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We finished the dock a few hours later and went to get dinner quickly. I sat down and then noticed Jake was a little closer to me than usual. "What's up?" I asked curiously as I caught the roll mom tossed my way.

"I want to finish that talk tonight Sarah." Jake said as he caught his own roll. I rolled my eyes at him to try and hide my discomfort with the conversation.

"Fine but can I eat without you pestering me?" I asked as I smirked at him.

"Yeah, I'm just saying I want to finish our conversation later." Jake said with a shrug at me. We ate quickly before dad 'recruited' us to help put up the rope swing. We put it close to the lake so we could just swing into the lake. "You want to go first?" Jake asked as he tugged on the rope.

"Fine but if it breaks and I fall, it's your fault." I said with a smile at him as I climbed on and he shoved me towards the lake. I let go and fell into the water. "Rope swing's ready!" I called over to dad.

"My turn!" Jake yelled back to me before swinging in and landing a few feet away from me.

"Good you didn't break it." I stated as he resurfaced. He dunked me in response.

"I'm the one who tied it tightly so of course it didn't break." Jake said as I swam over to get out of the water.

"Oh shut it and get out of the water." I said as I climbed back onto land. He followed a few seconds after me. He came up behind me and I winced. "Eww Jake, you reek!" I exclaimed as I moved away from him.

"Hey that's not very nice to say to the guy who helped you with the rope swing." Jake said as he folded his arms over his chest. "Also I'm not the only one who smells of nasty lake muck." Jake said with a smirk at me as I rolled my eyes at him and turned towards the house.

"I'm going to go take a shower then." I said as I started towards the house.

"Don't take too long then. You always use all the hot water." Jake said as I just rolled my eyes at him again and kept walking. I went inside and quickly got the bathroom before anyone else decided to take a shower.


I watched Sarah go inside before quickly going in and up to our room. I'll catch her when she comes back in. Then she's going to have to tell me what's going on. I had just barely just the door when Lorraine walked in. "Ever heard of knocking?" I asked as I sat down on my bed.

"You just walked into here." Lorraine said with a roll of her eyes at me. "Where's Sarah?" Lorraine asked as I stretched out on my bed.

"Shower. Why?" I asked as I wished she were gone so I could get Sarah alone when she gets out.

"Because I needed to talk to her." Lorraine said as I got an idea. I can ask her what's going on also. She might know.

"What about why she's being so weird lately?" I asked nonchalantly.

"Maybe." Lorraine said as she leaned against the door. I think she knows that I'm trying to get the information out of her now.

"Wanna tell me what's going on?" I questioned as I sat up.

"That's up to Sarah if she wants to tell you. I don't know much." Lorraine stated as I narrowed my eyes at her. Bull she doesn't know much. Sarah obviously told her what's going on when they went for that car ride. "All I'll say is it's still boy trouble." Lorraine said as she turned to walk out.

"Elliot you mean?" I asked as I stood up.

"I didn't say Elliot." Lorraine said before she left. Not Elliot? Who else then? She doesn't even talk to anyone else. Maybe Mike knows who.


I got out of the shower and got dressed in the bathroom so that Jake wouldn't have a chance of walking in on me again. I had just walked out though when I smacked into Lorraine in the hall. "Hey watch where you're going." I snapped at her.

"Hey you should be glad I didn't tell Jake your little secret." Lorraine stated as I felt my pulse race again.

"What do you mean?" I asked as she passed me.

"He asked me if I knew what was going on, and I told him all I knew was it was boy trouble." Lorraine stated to me as I felt my pulse began to slow a little bit. "Oh and I told him the boy wasn't Elliot." Lorraine said as she began walking away quick. My pulse shot back up as I quickly went after her.

"Who did you say it was?" I asked her in a low hiss in case Jake might be trying to figure out what's going on himself.

"I didn't say who it was, just that you were having boy trouble. Technically that was a true fact, just that it's not much info for him." Lorraine stated as I sighed, glad she hadn't given any hints that it was Jake.

