NCIS Drabbles!

They're drabbles, so they'll each be 100 words. I'm going to try and make it to at least 50, and if I think I can keep going after that, I will.

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A Helmet

He needed a helmet.

It was the only possible solution. McGee and Ziva would laugh, and Gibbs would look at him like he was crazy, but it was the only thing to be done.

Nothing else would work. He didn't try to get in trouble, but Gibbs just always managed to sneak up on him at the worst possible moments. Gibbs was probably a ninja, at one point in his life.

It wasn't that the slaps surprised him; he'd be shocked if they didn't occur regularly.

And that was why he needed a helmet, before Gibbs permanently bruised his head.

Wow, getting exactly 100 words is hard.

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