"Tell me, Lucius, what is it that vampires desire most in the world?" Lord Voldemort looked down from his throne at the blond man kneeling in front of him in respect, awaiting an answer.

Lucius gulped. He knew how sensitive his Lord was to the subject of vampires. The Dark Lord had tried, yet again, to sway the creatures of the night to his side of the war. But, as always, the vampires had refused to take sides and this greatly angered Voldemort. Lucius didn't like being the bearer of bad news.

He decided to chance his master's anger. "Blood, My Lord?"

Voldemort nodded, and Lucius breathed a sigh of relief. "Yes, blood." Voldemort seemed deep in thought. "But yet they reject the offers I have given them. Why?"

The tiled floor was suddenly very interesting to Lucius, who felt the snake man's red eyes boring into his bent head. He racked his brain for the appropriate answer. "The vampires… are very particular about what blood they drink."

He glanced up at his master, unsure how Voldemort would receive this answer.

"How do I make them see my way of thinking, Lucius?" The blond shook his head, and saw a frown form on the Dark Lord's face. He didn't like being told no.

"You see, My Lord, to get the vampires' support you would need to give them special blood…something unique… or else they feel cheated." Lucius secretly berated himself for learning so much about vampires in school. He had been interested in them, sure, but he had never wanted to deal with the creatures. Voldemort, however, had found out about his extensive knowledge, and he had been made the ambassador to the creatures. He was to try and persuade them to turn to the dark side of the war.

Vampires were definitely not the nicest of creatures, and scoffed at him every time he appeared to them, saying no mere wizard would ever have any power over them. Voldemort, however, disagreed and was determined to find a way.

Voldemort stood from his throne and walked toward Lucius, who flinched. He feared his lord more than any vampire. "Who is the most unique person you know of, Lucius?" Voldemort asked, standing over him at his terrible height.

Lucius again looked at the floor. What sort of question was that? How was he supposed to answer?

"My Lord?"

"I'll give you a hint, shall I?" The Dark Lord walked past his Death Eater and stared off into space, hands clasped behind his back. "Who has escaped from me not once, but three times now? Who is the only person in existence other than myself who has survived the killing curse? Another parseltounge nonetheless? Very unique, wouldn't you agree?"

Lucius froze. The Dark Lord wasn't talking about the boy, was he? "You don't mean… him do you, My Lord?"

"But I do. Harry Potter's blood would be a great gift, would it not?" Voldemort looked at him for assurance.

Even though he didn't want to, Lucius nodded. What the Dark Lord said was true. Potter would be a perfect bargaining tool. But there was only one thing he didn't understand. "You would give Potter to the vampires? I thought you wanted to keep him. To torture him. If you give him to the vampires, he will be killed."

Voldemort dismissed this with a wave of his hand. "You let me deal with the details, Lucius. Your job is to bring me the boy."

Lucius finally stood and bowed to his master. "Of course, My Lord. I will not fail you." He turned and walked past his master, knowing without asking that he was dismissed. He opened the throne room doors to find a couple of Death Eaters, who had been trying to listen in, crowded around the door. They looked embarrassed about being caught with their ears against the door like children listening on their parents' conversation. Lucius decided to punish them later. He had more important things to do at the moment.

"Crabbe, Goyle. Come with me. Dark Lord's orders." Lucius said, as he walked past without even stopping. The two big men hurriedly obeyed. Lucius was a much higher ranking Death Eater than them, and therefore had the authority to order them around.

As the stumbled behind him, Crabbe took the opportunity to ask, "Where are we going?"

Lucius let a small smirk flash across his face. "We are going to win the war."


"HOW DARE YOU, YOU STUPID BOY!" Vernon Dursley yelled while thundering down the stairs, his face purple with rage. Harry stood in the kitchen, his arms crossed in defiance. His face was angry, but inside he was a little scared. He knew how his uncle got when he was mad.

His uncle's angry face, followed by his huge body, made his way through the doorway of the kitchen, a scowl on his face. He stormed over to Harry, towering over him, his eyes bugling out of his head.

"WELL! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?" Harry felt spit fly on to his face. He straightened his back and looked his uncle right in the eye.

"I have no idea what you are talking about." He said calmly. This seemed to make his uncle even angrier. Before Harry could even move Vernon's hand came out of nowhere and backhanded him across the face. Harry fell to the floor, dazed and in pain, with tears in his eyes. His uncle moved closer.

"Don't play dumb with me, boy!" Vernon growled. "Maybe I should give you a bloody nose to match Dudley's, and then you'll remember!" Harry shrunk back. It had been an accident…kind of. Dudley had been taunting him through his bedroom door, calling him names and talking all sorts of garbage about Harry's friends. Harry had thrown open the door, ready to tell Dudley off, but he hadn't known how close his cousin was to the door, and it had hit him square in the face and broke his nose. Dudley had blown it all out of proportion. Harry had come down to the kitchen in an attempt to avoid the fireworks.

"It was an accident…I swear." He muttered, still scooting backwards.

