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I felt him staring at me. His eyes just piercing throughout my body. I heard him cock the gun. It was near Point Blank. I could just imagine the cold metal slowly traveling through my body.

He began to pace around me, and stopped a few feet from my face. I was paralyzed with fear. My body was like lead, and it refused to move. There was no escape. I was staring into the abyss, my death trap. The gun was aimed straight at my head, between my eyes. He grinned and I squeezed my eyes shut tight. He fired.


Artemis heard the blow. A sharp cry filled the room, but it was not hers. She opened her eyes, and found her savior to be Robin. The bullet was in his chest.

The man swore, but then looked to see who he shot. He clearly recognized Robin as the Boy Wonder. He quickly shot again Robin, but this time in the leg. He screamed in pain again. Artemis longed to cover her ears from his painful screeches, but felt as if her arms were lead and would not move.

The man pointed the gun at Artemis again, but this time, she grabbed one of her arrows and fired. The arrow exploded at the man's face. He cried out and fell back and soon lost consciousness.

Artemis quickly dropped to Robin's side. "Rob? Can you hear me?" His breathing was very shallow and ragged. The bullet must have hit his lungs or something. She looked at Robin's face and saw him nod. At least he was still awake.

"C-ca…call B-bat." He croaked out. He coughed and spit up blood. His breathing got even more ragged.

Artemis quickly looked through the utility belt around his waist. She soon found the bat shaped communicator and hit the dial button. Batman quickly answered.

"Artemis? There better be a good reason why you have this communicator." He asked. Artemis could have sworn she heard a hint of worry in his voice. That didn't matter though. "Batman! It's Robin! He got sh- Ahhhh!"


Bang! Bang!

Batman heard the gunshots through the communicator. He heard Artemis's scream, and the communicator screen got covered in blood.

He quickly made his way to the bat mobile and grabbed his cell phone. He dialed 911. Two of these kids were hurt. There was no way Alfred would be happy about having their lives in his hands.


Artemis felt the bullet burrow its way into her right elbow and out the other end. She felt her bone shatter. She also felt a bullet cut into her right side. She fell beside Robin, her head at his feet. The two gunmen stepped forward.

The taller one went over to Robin, and the shorter one went towards Artemis. He raised his foot and slammed it hard down on her left ankle. Artemis heard the loud crack and felt the bone split into one million pieces. She screamed.

The taller man looked at Robin, who was barley breathing and barley conscious. The man jumped on Robin's right leg, and then on his left. He kept jumping until he knew they were broken His cries of agony rang throughout the warehouse, filling every room and ear drum. His bones were shattered and there was blood. His blood, her blood. There was just so much of it. So much red.

Seconds later, sirens blared and bright lights filled the rooms.

"Shit!" One man shouted, "lets get outta here before the Batman comes!"

Artemis saw a huge shadow block their exit, "Too late." The shadow growled. It took Artemis a few seconds, but the voice registered in her head as the Batman.

It took mere seconds until all the gunman fell to the ground. Batman waved his hand and then paramedics filled the room. Both Robin and Artemis were placed on stretchers. Robin was wheeled to the ambulance like lightning. Artemis heard them shout, but it didn't make any sense to her.

She was then wheeled out the same door as Robin. As she wheeled past Batman, she grabbed his arm and whispered an "I'm so sorry," to him. She knew that Batman had heard it, even though she barley heard it herself.

Batman grabbed her hand gently and placed it at her side. "Just focus on getting better," He said, "and I'll take care of Robin."

Artemis nodded and was then taken into the ambulance.


Batman was never so pissed before, especially at children. He jumped into the Batmobile and began to follow the ambulances. He removed his cowl quickly rubbed his eyes.

Richard was on a team of six superheroes and only one of them was there. Bruce knew he would yell at them, and probably up their training. He also might throw in a team building exercise, or disband the team completely. He didn't know. They were teammates, and they were supposed to be looking out for Dick. He was the youngest after all.

Dick. Bruce was quickly filled with thoughts of despair as he imagined what could happen to his adoptive son. It scared him.

Bruce ignored his thoughts and pulled his cowl back over his head as he made a sharp turn towards the Batcave. He was going to Mount Justice to have a word with these kids.


Ring! Ring!

Beth Crock picked up the phone, "Hello?" She asked.

"Mrs. Crock. It's Batman. Artemis got hurt, and she is in surgery now."

Beth almost let the phone slip from her hand, but she managed to hold on. "Which hospital?" She asked. "Gotham Emergency," Batman replied, "about twenty minutes away."

Beth grabbed he jacket, "Thank you for the call, Batman."

