Hello, me maties. I couldn't sleep, so I'm writing another one-shot. I don't think anyone's thought of this pairing, either. Well, here we go.

"Stupid boys! Stupid groceries! Stupid Kids Next Door is just stupid!" the former female dictator, Margie, mumbled as she walked down the sidewalk, carrying a huge load of groceries. Ever since she was released from prison, she's been forced to do just about all the work around house. "Why do I have to do all the chores just because I tried turning all males into girls? I mean, who hasn't? I swear, if I have to carry these any longer, my arms are gonna fall-AHHH!" she screamed as she bumped into someone and dropped all her groceries. That someone happened to be the former Numbuh 19th Century. "MY GROCERIES!"

"I'm terribly sorry!" 19th Century apologized. "Here, let me-"

"NO! Boys like you have caused enough trouble!" Margie shot back as she pushed him away.

"Well, I say, my dear lady! I was only trying to help!"

"I don't need your help! I don't need any boys' help!"

"Well, you can't possibly expect to carry all of those alone without any trouble!"

"Why do you care, anyway? You're just a boy! Since when do boys care about girls?"

"I strongly beg to differ! I actually happen to find you quite charming!" he shot back, then immediately covered his mouth after realizing what he just said.

Margie's anger died down. "You…You do?"

19th Century blushed. "Well…yeah."


"…Here, let me help with that." He said as he proceeded to help Margie pick up her dropped groceries.

Margie smiled and was touched that he would help her…and that he thought she was pretty. "Um…Thanks. No boy was ever that nice to me before."

"Well, it's obvious you've been hanging with the wrong boys."


"Why do you have to carry those by yourself, anyway?"

"Well, I did something…bad. Really bad…recently. And to make up for it, my older brother's making me do all his chores."

"I say, that must be dreadful! What did you do, anyway?"

"Um…that's not important. So, like, what's with the fancy get-up?"

"I…I'm not sure. One minute, I was in the 19th century, and the next, I'm in this strange future. I don't even remember what caused me to be here. And I can't understand anything of this time period! I-"

Margie giggled.

"You find this funny?"

"Uh, no! Well, kind of, but…Well, you talk funny!"

He blushed. "Yes, I…suppose I do compared to you."

She giggled again. "Thanks! Well, I better get home. My brother might think I'm 'planning' something or something!"

"Well, perhaps we could meet up again sometime?"

"Yeah! And maybe I could teach you how our modern time works!"

"I'd very much love that!"

"Sounds like a date then!" she smirked. "Oh, before I forget, what's your name?"

"Rick Strowd! You?"

"I'm Margaret Drilovsky!"

"Well, Margaret…I shall see you later!"

"Okay! Bye!" With that, the two walked off in different directions. After today, Margie just might have a different view on boys.

Well, there you have it. The first ever 19th Century/Margie story. So, what did you think? Not really quite as good as Ramon-4/Computer, I don't think. But oh well. See ya later.