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My name is Sarah Baker and I am 15 years old. I have 11 siblings, the oldest being Nora, who's living with her husband Bud, then Charlie, and Lorraine, all of them being old enough to be out of the house, then there's Henry, Jake, Mark, then Kim and Jessica, the first twins, Mike, Then last is Nigel and Kyle. Big family, I know. I've gotta live with them. Right now we're on vacation again at Lake Winnetka, which means I get to see my crush, Elliot Murtaugh. Or at least I used to have a crush on him.

"Sarah we're going over to the Murtaughs, are you coming?" Mom called up to me from downstairs. No! I thought I was going to have a little longer to think of what to say to Elliot.

"Uh yeah mom. I'll be right there." I said as I quickly fixed my hair and everything and then went downstairs. We all piled into the van, making sure to leave Gunner behind since he cant handle being over at the Murtaughs yet.

I guess I should say this now. There's a reason I don't have a crush on Elliot anymore. It's a pretty bad reason and my worst secret ever. The reason I no longer have a crush on Elliot is because I, unfortunately, have a bad crush on my own brother, Jake Baker. I know, it's disgusting. I'm not supposed to feel this way. But I just cant help myself. It started years ago and us being so close with each other and everything doesn't help get rid of it. "Sarah!" Someone broke me from my thoughts by shoving me. Figures, it was Jake who did it.

"What?" I asked as I turned to him, glaring at him for the shove and breaking me from my own thoughts. Or, well, forcing a glare. I could never really be mad at Jake.

"Stare into space much? What're you daydreaming about seeing your boyfriend?" Jake asked me with a taunting smirk at me, our eyes locking.

"No!" I snapped at him quickly, turning away to look out the window, only to see we were here now.

"Jeez someone's cranky." Henry butted in as the car stopped and everyone began to pile out. I was last out and when I got out I felt as though there were eyes on me, but when I looked I didn't see anyone looking at me.

"Bakers." Mr. Murtaugh greeted as he came out of their amazing house, Mrs. Murtaugh and the rest of their family in tow.

"Hey Jimmy." Dad greeted before the whole place erupted in conversation.

"Hey Sarah." Elliot greeted as he came over to me. We hugged briefly before I noticed the big grin he held for me. "Jake and I were gonna go out on the Seadoo, wanna join?" Elliot asked as Jake walked up beside him. Of course. Any chance to see Jake in his swim trunks is good.

"Sure, let's go." I said with a weak smile back at him before we all started to head to the backyard to get out the seadoo.

"Alright who's going first then?" Elliot asked as we stood on the dock. Before I even had a chance to say anything, Jake spoke up.

"I'll go first." Jake said before getting on the seadoo.

"Alright now you just have to watch out because the recent flooding left some pretty big branches in the lake." Elliot stated to Jake before he took off, leaving us to ourselves. "So how have you been while you've been away?" Elliot asked as he turned to me.

"Good, good." I said kind of shyly considering I'm gonna upset him here soon probably. "'ve you been doing?" I asked, but my eyes were trailing to Jake as he performed tricks on the seadoo.

"I've been good, but better now that you're here." Elliot said as he took me by the waist, making me look back at him again. He must have saw something wrong in my eyes because his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Is something wrong?" Elliot asked me worriedly as I pulled out of his grip.

"Elliot there's something I need to talk with you about." I said as I kept my eyes on his.

"Anything. I'm listening." Elliot said with a small smile at me as my eyes traveled to Jake. I remember how I felt the night Elliot and I had had our first date. I was so confused, I liked him a lot, but I also still cared about Jake. It felt nice though to actually know that someone else liked me, considering I know Jake would be disgusted if he knew how I felt. "Sarah, I'm listening." Elliot said as he nudged me.

I bit my lower lip and sighed. "Elliot, I don't like you...the same way I used to. I like...someone else." I said shyly, unsure how to do this since I have never done this before. I looked up and saw the full hurt that I caused him in his eyes.

"You do?" Elliot asked quietly as I looked away again, unable to stare him in the eyes.

"I'm sorry Elliot." I said as I turned and walked away quickly, feeling myself on the brink of tears and not wanting to see his hurt anymore. I then decided to just risk it and jumped in the lake to swim back to our house, seeing as how Elliot and I had done this last time we were here and it seemed pretty easy. I was only half way across when I noticed a seadoo coming, but couldn't tell who it was on it so I dove under. I resurfaced when I thought it was fine only to see Jake staring down at me from the seadoo.

"Nice try sis, but I'm smarter than you think." Jake said with a cocky smirk as I felt the tears threatening again.

"Go away. I'm swimming home." I said as I turned and began swimming again.

"Mom and dad'll kill you when they find out you swam home." Jake pointed out as he just floated along with me.

"I don't care." I growled at him as I kept swimming.

"What happened. I saw you and Elliot talking then you ran off. Did he break up with you?" Jake asked, and I could hear the concern in his tone.

"No! I broke up with him!" I snapped, the tears coming down now but unable to be classified as that since I was soaked anyways. "Just leave me alone." I barked before I dove under and kept swimming home.

