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Bruce could not believe his eyes as he spoke his son's name, "Dick?"

Those baby blue eyes looked over at him and then they darted around the room. Dick began to choke on the tube running down his throat. Bruce quickly put Dick's mask on, and then pulled his cowl over his head. He quickly ran to the door and forced it open, "Doctor!" He shouted.

Immediately, all the superheroes and the doctors flooded the room. Dr. Atwood went over to Robin, "You need to relax. We are going to take the tube out." Robin, still coughing and flailing a little, nodded vigorously. "Alright," the doctor said. He motioned for the other doctors to come over, and they quickly did.

Most of the heroes looked away as the doctors pulled out the tube, but not Batman. He was sitting at his son's side, the boy's small hand clutching his. When the tube was finally out, a breathing mask was placed over his mouth. After checking Robin's vitals, all the doctors left, except for Dr. Atwood. He stayed until Superman kindly asked him to leave, which he did so.

"Bruce?" Robin asked, his voice just barley above a whisper. "Yeah, Dick," Bruce said, pulling off his and Dick's mask, "Its me. Your gonna be okay." Bruce then swooped his foster son into an a hug. Dick grasped Bruce's cape very tight and then began to sop into his foster dad's shoulder. Bruce gently stroked his back and let a tear fall from his eye.

Bruce suddenly heard a quiet "Awwwww." On any other occasion, he would have given them a batglare, but not today, and especially not now. Dick was okay. He was safe in Bruce's arms.

After a few more moments, Bruce and Dick broke up their hug. All the other heroes stood in silence, as if they were thanking god one thousand times. Roy was the first one to react. He slowly took a step forward, but then broke into a sprint, and hugged his little brother, "I thought I lost you, Dickie." Roy whispered into Dick's ear as he let his tears fall freely down his face. Dick quickly returned the hug and whispered back, "I'm not going anywhere."

After Roy and Dick's hug, everyone else got their turn. Kid Flash was first. He sped to Dick's side and wrapped him into a tight hug, "Welcome back." He whispered. Aqualad was next. He gently hugged Dick, "Thank you," Kaldur said, "Thank you for coming back."

Superboy walked up to Dick and gave him a very light hug, "No, Superboy." Dick said, "I am feelin' the aster." Superboy smirked, and then let Megan go next, "Oh, Robin!" she shouted as she hugged him, "I'm so glad you're okay!"

Dick laughed his signature laugh before hugging the next person. Artemis. "Hey Arty." Dick said. Artemis leaned over Dick's bed the best she could and hugged his waste. "You saved my life, Robin. Thank you. I..." Robin laughed again, "No sweat," He said.

Superman was the next one to hug Dick, "You did it again, Kiddo." Superman said, "You've cheated death again." Robin smirked, "What can I say. I don't die easy." Green Arrow hugged Dick next, "I should have known that you, off all people, would scare us half to death. I should have known that you would do the impossible."

Aquaman hugged Dick, "Of course it's the Boy Wonder who would live against all odds." Wonder Woman was next to hug Dick, "I knew you could do it." she whispered. Dick got his next hug from J'onn, "Good choice," He said.

Flash was the final person to hug Dick, "A Bird who has been to Hell and back. Dick Grayson, Boy Wonder."


After all the heroes left, Alfred and Bruce got their alone time with Dick. Alfred finally got his hug. "You were right, Alfred," Dick said as he tightened his grip around Alfred, "They are proud of me." He whispered. "As am I, Master Dick."

Alfred broke the hug and then grabbed a brown paper bag. "I had made cookies before I got the news. I hope you enjoy them."

Dick's expression immediately brightened, "Of course I will, Alfred. Yours are as good as Mom's."Alfred smiled and sat down, and Bruce simultaneously looked towards his ward. His eyes suddenly filled with tears as he pulled Dick into another hug, "I thought I lost you forever," he whispered. Dick felt himself begin to cry again. Dick cried on Bruce's shoulder for a few moments, "I love you, dad." He whispered. Bruce let a tear slip out before hugging his son slightly tighter.

"I love you too, son."

(A few Days Later)

Bruce wheeled Dick into Gotham cemetery. They went past many tombstones until they found the two they were looking for. Bruce placed two fresh roses before both for Dick. "Call for me when your ready," Bruce said to Dick before walking off in search of two other tomb stones. Dick slowly nodded.

When Bruce was out of sight Dick began to talk, "Hey Dad, Hi Mom. It was really good to see you again. I just wanted you to know that I am brave because of you. I am all I can be for you guys." Dick sniffled before continuing, "I'll see you guys soon. Wait for me. Wait until the world is ready to say goodbye too."

"I love you." He said before staring at the writing on the gravestones, "Bruce!" He called.


"Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad." Bruce said as he walked up to two very important tombstones, "I haven't visited in quite some time. I'm sorry, but I've just been busy. Being Batman is very difficult, and it's even harder protecting Dick."

"I'm doing the best I can to keep him safe. And-" "Bruce!" He heard Dick call.

Bruce smiled a bit, "I'll see you soon."


Bruce walked over to Dick in his wheelchair, "Ready?" Bruce asked. Dick nodded, "Yeah, I'll come back on their marriage anniversary when it comes around."

Bruce nodded, "Alright, why don't you go on ahead, I'll catch up in a minute." "Sure thing, Bruce." Dick said as he wheeled off.

"Mary," Bruce said, "John. Thank you for allowing me to take care of your beautiful son. Thank you John for allowing me to be his second father, and Mary, thank you for letting him be like my son."

"I promise to do my best to protect him, no matter what the cost, no matter how dangerous it may be, I promise to keep our little bird out of harm's way."

Bruce began to walk back, quickly catching up to Dick. "I thanked them too, Bruce. I thanked your parents for letting you be my second father."

Bruce smiled lightly before bending down to give Dick a hug, "Your parents would be proud," Bruce said, and Dick smiled, "So would yours."


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