This is my FIRST EVER fanfiction ever, so please go easy on me. I would, of course, love criticism, but don't be too harsh!

Sunlight crept over the carpeted floor of an apartment as the city began to awaken, it's golden shafts of light piercing the early morning gloom. It was a rather sizable apartment, well furnished, in a way that was modest, yet very modern and striking. A kitchen with a sink and cabinets that extended from the ceiling was in one corner, the handsome oak dinner table just over the counter. The living room was close by, with black couches and white lights that sat in bookshelves that were divided into blocks. Down a hallway, there were five doors. One led to a large bathroom, another to the office, and the others were bedrooms. And, in one, a couple slept.

As the sounds of cars, people, and the general noises of civilization began to grow more and more distinct, one of the pair murmured and sat up, rubbing at her eyes. Her long, pink hair fell a little past her shoulder, and her blue eyes were still bleary from sleep. Twisting her hair, the woman through it over her left shoulder, so that it nestled between her shoulder and her lovely heart-shaped face; atop her tank top strap. This was the lovely Lightning Estheim. Her birth name was Claire, but she had always been called Lightning.

Taking a look at the clock and noting that it read 6:48 in the morning, she nodded in a satisfied manner. It wasn't yet time to wake her silver-haired husband, who still lay curled beneath the comforters. She had time for a bath. Quietly shifting herself out of the bed, Lightning was surprised when she felt a hand grab at her wrist. Looking down, she saw that the man next to her had rolled over and clutched at her arm. This was Hope Estheim. His white-hair shone in the early morning light and his wife smiled down at him, placing a hand on his face to brush away a strand over hair covering his eyes. She received further shock to find the bright green eyes open and looking at her, a sly smile crossing the male's lips. Light gave Hope a light and quick punch on the head, and he rolled up into a ball, giggling hysterically.

It had been nine years since the two, with their comrades Snow, Sazh, Vanille, and Fang, had saved Cocoon from destruction. Vanille and Fang were gone. It was a sad time for the group afterwards, but they knew Vanille and Fang had been glad and happy to do something to help. Snow was now married to Serah, Lightning's sister, and the two of them had a happy family, just like Snow had always wanted. Sazh and his son Dajh lived nearby, like everyone else in the group, and everyone got together often for parties and such.

Lightning and Hope, of course, had gotten married. They were now 30 and 23 respectively. The married couple both knew that many, though not their friends, looked upon their relationship with scorn and disapproval, but neither cared much. It was true that Hope was seven years younger than Light, but it didn't show much, and they loved each other anyways. Hope, over the years, had grown taller than Light, nearly outstripping Snow (but not quite.) He had lost most of his baby fat, except for a little in his face that gave him a healthy look, and his white hair, unbelievably natural, was still in the same style as nine years ago. His face had thinned, and his body was muscular.

"If you were up, you should've showed it earlier." Lightning gave Hope a stern look that didn't quite hide her smile completely.

"Sorry, Light," Hope replied in a teasing tone. "It was sort of hard to resist." He leaned over and kissed his wife before pushing himself out of bed and collecting his clothes for the day. Swiftly, he exited the room and the sound of the bathroom door closing could be heard. For a moment, Light wondered why he had been in such a rush to leave...

"HOPE! Hey, I was going to use the bathroom first!" More laughter bubbled out of the bathroom, and Light sighed as she fell back on the bed, hand across her forehead as the smile overcame her face once again. She was roused once again, though, by a young boy's call from the bedroom door.

Serah and Snow weren't the only ones who had had children, after all.