said, "I hope he makes it." "I hope so too", Gerald replied.

Suddenly the creature opened his eyes. "Let him out! Quick! Let him out", commanded Gerald. The tube drained and the tube opened. The creature was black hedgehog. On his spines and arms were red stripes. It groggily looked around, and to everyone's amazement it spoke, "Who am I? Where am I? What am I? Who are you?"

Gerald spoke to him, "Welcome, I am Professor Gerald Robotnik, these are my colleagues and my granddaughter Maria." The creature looked at Maria and seemed to feel that she was a good person but had years of loneliness. "Furthermore", continued Gerald, "I have created you as the ultimate life form. The place where you are is the space colony ARK, and you are in the main research center." "Ultimate life form", he mimicked.

"What shall we call him", asked Finfield. "I know", piped up Maria, " he is almost all black and he is created through science, so he kinda like a shadow of a life form, right." Everyone nodded. "Well, why don't we name him Shadow! Shadow the Hedgehog." Gerald thought this through and asked, "What do you think? Shall we call you Shadow the Hedgehog." The hedgehog, replied, "Shadow. I like that name." "Great", said Gerald, "Shadow it shall be!"

Maria then stepped forward and took Shadow's hand. "Let me help you'", she said in sweet gentle voice. Shadow smiled and nodded. Maria helped him up and Gerald led Maria and Shadow down the hallway to the medical exam room. Gerald thought, 'I think my granddaughter has just made a friend.' He was glad that not only did he create the ultimate life, but a friend for his granddaughter.

2 years later

Shadow awoke that day and headed for the cafeteria. He took his usual place near Maria. Maria couldn't help but notice that Shadow was looking glum. "What's the matter Shadow", asked Maria. Shadow answered, "I feel like I don't belong here Maria. Though I feel accepted by you and your grandfather, I have this feeling that I have no purpose." Maria smiled and responded, "My grandfather told me that everyone must find their own purpose. I think you might find yours Shadow." Shadow felt a whole lot better but he was still discouraged. "Well I have to go and do my training Maria", he said. "Wait Shadow", exclaimed Maria, and placed a box on the table. "My grandfather and I made these for you." Shadow opened the box and inside he found a pair of sneakers. They were white in front and red at the heel, with a black stripe across the middle, underneath the sole where some holes. Shadow was happy and surprised but he was confused, "What are they?" "Those are hover skates, when you run they will ignite and allow you skate across the surface", Maria explained. Shadow beamed and placed them on his feet. "Well gotta go", he said and took off.

Prof. Gerald was busy working on a top-secret weapon called "The Eclipse Cannon." This was special weapon, which would have the capacity to destroy a planet. The government would only use it at times of great need. Soon he heard footsteps. "How's it going Professor", said a familiar voice. "I'm doing fine Shadow, are you ready for your testing?" "Yes, but as long we are away from that creature", responded Shadow.

Earlier that year, Prof. Gerald introduced Shadow to his "big brother" the Biolizard. The Biolizard was not too pleased to meet Shadow and vice-versa. Fortunately they left the containment area before things could get ugly.

In the research lab the professor handed Shadow a blue emerald. The emerald held a kind of strong feeling to it. "What is this", asked Shadow. "This", responded Gerald, " is a Chaos Emerald which I used to help create you and that lizard." Shadow took it. "I want to see if you can use it in any way", said Gerald. Suddenly words formed in Shadows mind and he said, "CHAOS CONTROL!" When he said that he was engulfed in a green light and vanished, only to reappear behind the Professor. "Ah, so you can use it to warp. Very intriguing", said an amazed Gerald. Shadow asked, "Professor, do you think that everyone has a purpose?" Gerald said, "Yes, Shadow, but we must find it if we are to do it. For example I found out that my purpose is to make everyone happy through the power of science." "Everyone here", asked Shadow. "No, down there, on Earth is where my life work is dedicated", he said and he pointed out the window to the beautiful planet below them. "Almost everyone on this colony was born on that planet Shadow, even me", said the professor. Shadow stared at the planet thinking, 'If that's the planet where all life is formed then I might find my purpose there.' "Now if you will excuse me, I'm needed at the Cannon. The professor left the room, but Shadow still stared at the planet.

Shadow was still staring at it when Maria walked in. "Hi Shadow, I thought I check up on you", she said. "Maria, where you born on Earth", asked Shadow. Maria was shocked and saddened by his question, but she responded, "Yes, but my parents died when I was two months old. I was then giving to my grandfather to be taken care of but it was around he volunteered to go on the space colony ARK. So I lived here most of my life. So I don't know what Earth is like all that much." She walked over to Shadow and looked at the same planet. "It's so beautiful", she said, "Shadow what do you think it is like on Earth?" Shadow responded, "The Professor said that his life's work is dedicated down there. He said his purpose was by making people happy through the power of science." "Shadow", said Maria, who was recalling the day's events. Shadow quickly responded, "Maria, I just don't know anything anymore. I often wondered why I was created. Maybe if I go down there, I will find the answers, maybe."

They soon walked out of the room. Maria looked at Shadow and said, "I think you will find your answers soon." "You think so", said Shadow. Maria nodded and said, "Yes."

Well that's that. I hope you like, but I still have more coming. I really hope you enjoyed this.