"Like hell it was!" His uncle's shoe swung and connected with his side. Harry screamed as he felt a rib break. He shook as he clutched his side and looked up at Vernon's livid face. "You have no right to hurt my son."

Harry glared. "And you have no right to hurt me." He whispered. But his uncle heard.

"What was that, boy?" Vernon yelled. Another kick to his stomach. Harry gasped in pain. He refused to answer. Another kick. "Answer me!"

His lips were sealed. He wouldn't let his uncle know how much the blows hurt. Vernon leaned down and wrapped a meaty hand around Harry's arm and forced him to his feet, dragging him closer till they were face to face. "You're lucky I have the patience to put up with you, boy, or you'd be gone!"

Harry laughed. "You only put up with me so you can beat me up every day!" This got him a punch to the stomach that left him gasping for breath. His uncle pulled back his fist, about to hit him again, but luckily for Harry at that moment Petunia walked in, holding a rag to Dudley's nose. "Vernon, where did you put the towels?" she asked. Her eyes looked over the scene in front of her, from her husband holding her nephew by the neck to her nephew with his bleeding and bruised face. It was nothing new.

In Vernon's moment of distraction, Harry kicked him in the shins. Vernon dropped him, and Harry took this opportunity to run. He ignored his uncle's yelling and took off out the door and into the night. He ran, and didn't look back. His side was killing him and his breath came out ragged, but he didn't stop. The street was a black ribbon beneath him, and buildings flew past in a blur.

Only when his running became more like stumbling did he finally slow into a walk. He was far from Number four Privet Drive. Where exactly, he wasn't sure. But it was away from his uncle, and that was all that mattered.

It was dark outside, and cold. Harry wrapped his arms around himself, trying to keep warm. His feet moved of their own accord, pulling him onward to an unknown destination. He didn't care anymore. He just wanted to go back to Hogwarts, back to school. Or the Weasley's. That would be nice. He could see Sirius again. Then he wouldn't have to worry about anything anymore. Sirius would make it all better. Sirius wouldn't let Voldemort get him…

But no. Sirius was still on the run. He couldn't risk visiting Harry. Not now. Not until Wormtail was caught. Harry sighed. Why couldn't something good happen in his life just once without being taken away?

He looked up at the night sky and saw a full moon. He smiled as he thought of Remus. He hoped his former professor would be fine tonight. Why did the worst things always happen to the best of people?

Harry was so caught up in his own thoughts that he didn't notice the man who was waiting for him in the alley up ahead till it was too late. The man moved so fast that Harry couldn't even blink. His hand shot out and grabbed Harry's arm, pulling him into the alley. Harry stumbled to a stop. He was blind in the darkness. Breathing in gasps, he spun around, searching for his attacker. Was it a Death Eater? Or someone else sent by Voldemort?

His attacker jumped on him from behind, forcing both of them to the ground, and pushing the air out of Harry's lungs. The man quickly straddled his back. Harry bucked and tried to throw off his assailant. To no avail. The man laughed and laid his body against Harry's. He felt hot breath on his neck. "Blood…you have sweet blood, don't you little wizard?" Harry shook, trying to force his head up. The man hissed and forced it back down. He brushed the hair away from Harry's neck and sniffed. "Oh yes. I could smell it the second you left that miserable excuse for a house. It smells so good…"

"What do you want?" Harry demanded, again attempting to escape. The man pinned Harry's arms to the ground with practiced ease, rendering him immobile.

"I just want a chance at you before the Dark Lord gets his hands on you." Harry froze.

"So you work for Voldemort?" The man gave a dark chuckle. "No, no, sweet little wizard…the vampires have no master."

"V-vampires?" Harry stuttered. He again tried to get a look at the man, but his head was forced back. "Do that again and I'll snap your neck, understand?" The vampire growled. "Now," he said smoothly. "Stop talking." A wet, slimy tongue began lapping at his neck. Harry shuddered in repulsion. Lips sucked at the skin, bringing the blood up so it was visible. Harry felt water on his neck and realized it was drool. "That's disgusting!" He yelled. His arm was twisted painfully.

"What did I say about talking?" The pressure was released. But the pain was far from over. The vampire bit deep into his neck, and Harry screamed. The pain was terrible. The man sucked the ruby life source from him, making him dizzy. The hands were removed from his wrists and instead held his throat in place so the sucking could become fiercer. Moans escaped the man, and his body pressed down harder on Harry's, raising the boy's throat closer to his mouth. The fangs were removed only for a second so the man could whisper, "Delicious." before going back for more.

Harry felt light headed and empty, the pain was all he knew. His body was pressed deeper and deeper into the ground. Tears were in his eyes and he couldn't stop them from falling. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the fangs retreated. Harry lay limp on the ground, too weak to move. He was turned over, and he could blearily make out a pale face, long red hair, and dark eyes. He was straddled again. The vampire leaned forward and licked up the leaking blood from his neck. He whispered in Harry's ear. "Your blood is amazing, little wizard. The best I've ever tasted in all my five hundred years. I can't let you die…no, I'll make sure you stay alive…for a long time." Before Harry could protest a bleeding wrist was forced to his mouth. He was too weak to fight back. His mouth was forced open and the blood dripped onto his tongue. Against Harry's will, he grabbed the wrist and forced it to his lips, sucking down the tantalizing liquid. It tasted wonderful. He couldn't get enough. A little bit of strength returned to him, and he used this to drink down even more blood.