"No problem." Beth exited her house and wheeled down to the bus stop as fast as she could. If her baby was hurt, she would get to the bottom of it.


"Why the Hell were none of you there?" Batman shouted at the four teenagers in front of him. Kid Flash looked ready to pee himself, Megan had tears in her eyes, Aqualad looked severely disappointed in himself, and Superboy seemed worried for his young friend. "Of a team of 6, only one was there! Artemis has a broken ankle, a shattered elbow, and a bullet in her appendix! She will most likely not be on this team again for months! That is if her mother would ever let he do it again! And Robin…" Batman paused for a second, as if his voice was about to crack, "Robin is in there fighting a battle for his life that he might not win!" His voice rang throughout the whole mountain.

Megan let a sop escape, before going into a full blown melt down. A large hand came down on Batman's shoulder. He wheeled around to see it was the Man of Steel. "Go be with him." Superman said in a gentle voice, "I will talk to the kids."

Batman nodded and ran out of the mountain full speed for the hospital.


Batman burst into the hospital at full speed. He was soon crowed by a pool of people wanting something signed or just to touch him, really.

Batman forced his way through them and reached the nurses' desk. "Robin. Where is Robin?"

The nurse typed a few things on her computer, "Oh. Well he is in surgery."

"I know that. How is he?" Batman asked with a tinge of annoyance in his voice. The nurse clicked on a few things and made a tsk, tsk sound. "Yeah. Not to well."

Batman walked to a chair and slumped into it. After sitting around for a few minutes, nine doctors surrounding a gurney went by. Batman barley got a glance, but he knew who it was. Robin.

Batman ran full speed after them, and pushed past the doctors and grabbed his son's hand.

"Robin." He spoke gently. The boy looked up at him, his eyes barley open. "Robin, no son, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you. And I-"

"I'm sorry sir, you cannot come back here." Batman's hand was ripped away from Robin's as he was wheeled past two, now locked doors. He ran up to them and slammed his fists on them once. "Robin!" He shouted.

His small, pale hand was ripped away from him like his hands were ripped away from his parents' hands. It was the last time too, the last time he touched them. It could be Robin's last time too. Batman felt himself on the verge of tears. He couldn't die, he couldn't lose anyone else.

Batman pulled out his phone and dialed Wayne manor. "Hello?" came a voice on the other line, "Alfred. It's Dick. He's… He's in critical condition and I don't know if he'll pull through." Alfred paused for a few minutes, as if finding the best thing to say. "Then stay strong for him Master Bruce. I'm on my way."

Batman hung up and slumped onto the floor. He put his head in his hands and was flooded with memories of Dick.


"How many tickets?" A man behind a ticket booth asked, "One please," Replied the millionaire Bruce Wayne. The man humbly gave him the ticked, "enjoy the show." He said.

Bruce nodded and walked into the circus tent, but as he walked in, a certain poster caught his eye. A poster of the Flying Graysons. Bruce smiled a bit at it, and then moved towards his seat.

He briefly scanned over all the people, hoping to spot Tony Zucco. He just busted one of his brothers, but didn't catch Zucco. He was hoping he stuck around for the show. Bruce took his seat.

"Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls!" A loud voice boomed over all the speakers, "Welcome to Haley's Circus. The greatest you will ever see! Are you ready for a fantastic show tonight?" The crowd roared with cheers and claps.

"Great! Because to start off our show would be the one and only Flying Graysons. They will be performing without the safety of a net!" The crowd made a series of gasps.

"Don't try this at home kiddies!" chuckled Mr. Haley.

"The Flying Graysons!" He shouted over all the applause. Mary and John appeared on the top of the trapeze ladder. John went on first, grabbing the first pole. He took off, gaining many oohs and ahhs from the crowd with each flip.

As he came back around, Mary jumped and leapt into his arms, which was awarded with many gasps.

"And now the youngest Grayson. Dick Grayson."

Dick smiled and waved to the people. He looked back to his parents, waiting for his moment to leap. When he made eye contact with his mother, there was a loud snap and screams of terror.

"Dick!" Was all Mary shouted on her way down. They landed with a sickening crack.

Dick slowly curled into a ball and began to sop. Soon his cries rang out throughout the silent tent. No one dared to move.

For a moment, Bruce saw himself in this boy.


Bruce looked over the sea of people at the funeral. Many of them treated Dick with artificial sympathy. Bruce knew it all too well.

Bruce stayed last and slowly approached Dick. "Thanks for paying Mr. Wayne." Dick paused for a moment, "I'll be ok, or at least, that's what everyone's been telling me."

Tears slowly began to pour from Dick's eyes, "It just isn't fair." He said. After a moment of an awkward silence, Dick spoke again, "Thanks again." He said before looking at the stones one last time and walking away.