"Don't tell him anything Lorraine. You promised me you wouldn't. I'll tell him myself." I stated to her as I looked around, feeling paranoid about talking about this in the hall even if no one is around.

"When? When you're about to move out in a few years? Or never Sarah? Here come here." Lorraine said before dragging me to her room.

"You didn't have to pull me." I said as I rubbed my wrist where she grabbed me.

"Oh stop whining." Lorraine said with a roll of her eyes at me. "Sarah, you have to tell him." Lorraine said as I bit my lower lip.

"Lorraine I already told you I cant. I was going to try to earlier today, but I chickened out. I cant." I said as I looked away from her.

"You're only going to push him away if you keep hiding this from him Sarah. It's not good to keep such a big secret from him, considering you two are almost closer than the twins. He's going to think you don't trust him, then he'll start breaking away from you Sarah. You won't be able to stop it either. You have to tell him, now." Lorraine said as I bit through my lip again.

"Lorraine if I tell him he's gonna hate me and not want anything to do with me." I snarled at her as I tried to stop the blood that was coming from my lip now.

"Sarah you're over exaggerating." Lorraine said as she rolled her eyes at me again.

"No I'm..." She cut me short before I could finish my sentence.

"He's your brother. He's not going to hate you. If you don't tell him, I will Sarah." Lorraine said as my eyes widened and my pulse sky rocketed right back up.

"No! I'll tell him when I'm ready!" I tried to assure her but she just narrowed her eyes at me.

"Sarah, go tell him right now then. It's not good to hide something like this from him for so long. All you're doing is just saying you don't trust him with your secrets anymore like you used to." Lorraine explained to me as I looked down at the floor.

"I cant tell him this soon Lorraine. Just...give me to the end of the week. If I don't tell him by then...then you can hint something to him. But not tell him fully." I stated carefully, not wanting her to twist my words to tell him sooner.

"Fine Sarah." Lorraine said with a sigh before I walked out to go back to my room. Jake's probably going to question me about what took me so long though. I walked in and noticed Jake wasn't even in here. Although I knew he had been in here since it stunk of lake muck.

"Good then he's not here." I grumbled quietly to myself as I sat down.

"What you don't want to share a room with me anymore?" I jumped as I turned around only to see Jake was only in a towel that was wrapped around his waist. I felt my face heating up already from the sight.

"No you smelled of lake muck and I didn't want to deal with that all night." I lied as I turned and sat down on my own bed.

"Well I took a shower so be happy." Jake said as I turned away from him so I wouldn't see him changing, even though it's one of the things I've dreamed of. "What took you so long though? Lorraine find you?" Jake asked as I tried to peek at him, but only got a view of him from behind and finishing pulling on his boxers.

"Yeah. She just wanted to talk." I stated quietly as he sat down on his bed.

"Sarah, remember I wanted to finish that conversation from last night." Jake said as I got under my covers in an attempt to hide from him. "Hey I know what you're trying and it's not going to work." Jake said as he walked over to me.

"Jake I'd really prefer not to talk about it right n..." Jake cut me off, which figures since no one seems to care if the others talking in this house anymore.

"Lorraine told me it was guy trouble. Who's the guy if it's not Elliot?" Jake asked as I felt my face heat up a little more.

"It's no one Jake." I stated as I tried to hide my face under the covers, but he caught them and pulled them away from my face.

"Stop trying to hide and just tell me Sarah. We're supposed to tell each other everything, remember." Jake advised me as I gnawed at my lip even more.

"Jake you wouldn't understand." I stated quietly as my eyes went to the wall across from me.

"I think I would if you'd just tell me. Come on Sarah." Jake said as I looked back up at his eyes, feeling myself get lost in them again as I usually do.

"Jake..." I stopped short, nervously fiddling with the covers. "T...the guy I like is..." I was cut off by the door swinging open.

