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Side Pairings

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Author's Notes: So, it's not Naruto, obviously, so it's not my normal. This doesn't follow the plot of the anime or manga. It's a different story completely using the characters and time. That said, enjoy.


Inuyasha had always known people didn't like him. Ever since he was in the village with his mother. That was only months ago.

The small hanyou sat in the forest, his body trembling from the cold and from hunger. He watched around, hoping that there weren't demons close by that would try to eat him. His silver furred dog ears twitched when he heard a noise of laughter and three little wolf demons children ran in front of him. The were laughing and pushing one another playfully.

They stopped when they saw the small boy. The three were only a few years older then the half breed, in human appearance at least. It was possible that they where a hundred years or so older.

"Hey!" The oldest of the three said, more bold. "What are you doing out here? Where's your pact? You're a dog demon right?"

Inuyasha tried to scoot farther back, which only confused the wolf demons.

"S..Stay back..." Inuyasha said. The wolf sniffed the air and tilted his head.

"You're a halfy huh? Oh come on. We're not gonna hurt ya." He held out his hand friendly and smiled. Inuyasha wasn't sure if he should trust him, but he wanted to. Slowly his smaller clawed hand took the other clawed hand. The wolf smiled and then lead him to the other two.

"What's your name?" the two asked together.

"I...Inuyasha. Nice to meet you!" he said, bowing down like his mother taught him to when he met others.

"Geez what's your damn manners for. You don't have folks around do ya? Well none of us do, we ditched 'em. So fuck the manners!" the eldest said, his brown long hair bobbing as he talked with gusto.

"Yeah! Fuck 'em to hell!" one of the wolves, one with a white mohawk, said. And the other, with two toned hair, nodded.

"A..Alright." Inuyasha said. "So what are you names?" he asked.

"I'm Kouga. I'm going to be the leader of my wolf clan one day!" The eldest said, standing in a pose that showed he meant business.

"I'm Genta!" the wolf boy with two colored hair said, "I have dimples!" He added, poking his cheeks.

"And I'm Hakkaku!" The white mohawk boy said.

"Nice to meet...ya." he said, trying to sound laid back. The three smiled.

"Ya, it is. Now lets play." Kouga said happily. He then pounced the half breed and they landed into a big pile of autumn leaves. Inuyasha seemed worried, thinking the demon was now going to kill him.

"Don't kill me!" he whimpered, his dog ears flattening on his skull. The wolf demon looked confused, then sighed.

"Geez, you don't hang out with demons much huh?" He asked, "It's kinda cute." he added. "Now come on, push me back." He directed, and Inuyasha did as such. The other two were pushing each other and they all ended up in the leaves, playing about like a bunch of pups.

Hours past and the sun was setting when Inuyasha's ears twitched again.

"Kouga! Where are you?" A woman yelled, and Inuyasha smelt a spicy scent was over them.

"God damn..." Kouga whispered, but before the wolves could think an older woman was among them.

"Kouga, Genta, Hakkaaku! You three are in huge trou... What is that smell!" The woman then covered her nose and glared at the half breed. "A hanyou... Get away from that trash young ones!" She snapped and the three looked amongst themselves then at Inuyasha.

"What the hell are you talking about woman?" Kouga said, wrapping his arm around Inuyasha. "Our bud isn't trash. And if you don't watch your damn tone, I'll get my father!"

"Do you think you're father will like to hear about the heir mingling with... slime." She hissed and Inuyasha looked down.

"I mean it woman." Kouga growled, but then felt Inuyasha pull away.

"I..I have to go.." Inuyasha lied, and then took off before anyone could stop him. He could hear both Kouga calling out to him and the woman yelling curses at him.

The sun sat down and Inuyasha felt his youkai fade completely away like how water slipped away from you hands. He gave a small sound of fear and moved to find a place to hide.

From over head, a pair of gold eyes watched the young boy.

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