"His parents were the only family that boy has." Alfred said to Bruce. Bruce slowly nodded, watching the boy walk off, "I know, that's why I'm going to take him in."


"Mr. Grayson, you have a visitor."

Dick was extremely surprised to see Bruce Wayne standing in the doorway. Dick was sitting on his bed, clutching a family photo picture frame with him and his parents happily sealed inside.

Bruce crouched down to his height. "Dick, I was wondering if you wanted to come live with me." It took Dick a second, but he slowly nodded.


"You actually live here?" Exclaimed Dick as he approached the manor. His eyes were wide like bulbs, as if trying to get bigger in order to see more.

Bruce laughed and put a hand on his shoulder. "Yeah, I do, and now she's all yours too." Bruce said.

Dick suddenly jumped up and down and ran inside "Cool!" Was all he shouted.


Dick jolted out of bed, with bats flying over the roof of the manor. His cheeks were wet with tears, and he was sweating too.

Dick's small, bear feet touched the hard wood floor of his room, as he silently exited. He made no noise as he reached Bruce's room. His tiny hand slowly reached for the knob.

"Dick?" A voice suddenly came from behind. He turned around to see Bruce in front of him.

"I'm sorry." Dick said. "I just had a bad dream and-" Dick choked on a sob.

Bruce kneeled down and pulled the boy into a tight hug, "I know Dick." he said, as he began to rub circles on the boy's back. "I know how bad it hurts."

"Does… Does it ever go away?" Dick asked between sobs and into the older man's shirt.

Bruce considered lying, but he couldn't he couldn't deprive this boy of anything more. "No, it doesn't. But it gets better, I promise."

After a few minutes, Dick finally calmed down, "Can I sleep with you?" He quietly asked. Bruce smiled a bit and said "sure."


Batman looked down at the eight year old, who was staring at him with the same huge bulbs, like the day he came to the manor.

"You're." He began. Batman removed his cowl to reveal Bruce Wayne.

Dick smile grew ear to ear, "You're Batman; you're the Dark Knight, the worlds greatest detective! You're the Batman." Bruce chuckled, "I know" he said.


"You're going to need a name." Batman said to the kid dressed in green tights, a red shirt and a mask. The kid, Dick Grayson, looked down and then smiled, "How about Robin?"

"Like the bird?" Batman asked, half serious, and half joking. Dick proudly looked over Gotham city. "It's a family name."


"CANNON BALL!" eleven year old Dick shouted as he jumped into the swimming pool.

"Come on Bruce! The water's fine!" Dick said while playfully splashing water at Bruce. The man grinned and followed Dick's entrance, "CANNON BALL!" He shouted while falling towards the water.

"Master Bruce, Master Dick, your-" Alfred Pennyworth was suddenly cut off when he was splashed with an explosion of water. He spit some out and rubbed his eyes. He saw the ruined lunch and sighed.

Bruce and Dick both watched the water drip off of Alfred's nose and burst out laughing.

"As funny as it may seem," Alfred said, "This means no lunch."

Bruce looked at Dick who stopped laughing. Dick looked right back at Bruce.

"We'll order out." Dick said before laughing and returning to splash his mentor.


"Batman we're ready to use what you taught us. Or why teach us at all?"

Batman looked over the four confidant teenagers.

"Either get on board or get out of the way." Superboy said.

Batman sighed, but agreed to Young Justice Terms.


Bruce kept thinking of old times he had spent with Dick, that he may never be able to do again.

"CLEAR!" He heard a doctor yell.

His heart dropped. He might not…

"Master Bruce, all we can do is wait." Alfred said. Bruce hadn't noticed he arrived, or all the other people. There were six league members Superman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter.

All of Young Justice was here as well, with Beth Crock and Red Arrow of course.

"You aren't the only one worried Batman." Wonder Woman said. "We all are," Superman said, "Especially the kids."

Batman looked to see all of the Young Justice members, and Red Arrow were all together. They were chanting something barley audible.

"Robin." Superman said in sync with the other kids. "They are chanting his name, Batman. They are practically praying that their friend makes it out alive."

"CLEAR!" came the doctor's voice again.

Bruce cringed when he heard the electric shock.


There were many more hours of waiting. Right now they were all chanting Robin's name in Artemis's room. She was all taken care of, and thankfully, mostly unharmed.

Bruce was sitting in a chair to the side of their circle. His head in his hands, praying his own prayer.

A doctor came into the room, "I have news on Robin's condition."

All the chanting stopped as the room suddenly became silent. "I'm sorry, but his condition right now only has a 10% survival rate."

Bruce felt his heart get ripped out.


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