"Guys." Mike said as he came in. He then looked over us. "Uh am I interrupting something?" Mike asked as he backed away a little.

"Uh yeah. You kind of are Mike. What do you want?" Jake asked and I could easily tell he was annoyed. I couldn't be more relieved though. Mike just saved me from having to tell Jake my secret.

"I wanted to see if you two wanted to watch a movie. Mom and dad went to bed and I know the password for the V-chip on the TV." Mike said as I sat up to try and escape from this. I have a week to tell him. It doesn't have to be today that I tell him.

"We were talking about something personal Mike. Sorry but we'll pass." Jake said as I quickly got up.

"I'll watch a movie with you Mike." I stated quickly, only to feel Jake's hand clamp down around my wrist.

"Later maybe if we don't fall asleep. We're talking right now." Jake stated as I tried to pull my hand from his grip, only to realize how tight it was.

"Uh I'll just let you two talk then." Mike said before quickly walking out of our room and closing the door behind him. This is going to be a long night.

Jake turned back to me and I could see easily that he was ticked about me trying to get out of our talk. "You really don't want to tell me that bad?" Jake asked in a hiss. I winced as he let go of my wrist and went back to his bed. "Fine Sarah, don't tell me. I really don't care." Jake snarled as he turned the light off and laid down in his bed.

"Jake I wouldn't understand." I stated again as I laid down in my own bed. He didn't respond this time so I slid under my covers again and buried my head in my pillow. Lorraine was right. All I'm doing is pushing him away by hiding this from him. "Jake." I grumbled as I rolled onto my side to face him. He didn't respond to me. He's too mad to want to talk to me now. I rolled back over as I felt tears stinging at my eyes now.

I slept horribly and when I finally got up I just slunk downstairs to eat something and just try and drown my sorrow so Lorraine wouldn't see it and start pestering me. Everyone was being happy and talkative, even Jake but not towards me. Once I was done eating though I left to go for a walk through the woods again. I don't care if they think I'm trying to hide, I just need to clear my head.


I silently glanced at Sarah as she left the house. Probably trying to go hide from everyone again. I really don't care anymore anyways. She doesn't trust me enough anymore to tell me what's going on, fine. She can do whatever she wants. I had just finished and was about to go out to go try the rope swing again before Lorraine grabbed me and pulled me away. "What're you two fighting about now?" Lorraine asked me as she pulled me outside beside the house.

"It's none of your business Lorraine." I snarled at her, not really meaning to show my anger about the subject.

"Yeah it is since you two are going to make it everyone's business by continuing it until someone intervenes." Lorraine said as I rolled my eyes at her.

"Just let us deal with our own fight for once Lorraine. Butt out." I snapped at her, getting so annoyed that she has to be up in our business when we don't want her to be.

She glared at me as I folded my arms over my chest angrily. "Fine. Keep fighting with her then. See how that works out in the long run." Lorraine said before walking away from me. I know how it will work. Sarah will just keep hating me and my sick mind.


It's been two days now and Jake and I still aren't talking. I can tell everyone's getting worried, but they're not going to speak up. I also bunked with Mike last night though so that probably made things a bit worse between Jake and I. Lorraine seems to have given up a bit too since she hasn't been pestering me, cant say the same about Jake though since I wasn't watching if she was talking to him. Now I was just floating in the middle of the lake on one of our floating chairs, not really paying attention to anyone. "Sarah!" Mike called over to me from the dock.

"What?" I called back to him.

"How do you plan on getting back now?" Mike asked me as I stayed on the chair.

"I can swim." I stated to him simply before he walked away. I then looked away from the dock when I noticed Jake was coming down the dock. I then flinched as I heard a splash, knowing he was probably coming to make me get out of the water. I waited a few minutes but he didn't come so I looked back over, only to see he was over near the Murtaughs and talking to another girl that wasn't even a Murtaugh. I may not have been close to the house but I could easily tell he was flirting with her. I felt the stinging in my eyes right away and dove under the water, not caring how it may look. I left the floating chair their and just swam to the edge of the lake before going off to hide in the forest.