He was punched in the stomach until he released his tight hold on the wrist. There was a warm feeling in the pit of his stomach that he couldn't quite describe. The vampire ran his hand down Harry's neck. "Your blood is mine now, sweet little wizard. All mine. I will drink it every day for all of eternity. Your sweet, delicious blood…" It looked as if he was going to bite down again, but suddenly his face lit up in shock, and he toppled forward onto Harry's chest, unmoving. Harry wanted to push the man off, but the feeling of strength he had possessed when drinking the blood was now gone.

There were footsteps, and shadows fell over them. A beam of light shone in Harry's eyes, blinding him and preventing him from seeing the people who had joined them. "Well, well, well…" A voice said with a slight drawl. Harry tensed as he recognized the voice. Lucius Malfoy. "If it isn't Harry Potter…and a vampire." The light was removed from his eyes and Lucius kneeled down beside him. The vampire's body was rolled off his, and he could finally breathe. He coughed furiously, and Lucius placed a hand on his chest. The other forced Harry's chin up till he was staring into Lucius's pale face.

The Death Eaters voice was serious as he inspected Harry's face. "Damn…he's been turned." This registered briefly in Harry's mind, but he couldn't deal with it at the moment. "The Dark Lord will not be happy." Lucius turned his attention to the vampire. "I recognize this one. Luckily he's more of a drifter than part of vampire society. He will not be missed."

"What should we do with him?" asked a deep voice. It sounded familiar but strange at the same time. Who did it belong to?"

"We take both him and Potter to the Dark Lord. He will know what to do. He has plans for the boy." Lucius stood up and pointed his wand at Harry, but he hadn't even uttered a word before the vampire popped up suddenly and hit him directly in the chest. He landed in a crouch like an animal in front of Harry, growling, fangs enlonged past his lip. "The boy is mine." The two other wizards backed up cautiously, but Lucius got up quickly off the ground and pointed his wand at the monster.

"Come now, Draven." Lucius stepped closer. "You know Potter belongs to the Dark Lord. You don't want to take what is his."

Draven hissed. "I fear no lord of yours. The boy belongs to me…all his delicious blood is mine, all mine. The Dark Lord would just waste it. I will not. He stays with me."

Lucius laughed. "Well I'm afraid that's where you're wrong." And he let off a volley of spells at the vampire. Draven attacked back, using his fangs and long nails as weapons. Harry considered sneaking away at this point when attention was diverted, but when he tried; he could barely move an inch. He could only watch the battle. He wasn't sure who he wanted to win.

Lucius managed to keep Draven at bay with a shield spell, but the vampire was quickly breaking through it. Seeing as defending himself wasn't helping, Lucius turned on the offensive. A particularly nasty cutting curse hit Draven right in the chest. He fell, but not for long. The cuts began healing themselves almost instantly. He popped back up and slashed at Lucius's arm. No hint of pain was visible in the Death Eater's face as his skin was ripped open. Instead he used his opponent's closeness as an advantage to cast the Reducto curse. Draven flew across the alleyway and slammed into the wall. It seemed that this hurt the wall more than it hurt the vampire. Draven landed on all fours and ran at Lucius, jumping and knocking Lucius to the ground. He pinned him to the ground and growled, eyes alight with excitement.

"Crabbe, Goyle!" Lucius yelled, struggling in the iron grip of the vampire. The two Death Eater's hesitated, moving forward then moving back as they saw Draven's face.

Head tilted slightly to the side, Draven raised a hand with abnormally sharp nails high above his head. "You're lucky I just ate, Lucius, or I'd rip your throat out right now. You've been extremely annoying to us vampires…I'd be doing them a favor. I'll just have to settle for tearing out your heart."

The hand came cutting down through the air, but Lucius merely smirked, for before the hand could make contact, the vampire was pulled back a thrown to the ground. Crabbe and Goyle proceeded to beat the crap out of him. Draven attempted to fight back, but the blows proved to be too much. The vampire turned black and blue, before finally passing out. Crabbe punched and kicked the body a few more times just to be on the safe side.

Lucius got to his feet shakily and limped over to Draven's body. "Stupid, stupid vampire." He glared for a few seconds, and then began barking orders. "Tie him up and gag him. We can't take any chances. I'll get Potter." The blonde limped over to Harry, and knelt down again. "You're a lot of trouble, Potter. But the vampires will love your blood." He grabbed Harry by the hair and pulled him to his feet. He couldn't stand so Lucius had to drag him over the now bound and gagged vampire.

"Crabbe, Goyle…prepare to face the Dark Lord's fury." With that he turned on the spot and disappeared into the rushing darkness, pulling a very tired and very scared Harry Potter behind him…

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