"As you wish," Kenny uttered softly as he slid down Butters' thin form slowly, his tip of his tongue leaving a thin trail of saliva down the smaller man's front as he did.

With a slight shudder, Butters glanced down in time to see a slight glint off of the silver ball pierced into Kenny's tongue dip down into his navel for a moment before continuing down. Butters rested his head back against the mattress and moaned loudly as Kenny ran his tongue up his shaft to his tip. Kenny's tongue traced a circle around Butters' tip with his tongue piercing lightly brushing it as he went. Slowly and deliberately, he lowered his head down so he could take all of Butters' length into his mouth. He bobbed his head up and down as he moved his hands to gently massage his lover's ass, earning another moan.

"K-Kenny," Butters moaned. His fingers tangled into Kenny's blonde mop of hair and he bucked his hips up. It felt so good! It'd been so long since someone had actually taken the time to pleasure him before fucking him, and he hadn't been expecting Kenny to be the one to break that trend.

Pride and absolute lust rising in his body, Kenny moaned into Butters' cock, knowing that the vibrations would send the small blonde ever closer to the edge. Kenny loved knowing that he could do this to the innocent he adored, he loved that Butters no longer held innocence on his face as he sucked and physically romanced him.

"O-Oh Ken," Butters groaned, "I…I'm about to climax…!" He bit down on his bottom lip as soon as the words left his mouth. No one had ever made him even think about saying such dirty things, but with Kenny they tore from his throat as easily as if he were breathing. It was so embarrassing!

Kenny released Butters' cock and captured his lips in another passionate kiss when he received a whimper. Quickly, he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and dropped them around his ankles with his boxers. With his lips still locked with Butters', he reached down and began to gently probe the smaller blonde's asshole with one finger.

"W-Wait," Butters breathed; Kenny moved his planted soft kisses on his neck, "Kenny, please."

Kenny leaned up to look into Butters' eyes, seeing that those sky blue orbs were glazed over with pure lust. "What is it?"

Butters glanced over at the end table where the stuffed dog still sat. "I-I have…l-lube," he turned bright red, "in the d-drawer," he muttered.

Kenny smirked. Well, well, little "innocent" Butters kept lube in his room? Amazing. Simply amazing. He reached over and pulled open the drawer, pulling out the first thing his fingers wrapped around, thinking it was the lube. Instead, what he found in his hand was a bright pink dildo. He raised an eyebrow at this. Whoa…didn't expect that. "Butters, how…dirty of you."

Butters turned the brightest shade of red possible. Oh God no! Kenny did not just pick that up! "Th-Th-Th-That's…uh…n-not it… I-It's just a b-b-bit further in the d-drawer…"

"Don't act so embarrassed baby, I know quite a few people who own one of these. Including," he ran his tongue from where he gripped it all the way to the tip, "myself." He chuckled when Butters somehow turned redder; it was amazing the man had any blood left in his erection. "But mine's a more suitable black."

"P-Please…just g-get the…the l-lube," Butters stuttered out. He really just wanted Kenny to put the dildo back and completely forget it existed!

"Of course, but we can't just ignore this now can we…?" Smirk still in place, Kenny leaned forward and poked at the edge of Butters' lips with the tip of the dildo. "Why not suck on this a bit? I'm sure it won't be such a big stretch for you."

Butters shook his head. "N-No…I don't wa-w-want to."

"Aw," Kenny pouted. "Please baby? I'd really love you to."

Even though Kenny's begging almost made him give in, Butters still shook his head. "I-I'm sorry Ken, b-b-but no. I c-can't…"

He sighed and set the dildo aside. "Fine." He reached into the drawer again, this time finding the lube. He showed Butters the tube and winked. "Found it this time."

Some of the blood drained from Butters' face. "O-Okay."

Kenny put some of the lubricant on three of his fingers and proceeded to smoothly penetrate Butters' hole with one finger, earning a low moan. He added another finger and moved them slightly, widening Butters' so that he could add the third. The smaller blonde's moans became louder as Kenny's fingers widened his hole just a bit more before retreating.

"K-Ken," Butters whimpered, "what're you doing?"

Kenny squeezed more of the lube onto his hand and spread it over his shaft and tip. "Don't worry baby," he positioned himself at Butters' asshole, "I won't hurt you."

Butters nodded and ground his teeth together as Kenny slowly pushed forward, penetrating him and causing him to arch his back. Kenny leaned forward, bracing himself on either side of Butters' head as he continued pushing himself into Butters until he was all the way in. Butters gripped onto his comforter and wrapped his legs loosely around Kenny's waist, moaning as he did so.

Easily, Kenny began moving back and forth, thrusting slowly in and out of Butters. He moaned loudly as Butters did once again. Even after being widened, Butters was so tight. It was driving him crazy! He wasn't sure how long he could last, so he picked up his pace, thrusting hard and faster with each push forward.