Man when Elliot said he had someone for me to meet I didn't think he meant a total babe. I got there and immediately we began flirting and getting to know each other. We had been talking for about ten minutes when I noticed Elliot was watching something in the lake and that reminded me that Sarah was on one of the inflatables. I turned around only to see the empty inflatable. "Hey where'd my sister go?" I asked Elliot as I turned to him.

"Dunno." Elliot said a little too quickly which reminded me of how big of an ass he had been towards him. He makes one move to go look for him and I'll kick him into the lake. "Think she might of fallen in." Elliot said with a shrug as I glared at him.

"And you just watched silently while she did?" I questioned blankly as I kept my glare on him. I then noticed someone on the side of the lake and saw Sarah running off into the forest.

"See, she's fine." Elliot said before I felt Janet, the girl who Elliot introduced me to, tug on my hand.

"How's about we hang out a little more then since your sister's fine?" Janet suggested as I pulled my hand away from her.

"I can go check on her if it's needed." Elliot said as I glared at him even more.

"Sorry but I've gotta go." I said as I moved back towards the water.

"Yeah go play secret boyfriend." I heard Elliot mumble which made me spin around to face him again.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I questioned him with a snarl as I saw Janet move away from us.

"I think you know what it means, Baker." Elliot said as I felt a growl starting in the back of my throat. Why I even came over here for a girl, I don't know. I could have gone skating and found someone probably instead of having to deal with Elliot.

"How's about you tell me instead what you mean by that, considering I'm her brother. What? Are you just trying to start shit now because she broke up with you?" I asked angrily, wanting to knock him off the dock.

"No, just the fact that there's obviously some tension there that's not brother sister tension." Jake said as Janet backed away further. She probably knew this was gonna turn into a fight.

"I'm trying to help my sister feel better. Something you'd probably never do for your own siblings. It's your fault she's upset anyways. You wouldn't stop pestering her." I snapped at him, considering jumping back in the water and swimming back to our house.

"At least I'm not trying to get with one of my siblings." Elliot snarled with a smirk at me before I punched him in the jaw, knocking him into the water and hopefully knocking some teeth out too.

"You're sick Elliot." I barked at him angrily, angry from the comment but also because I've just been so messed up recently too with how Sarah and I are getting along. "Stay away from Sarah, or I'll knock all your teeth out next time." I snarled before diving back into the water to swim back home. Sarah and I may not be talking, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to protect her from that jackass.

"Hey Jake." Mike greeted me once I got back onto the dock.

"Hey." I said simply as I moved towards the house.

"Did you knock some of Elliot's teeth out?" Mike asked as I turned back around to him.

"You saw that?" I asked a little curiously.

"Yeah and you should have knocked some of his teeth out." Mike said as I chuckled.

"Trust me, I tried. Next time I will though. Where'd Sarah go?" I asked as I looked over at the floaty that had drifted in towards the shore a bit.

"I don't know. Maybe swimming." Mike said with a shrug. "Why? Are you going to go look for her?" Mike asked as I looked towards where we had seen her get out of the water.

"I don't know." I said with a sigh as I turned away. Not like she would even want to talk to me anyways. She's probably more interested in talking with Mike or Lorraine right now. As if on cue, Lorraine came outside and grabbed me to most likely lecture me or something.


I wiped away my tears quickly, having hid in a tree a ways away so that no one could find me. Or more specifically so Jake couldn't, but why would he be looking. He's probably making plans for a date with that girl or something. He's not worrying about his little sister. That brought fresh tears to my eyes and I leaned back into the tree more, having found one that had a big gap in the middle for me to just stay in perfectly fine and hide. No one will see me unless they climb the tree. I just let the tears pour until I heard branches snapping, knowing someone was coming. "Where is she?" Lorraine. Of course it would be her.

