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A/N- I think I'm just gonna make this into a series of one-shots all with the common characters being blackwatch operatives. That being said I will of course touch upon the main storyline I have created from time to time to keep things interesting.

And here we go.

The room was stifling; it was something which the Blackwatch operative found impressive given the shear size of the warehouse turned evaluation point. Civies were lined up neatly while other operatives patrolled between the rows making sure none would try and run. If the event happened that some did try they would be swiftly dealt with, without any hesitation of course. The operative finally reached the head of his column of civies where the long laborious; but necessary process would begin.

He motioned for his partner to be ready as he prepared the small handheld device. As per protocol each civilian would get two 'chances' as the Blackwatch operatives dubbed the routine tests which they administered to any who was rounded up from a red-zone. Finally after quiet deliberation the operative positioned the portable retinal scanner in-front of him and walked toward the first in line. It was a young man of around seventeen with a fresh gash leading from his forehead through his left-eye and down all the way to his lip; he was also clutching his right side where a dried blood stain could be seen in the fabric of his shirt.

Again as per protocol none would receive medical treatment until they were deemed 'clean'. The operative knew as all the others did that to waste valuable medical supplies on those who could not be saved could jeopardize their efforts to contain redlight.

"Please sir stare into this do not blink and relax." The operative said as he put the retinal scanner up to the boy's eyes. He pushed down on a button and waited for the scanner to do its work, after a brief moment he heard the confirmation beep and looked at the results on the small screen.

He grimaced, the expression lost on the boy from behind his mask; he already had an idea from the fresh wounds, but that didn't mean he had to like the results.

"Hold on sir, once more please." He said as he chanted in his head over and over again the mantra 'please be green'. However the fates were not with the poor boy as the screen once again displayed the color red. Not letting personal feelings interfere the operative motioned for two other operatives waiting for this exact moment.

The two Blackwatch operatives signaled trotted over and quickly began their task.

"Please sir, come with us," stated one while grabbing the boy with surprising tenderness.

"W-what's wrong?" The boy questioned slight fear evident in his voice.

"Nothing, you've been screened and cleared. Now you will receive medical treatment." The second of the operatives lied. Hearing the answer the boy nodded and willingly went with the two operatives to an undisclosed location.

The operative with the scanner sighed; it was going to be a long day. He knew full well that boy wasn't going to receive treatment: unless you considered a firing line and subsequent burning of the corpse to be 'treatment'. He stuck this line of thinking from his mind as he continued to the next person in line. This one was an elderly woman; it was surprising thought the operative that she had made it out of a red-zone at all. Again he held up the scanner repeating the instructions and awaited the judgment. Again it was red; waiting a moment he repeated the procedure and got the same result.

The woman just as the boy before her was whisked away to be disposed of in a safe and efficient manner. He had only gotten past two so far and the operative was already getting the jitters. However, the training which was ingrained in him kept him strong and going, even when it came to the children. The process kept going for about two more hours.

By this time the monotony was starting to get to the operative. Not that the horror of the situation was in anyway lost on the operative. He had done these thousands of time before in other contaminated zones, but still it was never something one got used to. Even the veterans of the organization took no pleasure in this blatant sentencing of people to their deaths. The only consolation the operative could take from it was that he was preventing these people from a far worse fate and also ensuring the survival of thousands of others in the process.

After what seemed like days but what was in actuality only hours the operative was at long last down to the last of the column. The last two were a woman and her three-year old child clutched tightly in her arms. The operative walked up to the pair his masked face giving nothing away.

"Ma'am please hold still and don't blink." The operative droned and he positioned the scanner. He waited for the process to complete itself and looked at the results. Resetting the scanner he repeated the procedure again. Nodding to himself over the results he turned his attention toward the child and positioned the scanner in-front of her small fragile face.

"Alright sweetie, don't blink this won't hurt at all. It'll be all over in a second," the operative said putting on his friendliest voice. Instead the mask muffled any attempt he made at being anything but unsettling. He pushed the button and awaited the results; first 'chance' was… red. The operative's features went tight as he again scanned the child; he knew what was going to happen before it did. But, that didn't make the results any easier to deal with.

The mother must have caught onto the mood the operative displayed.

"What? I-is something wrong?" She asked fear permeating from her quivering voice as she instinctively held her child tighter.

"Ma'am, we need to take your daughter." His partner deadpanned. Her breath quickened and she tensed up.

"No, no there has to be a mistake. Really she's fine; she hasn't even coughed. N-no fever, there's nothing wrong with my daughter. Y-you can't, you wouldn't," she was sobbing at this point.

There was no further point in arguing. The operative motioned for the others on standby: as they approached the woman looked read to bolt.

"Ma'am," said the operative the warning clear just from his tone. However, if it was picked up the woman didn't even consider it for a second as she turned. His partner reacted instantly grabbing her by the back of her coat halting her escape attempt. Within seconds the two operatives who were motioned over reached the scene restraining the woman from running.

Even with three Blackwatch soldiers restraining her, the woman refused to give up her child: even as the operative with the scanner began to pry the child kicking and screaming from her mothers arms. After a struggle the operative eventually won and had the child firmly in his grasp.

"No, you monster you're supposed to protect us. Please my baby! Not my baby!" The mother screamed as the others held her back and the operative walked away toward final 'processing'.

Her screams faded away as the operative made his way into another room. The child still crying in his grasp as he carried her toward the others: already lined up against the wall with Blackwatch at the ready to carry out final processing.

"What about my mommy I want to stay with her." The girl sobbed.

"Shh, it's going to be okay honey. You'll see her again I promise," said the operative as he placed her down on the line with the others.

"Really?" she asked, still sniffling.

"Cross my heart and hope to die," replied the operative, it was what he said to his own daughter when she asked if he would be back for her birthday.

Even as he lied and committed the ultimate atrocity the child actually gave him her trust as she smiled back at him through tear-filled eyes.

"Alright, now stay right here. I'll be right back with your mommy, okay sweetie?" He lied again. The girl nodded as he walked away toward the door nodding to the operative in-charge as he went by. From the corner of his eye he saw the other operative give the silent command. He heard the civies along the wall give an audible gasp as the sound of rifles being shoulder chorused in the room.

As he walked through the doorway back to where he had come from the sharp crack of gunfire could be heard. That was the thirtieth time this month he had to do that same action and he knew that he would have to do it dozens more times before this was over. But, he was Blackwatch and it was his solemn duty to hold the redline, whatever the cost...

Even if it meant that his own daughter would not recognize her father when he got back home.

I am so tired of people portraying Blackwatch soldiers as being completely heartless. I mean sure they do horrible things bordering on the moral precipice but that doesn't mean they aren't still human. In the end I suppose it's still up to individual judgment and I in no way condone the actions I've written of here. But you still have to ask yourself if you were in this operative's position, if it was this one little girl verses the entirety of the human race what would you do? Food for thought and I would love to hear your opinions. Sorry, this ones a short one.