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The M-4 carbine in his hand pushed back into his shoulder as he fired round after round at the encroaching horde of the infected. The civilians behind the firing line were becoming more frantic by the second. The blackwatch operatives were trying to keep them in place, they could not allow them to panic and breach the firing line.

Such a thing would exacerbate the already dismal situation to nigh impossible circumstances. These thoughts went through the operatives mind as he paused in his firing to shove a woman back who tried to make a run for it. She almost managed to do it too, but as soon as the operative felt her pressing up against his back his training kicked in and his violent strike sent her tumbling back into the crowd of civies behind the line.

"Keep them in check, hold the line." Yelled his superior officer.

The operative nodded silently as he resumed his shooting. The woman would probably have a broken nose, but at least her chances of getting out of this alive were slightly improved if she stayed behind the firing line. Though that was a slim chance as it was, the operative knew full well that she along with about half the people behind him were probably infected already. If he made it out of this he was most likely going to be the one to 'process' them.

In short that meant using an device to detect the disease in their blood. If they tested positive, well he tried not to think of what he'd have to do. But, he'd do it in a heartbeat, because that one persons life could mean the death of thousands more. These thoughts spun in a maelstrom in his head as suddenly he heard his superior say something which made his insides turn to liquid.

"ZEUS has made conta-" he was unable to finish as his skull was split in two.

The scene really turned to pandemonium then, the operatives abandoned all hope of saving any of the civies as they broke the line to engage ZEUS. The lone operative knew they would keep the horde busy while he and the rest of his unit took care of ZUES. Even though he knew that he was as good as dead his training kept him firm.

He was blackwatch, and he would hold the red line, no matter the cost! He trained his weapon on the Frankenstein monster that was the creation of Alex Mercer. Years of training allowed him to literally hit the monstrosity with pinpoint accuracy, every bullet struck either center mass or its head. But even with the combined accuracy of him and the rest of his unit it just kept coming.

Slicing, tearing, and otherwise crushing the hapless operatives. His comrades and friends, they were all gone in an instant. Even through the gunfire he could still hear the screams of the civies still being torn to pieces by the horde behind him. He still had time to engage ZEUS. The virus incarnate eyed him, he could see it was slightly out of breath, or at least what constituted for it.

He knew what that meant; ZEUS was on the verge of dying. After all he wasn't invincible; he was just extremely hard to kill. The briefings had been clear on that, its body needed biomass to survive and heal wounds. And ZEUS had not bothered to absorb any of his comrades, and the operative knew that all those bullets had most definitely done damage.

He kept firing, until finally his M-4 ran out. The weapon going click, which was the loudest sound he had ever heard in his life. ZEUS smirked, it thought it had won as it closed the last few meters.

Suddenly the operative wish that ZEUS had absorbed his comrades, because if it had at least he would have a quick death. Now though it was a certain thing that ZEUS needed to heal, which meant that he would be the fuel with which ZEUS would replenish itself.

So many thoughts buzzed through his head as he was grabbed round the throat and lifted from his feet by blacklight. However, the virus forgot to take one thing into account as it prepared to absorb the operative. He was blackwatch, and he would hold the line, no matter the cost.

For what he was sure was the last time in his life the operatives training kicked in. His reflexes lighting fast, enough even to get one by ZEUS reached for the special explosive in his bandolier. Pulling the specially designed grenade from his chest and yanking the pin out as he did so.

He let the lever spring away, activating the device and sending the lever flying into ZEUS's face. Not doubt a last little insult to the virus by fate as its eyes went wide in what could for the first time in its existence probably be considered fear.

The operative so sure he had won had not been expecting what happened next. ZEUS threw him and as he went flying away from the virus his eyes went wide. But, it wasn't over because he was blackwatch. Again his training kicked in and he threw the grenade at ZEUS as he flew away from it through the air. The surprise on its face registered with crystal clarity, even from the distance of dozens of feet away.

The operative smirked behind his mask as the grenade exploded in its face. All at once ZEUS was consumed in the special concoction of flame and shrapnel which was standard issue for all blackwatch grenades. He had won and even as the operative smacked into the cold unforgiving brick wall, his bones seeming to reverberate as he impacted. He bit of his tongue instead out making a grunt of pain.

Finally he slid down the wall and fell into a heap of bones and meat. When he was situated at ground level once more he looked back to the spot he last saw ZEUS. There he saw the motionless body of the virus: or at least what was left of it. The body was indescribable the damage from the grenade leaving a chard corpse behind.

The operative closed his eyes; his ability to move was not available for his brain to access. So he sat there, the rest of the world mute save for the sound of something touching down to the pavement beside him. He knew what it was before he even opened his eyes. Before he felt the ruined flesh once again grip around his throat once more and he was lifted into the air again.

However, unlike last time he was set down, his legs not crumpling beneath him only because of sheer force of will. Finally he opened his eyes to see the ruined face of the virus formerly known as Mercer staring back at him, its face repairing itself with tiny red and black tendril flowing over the burned and ragged flesh mending it back to the way it was. It reached for his mask, but the operative futilely reached up and gripped its arm as its hand came close to his masked face.

He wouldn't give it the pleasure of seeing his face. Ultimately, the decision was take from him as it simply just took off his mask, its unnatural strength overpowering his own. As his face saw the light of day for the first time in months he took in his first breath of the infected air of the red-zone.

"So, thought you got me, didn't you." said ZEUS.

The operative's simple reply was to spit what was left of his tongue as well as the blood in his mouth into ZEUS's face. It didn't even flinch as the mixture of blood, saliva, and muscle splat against its skin. It simply stood there, studying the operative before it. Its hand was still around his neck, one spasmodic twitch would end the operative's life in one second.

But that didn't happen: instead ZEUS wiped the blood from its face and absorbed it through its hand.

"I'm not sure I want someone as strong willed as you running around in my head." It said pointing to its skull for emphasis.

The operative simply held its gaze breathing in and out calm as a cucumber. After an intense staring match in which neither one blinked ZEUS finally let go of the operative's neck. The man no longer able to stand finally collapsed to the ground. On his hands and knees helpless before blacklight, he then felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder as ZEUS pierced his flesh with one of the many writhing tendrils emanating from its body.

As suddenly as the pain came it was gone then its face was inches from the operative's ear. The putrid smelling breath crept around the side of his head and found his nose: the smell of death itself.

"I'll be in touch." Was the final thing the operative heard as he finally blacked out.

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