"I told you I don't know." Jake? Why's he looking for me. He should be over flirting with that girl and making plans for a date. I let out a little sniffle at that and wiped away the tears more.

"Yeah because you were busy knocking Elliot's teeth out." Lorraine snapped at him. He what? Jake actually fought with Elliot? I leaned a little closer to see them.

"He had it coming." Jake snarled as he looked away from Lorraine.

"Look whatever he did, that doesn't give a right to punch him in the jaw." Lorraine said as I wiped away my tears before they had a chance to drop down from the tree.

"Considering what he was saying, I think I had a right to punch him. He had it coming." Jake growled at her as I tried not to make much noise by moving.

"What did he say that had that coming?" Lorraine asked him as I flattened myself to the branch I was on.

"It's none of your business." Jake growled as I let out another sniffle. He must have heard me because he turned away quickly. "How's about you go look for Sarah somewhere else and I'll look around here?" Jake offered to her. I quickly moved back into my spot from before where I was completely hidden.

"Fine but come find me when you find her." Lorraine said before walking away. I then cringed as I noticed Jake turn towards the tree I was in.

He was silent a few minutes before speaking up. "I'm not stupid, I know you're in the tree Sarah." Jake said as I cringed at the sound of his voice. I stayed perfectly still until I heard him grunt and heard him begin climbing the tree. I pressed myself further into the tree, wishing I had leaves for better cover where I was at because Jake was about to find me. He didn't take long to get up to me. "What're you doing up here?" Jake asked, obviously oblivious to the fact that I had been crying.

"What do you care?" I questioned back as I turned away from him.

"You're my sister, that's why I care." Jake said as I tried to move away from him on the branch but not to a part where I would fall out of the tree. "How much longer do you plan on hiding from me or ignoring me?" Jake asked me as I looked towards the lake through the trees.

"Jake just go back to whatever you were doing over at the Murtaughs. I want to be left alone." I stated as I kept my eyes off of him.

"You mean pounding Elliot's teeth out? I'll save that for when my sister isn't hiding up in a tree or in the middle of the lake." Jake said as I chuckled softly from the comment on him beating up Elliot. Technically, I think he had it coming too. I have a feeling I know what he said to provoke Jake too. I'll punch him myself if I see him. "Are you going to talk to me or not Sarah? I can just as easily climb back down the tree to go back to the house." Jake said as I turned back to him with a slight glare held.

"Fine then go do that." I growled at him. He'd probably prefer to go out with that other girl. He'd do something that he's never going to do with me. I felt like I was ready to cry, yet again, but held it back considering Jake was right in front of me.

"I will if you're going to keep hiding secrets from me Sarah. Will you just stop hiding things and tell me what's up already? You're making everyone worried, especially me since you usually tell me everything." Jake said as I looked away a little ashamed that I had to hide such a big secret from him. Why do I have to be so messed up as to be in love with my own brother? "Sarah, please tell me. I cant help you with what ever it is until you tell me." Jake said as I turned back towards him, my eyes locking with his.

"Jake I cant. You wouldn't understand." I said as I looked down sadly, not wanting to keep contact with his eyes.

"What is it about Elliot trying to make you even more upset or something? I can knock his teeth out." Jake offered which earned a small smile from me. I looked back up at him for a moment before feeling bad again and looking away.

"I could do that myself if I wanted Jake and it doesn't have anything to do with Elliot." I said as I bit at my lower lip again.

"Then tell me who it is that's upsetting you so much Sarah. I cant help you until you tell me Sarah. If it will makes you feel better, I won't tell anyone else who it is or what the person's done. Just tell me Sarah." Jake said as I looked up slightly at him.

I sighed lightly. "Jake..." I was cut off by Lorraine calling for us though. Of course. I'm about to get up enough courage to admit it, and she has to butt in!

"Ignore her and tell me." Jake said as I cracked my knuckles nervously now.

