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Shit Shit Shit. I thought to myself as I went running through the apartment trying to find my cell phone. Thats the 5th time I got a call from Amy. It must be important because we had a show last night and didn't get home until 3am and she knows I need my beauty sleep she should not be waking me up at oh gosh its only 10 am.

"Hello" i answer breathlessly wanting to slap myself when my phone had been in the charger next to my bed the entire time. Again I say not a morning person and in the mornings my brain doesn't work.

"Rach hey are you still up for a little shopping?"

"Umm at 10? Really Am? Really?"

"What? I need a new pair of shoessss! Come on Ray shopping is fun and good exercise and I have some juicy gossip for you!"

"Ok Ok I cave come by and pick me up in half an hour."

"To late come answer your door" she says as I hear a knock on my door.

I answer the door," Really?"

"but of course darling I know you, you can't say no to a shopping trip so lets go up and at em"

"Fine fine."

Me being well me I can't go out looking any less than a 9 so I scavenge my closet for the perfect outfit. Skinny Jeans, a black tank top with my grey leather jacket and my black suede 4 inch heels. Yea I know 4 inche heels dangerous, not really if you know how to walk in them. I add accessories and tada I am out the door.

We hit all the major hotspots for shopping. This is New York so of course we can't drive anywhere so I am stuck carrying around 10 shopping bags.

"So Ray have Jesse and you set a date yet?"

"Umm were not sure we were thinking maybe in 4 months so that would be June."

"ooo a June wedding maybe you could have outdoors."

"Yea we were thinking Rhode Island for our wedding than head to Paris for our honey moon."

"Oo la la how romantic."

"hahaha of course,OMG its friday!"

"um yea please for the love of god tell me you will not go all Rebecca Black on me."

"Chill Am no Friday song I just forgot I had to meet up with New Directions today."

"Uhh really I mean come on they suck! Please please please blow them off and come with me to get our hair done for our Clubing night!"

"two thing: 1 no I made a promise and 2 I can't get in I'm not 21!"

"ehh remember the smart people saying age is but a number."

"oh your so funny, so funny I forgot to laugh. I'm really sorry Am but I told them I would be at the pizza place. You can come with me if you want."

"Ehh come with you to eat with a bunch of tone deaf weezers? Ok I'm in!"

"Thank you Amy now lets go I told them I would be there at noon and guess what its 12:10 I'm late."

Luckily the pizzeria was only two blocks over so we made it there in good time. We walk in and immediatley see New Directions. They seem off. None of them are talking and they are just pushing their food around. Hmm maybe I should investigate.

"Hi guys!" I say cheerily taking off my gucci sunglasses pulling up a chair and dumping my bags on the floor.

"Hey Rach!" Brittney says the first one to speak to me.

"How are you enjoying New York?"

"Its um loud and busy." Mercedes says obviously disliking New York and talking to me.

"Well I was thinking while you guys were here you would like to see a broadway show. I have front row tickets to tonights showing of Wicked! I have enough for all of you!"

"um Ray I think your friend is going to explode" Amy says pointing towards Kurt

"OMG OMG an actual broadway show! Omg I'm so excited whos the leads? Is the Kristen Chenowith in it? Or Idina Mendez? How did you afford tickets for all of us?"

"Well seeing as I am Elpheba I can get as many tickets as I want." I say with a hint of smugness.. Ok oK! I say it with a lot of smugness and some venom. These kids made high school hell I wasn't gonna let all of them off the hook that easily.

"Oh Well um thanks Rachel." Kurt says having the decency to look ashamed.

"So guys whats with everyone? You could cut the tension with a knife."

"He started it!" "That bitch!" "You whore I know it was you!" "I'm confused..." "I'm from Lima Heights you best not be trying to start something!" "Yo I want my solo!" "Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?"

Was all I heard. Every single person in New Directions was talking at once it seemed. We got a lot of wierd stares from neighboring tables.

"HEY SHUT UP!" I yell trying to get everyones attentions. I didn't get everyones attention until Amy whistled loudly.

"Yo fucktards listen up." Amy said bluntly.

"Ok, you guys will get nowhere if you are arguing all the time now I think you should resolve this issue y'all have with each other or else you won't get anywhere with nationals." I say trying to knock some sense into these brainless people.

I heard a chorus of I'm sorry's go around the table, everything wasn't perfect but they were on their way to mending friendships amongst themselves.

We enjoyed a meal. Amy and I kept to ourselves most of the time throughout the rest of the meal unless they wanted our input on something. We finished our meals and said goodbye they wished me luck tonight and told me they would see me at the show.

_/ That Night

The show went off without a hitch! I was ecstatic. Throughout the show I watched the facial expressions of New Directions. Their expressions were priceless. They were in awe of everything. It was like they had never heard me sing before. When I had my solo Mr. Shue, Puck,Santana,Britt, and Tina all stood up and gave me around of applause.

I left the theatre after the show: signed some autographs, answered some questions, took some pictures, and then was greeted by New Directions.

"Congratulations Rachel!" Mr. Shue said approaching me first and giving me an unexpected hug. I recieved a hug and flowers from Britt and Puck and hugs from a few other members. The main bitches of the club hung around in the back looking like they weren't sure what to do. You know what though, it didn't bother me. I was the bigger person and I had a whole new better life and they probably will never get our of Lima and I truly felt sorry for them. That night I had the best nights sleep in a long time. I had made peace with a lot from my past.

The Next morning I wake up and immediatley rush to the bathroom and throw up. Hmm maybe bad pizza? I make my way to the kitchen for some saltines and notice the calander. I AM LATE. shit.

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