"Oh God," Butters moaned, "Kenny…! Please," his arms jerked up to wrap around Kenny's torso again and he dug his nails into the taller blonde's back, "h-harder…!"

He complied, thrusting harder into Butters and hitting his prostate with each demanding thrust. Butters cried out and tightened his legs around Kenny's waist as his back arched even further. Oh fuck! He was loving every bit of it. Every small movement sent a wave of absolute pleasure coursing through him, sending him into a spiral of ecstasy that he never thought he'd feel in this lifetime. He loved Kenny, he loved that Kenny was the one to give him this pleasure, and he loved that Kenny was giving him the pleasure without hurting him like so many others had before.

Kenny reached down as he continued and wrapped his fingers around Butters' cock, pumping it in time with his thrusting. "Butters, I…I'm about to…" He trailed off into a loud moan.

"I know," Butters groaned in response. He tightened his arms around Kenny and pulled the upper half of his body up so he could become only inches away from his face. "Please, e-empty yourself in me."

"Gladly." Kenny connected their lips as sped up the pumping of his hand until Butters, with a moan into his mouth, spilled his load onto his hand and their stomachs.

As Kenny's thrusting became more sporadic and short, Butters threw his head back and cried out Kenny's name at the top of his lungs. His legs tightened around the taller blonde's waist and one hand tangled in his hair as he felt his hole tighten around Kenny's still hard cock. Kenny flipped them so that Butters was sitting on him; his hands rested on Butters' waist and guided the smaller blonde up and down his cock until finally he buried himself inside of Butters up to his hilt and released his load.

"FUCK…!" Kenny cried out as he released everything he had into Butters' ass. "Fuck…fuck," he panted. Kenny fell onto his back still panting and still with Butters clinging to him. He rested one hand on the small of Butters' back. God, who'd have known that Butters would be such a good lay?

"Ken," Butters panted and unraveled his arms and legs from around Kenny, "I…I…" His head rested on the taller blonde's hard chest as he trailed off. How could he tell him that in the beautiful heat of their love-making he'd finally come to terms with how he felt? Yes, Butters knew now that he loved Kenny McCormick and wanted to be with him forever, but he still didn't think that Kenny felt the same way. After all, he had told him straight forward that he'd enjoyed traveling around more than staying in South Park. What would be the point?

"Butters," Kenny tilted Butters' head up so their eyes could lock, "what is it?"

Butters, biting down on his bottom lip, turned his head away and easily slid himself off of Kenny's cock. He moaned slightly at the feeling of the missing member for a moment and then crawled over to collapse onto one side of his pillow underneath his blanket. He wasn't going to tell Kenny, he just knew how stupid it was to fall for someone who wasn't going to return his feelings - he'd done it once before only a few months ago, and it left him with a broken heart - but it couldn't be helped. The least he could do for himself was to keep his feelings a secret this time around.

Kenny sighed and moved to join Butters under his blanket. "Butters," he wrapped an arm around Butters' waist to draw him against his front, "please tell me."

Butters rested his hands on Kenny's chest and stared at his neck. "You'll just laugh…or you'll leave…and I…" He rested his forehead against his lover's collarbone. "…I don't want you to…"

Kenny's eyes widened slightly as he understood what Butters was trying to say. It couldn't be…Butters didn't really love him? Did he? He couldn't believe it if he did. Kenny had accepted a long time ago that no one would ever love him, especially not sweet, innocent, beautiful Butters. How could he? But still, Kenny loved him and he learned from his experience in high school that he couldn't go without saying something if he really had these feelings.

"Butters," he kissed the top of Butters' head, "I love you too."

Butters tensed for a moment. Kenny knew? But…how? He looked up at Kenny's face, finding a warm smile there. Suddenly, Butters' fears washed away and he returned the smile. "Ken, I love you so much."

Kenny touched his lips to Butters' softly for a brief second before holding the small blonde tight against him. "Thank you…I'm happy…I'm so happy to hear you say that…"

Some hours later, Butters opened his eyes to see the end table next to his bed. He jolted up to a sitting position and looked around. Kenny's clothes were gone and there wasn't a trace of him left in the room. Tears flooded Butters' eyes and he fell back against his pillow. Kenny had lied to him. He didn't love him, he had used him like everyone else. A sob ripped from his throat and he turned to his side so he could hug his knees to his chest. He should've listened to the voice in his head telling him not to say a word to Kenny last night.

In his depressed state, Butters failed to see the note left on top of the stuffed blue dog on the end table.


I'm sorry to have left without telling you, but my journey isn't quite over yet. I promise you I'll come back for you and remain faithful to only you.

I love you.