"Jake...I cant. Not yet." I said as I looked away from him. He's probably just going to walk away again pissed with me for still keeping secrets from him.

"Why not Sarah? What will you get hurt if you tell me or something?" Jake asked as he leaned in closer to me. Yeah, I will. I'll get hurt because you'll want nothing to do with me anymore. No one will. The whole family will probably consider me a freak, not like they don't right now probably for running off to hide in the forest.

"I don't know. Jake just give me another day or two, then if I haven't told you by then you can pester me all you want for what's going on. Alright?" I asked as I kept my eyes down.

Jake sighed as I looked back up slightly. "Alright fine Sarah. But stop running off to hide in the trees. That doesn't help anyone." Jake said as I gave a small, weak smile at him before he swung his legs over the branch and began climbing down. "Are you coming down now, or am I going to have to pull you down?" Jake asked as he looked back up at me.

I chuckled slightly before following him down. "I'm coming down on my own." I stated to him as he reached the ground. I reached the ground a few seconds later since I'm fast at climbing up and down trees by now.

"Good then that means I don't have to carry you back either." Jake said with a smirk at me as I gave him a playful glare. We then heard Lorraine calling for us again. She just cant keep out of our business! Doesn't she have a life of her own? "I'll go find her so she'll shut up. See ya back at the house." Jake said before walking away from me. I started back towards the house.

"There you are." Lorraine said as she caught me on my way back.

"What do you want now Lorraine? We heard you yelling for us a few times." I stated to her with a slight glare since she had ruined my chance of telling Jake earlier.

"So Jake did find you then? Did you tell him yet?" Lorraine asked as I rolled my eyes at her. She's too nosy. She should just get her own life for once.

"I was going to. But then someone started yelling for us and ruined my focus so I chickened out." I snarled at her, not holding back that I was annoyed right now.

"I didn't know that he had even found you so how was I supposed to know you two were talking about your secret." Lorraine retorted to me as I rolled my eyes.

"You should have been able to hear us, that's how. We were in a tree, our voices should have carried." I stated to her as she rolled her own eyes this time.

"Well go tell him now then Sarah. In case you hadn't heard, he already punched Elliot in the jaw because of something he said about you two." Lorraine said as I continued to glare at her.

"I cant Lorraine. I told him to give me a few more days and if I didn't tell him by then then he could pester me all he wants until I spill." I explained to her as I began walking again towards the house.

"No Sarah if you keep pushing it off..." I cut her off this time.

"I know, I know! I'll push him away in the process. But you're not telling him because that would only make things worse." I growled at her, wishing she hadn't come up here from New York.

"No it wouldn't Sarah. He would understand. He needs to know the truth though, and now before he punches more of Elliot's teeth out." Lorraine said as I snickered at the idea of him punching Elliot in the jaw more and more. "Sarah!" Lorraine hissed which broke me from my violent thoughts.

"I'll tell him on my own!" I snapped at her angrily. "Just quit butting in, you're not helping when you interrupt us like before." I growled as she stood in front of me to keep me from continuing towards the house.

"Sarah, we made a deal. If you don't tell him, then I will." Lorraine said with a glare right back at me.

"You said I had a week though, it hasn't been a week yet." I retorted to her.

"But from the looks of it you're not going to tell him any time soon Sarah. If you don't tell him, then I will because you're not helping anyone by hiding it and hiding away from everyone." Lorraine stated as I wished I could punch her in the jaw.

"Lorraine, keep out of my business. I'll do it myself." I snapped as I stepped around her to keep moving towards the house.

"Sarah stop running away from your problems. I've been keeping this secret for you, but you're not doing anything to try and fix your relationship with Jake. Go tell Jake right now that you love him!" Lorraine snapped as my eyes widened because she got a little too loud.

"Lorraine!" I hissed before noticing the sound of a twig snapping, signaling someone was around and heard that. Dear lord she just made things worse.

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