It was a few hours later before everyone got home and I was just locked up in mine and Jake's room since we shared one here. I quickly wiped away my tears and was finished as someone came knocking at the door. "Go away." I snapped at who ever it was.

"Honey, let me in." Mom said through the door. I sighed before getting up and opening the door. I laid back down once it was unlocked. Mom came in and sat down beside me. "What happened. Jake told us you left, but not why." Mom said as I kept my back to her.

"I broke up with Elliot." I said simply as I stared at the wall beside my bed.

"Why? What happened?" Mom asked as she rubbed my back to try and sooth me.

"I don't like him anymore. I just didn't want to be with him anymore because I knew that it would hurt him more if I kept acting like I did." I explained as I turned so I was laying on my back.

"You did the right thing there, and I know it hurts right now because you know you hurt him, but it was for the best Sarah." Mom tried to comfort me while I kept silent. "The pain will go away soon sweety. But right now, let's go get you something to eat." Mom tried to get me to sit up but I just stayed as is.

"Can I go for a walk instead? I'm not hungry right now." I said as I sat up fully.

"Alright but don't be long." Mom said before I got up and left the room, passing Jake in the hall. The snoop must have been spying on us, but I really don't care right now. I walked downstairs quickly and went outside, ignoring all the eyes on me before I reached outside. Then I just walked off silently.

I was walking for about a half an hour when someone caught up with me. "Sarah, what're you doing?" I heard someone ask and knew it was Jake right away.

"Go away. I want to be alone." I said as I sat on a boulder that was nearby.

"Yeah well that's too bad." Jake said as he climbed up on the boulder and sat beside me. "You know, Elliot seemed pretty upset if that'll make you feel better." Jake said with a small smile at me.

"That doesn't help!" I growled as I stood up to walk away, but his hand caught mine making my heart flip.

"Why'd you break up with him?" Jake asked as he make me sit back down.

"Go ask him yourself, I don't want to talk about it." I said as I looked away, aware that we were probably going to be in trouble since it was past dark now.

"Well, I would. But you're right here. Seems easier. Come on Sarah, spill. You know we tell each other everything." Jake said as our eyes locked. If only I could tell you, with out you thinking of me as a disgusting freak for thinking such away about you.

"I don't like him anymore." I said simply as I got up from the boulder and started to walk back towards our house. Jake followed beside me.

"Why? You seemed fine last time we were here." Jake said as I looked out at the moon's reflection in the lake.

"I just don't like him that way anymore." I explained with a sigh.

Jake was quiet for a few minutes after that. "Why do you like someone else?" Jake asked curiously and I think I heard the slightest sound of disappointment in his tone. Probably just my own mind messing with me again.

"Kind of." I said simply as the house came into view I then quickly headed inside ahead of him and grabbed something to eat before going up to bed. Jake wasn't in there yet so I changed and crawled into bed.

I was close to falling asleep when he came in. "Already? That's a new record for her." I heard Jake mumble, seeing as how my back was to him he probably thought I was asleep. I turned slightly, though it was practically pitch black in the room since the shades were drawn, to see him standing beside his bed in the middle of taking his shirt off. I've seen him do it so many times but it's still hot when I see him do it.

"Jake?" I grumbled slightly but I guess he didn't hear me since he kept undressing. I gasped slightly when he pulled down his jeans so he was only in his boxers. He then crawled into his bed and settled in. I was gonna speak up again, but just rolled back over and tried to fall asleep.

"I know you're awake." I heard Jake say and rolled back over. "I actually did hear you call my name." Jake said as I saw he was staring my way in the dark. "You feeling any better?" Jake asked as I laid on my back.

"A little." I said simply, but that's only because I saw him stripping to his boxers right in front of me. I heard him shifting and then a second later felt him sit down beside me on my bed.

"Anything I can do to help you feel better?" Jake asked curiously as I stayed perfectly still. Yeah, you could see that I love you and actually return the feeling. I patted the bed to emphasize for him to lay down and he slid down so he was laying beside me. "This better then?" Jake asked and I could tell just by his tone that he must have been smirking.

"Yeah." I said with a yawn before settling in to go to sleep, which it was only a few minutes before I fell asleep.


I hate to see Sarah this way. He just looks so...defenseless. That's not a normal thing for her. She's the biggest tomboy I know. She fell asleep quickly and it was then that I felt something stiff under her pillow, reaching under to feel the outline of a book. I pulled it out to find it was her diary. Okay now to see if I can find the real reason why she broke up with Elliot.


I woke up the next morning and let me say, this day just started out worse than yesterday. I was horrified when I found that Jake had fallen asleep with my diary in his lap! I quickly grabbed it out of his lap and that seemed to be enough to wake him. "Dude! Why were you reading my diary?" I snapped as I sat up, him still laying down.

"What?" Jake asked groggily before he noticed that I was holding my diary now. "Oh." Jake said nervously as he locked eyes with me. I growled before getting up to leave the room. "Sarah." Jake called after me but I stormed out furious with him for reading it.

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