Pride Lord

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Chapter: 1

"Cero!" - Normal tone

'Cero!' - Thoughts

"Cero!" - Deep tone, Techniques.

~Cero!~- Silky tone, Parseltongue

17 year old Harry Potter released a sigh of relief as he examined the body laying at his feet, the battle was finally over. It had been over an hour since he and his opponent had began exchanging spells, powerful and dark magics had been used by both but after a long and trying battle it was finally over, he had won.

Lord Voldemort was dead.

Harry and his friends had spent the last two years after the events at the DoM training for the final battle, it was after Dumbledores death at Snape's hands that they had left the school in order to hunt down the Horcruxes. With the combined intelligence of Hermione and Luna they had developed a spell to find the Horcuxes, thus making their journey a fast one.

After returning to the castle to destroy the Diadem they had discovered the piece of soul hidden deep within Harry's scar. With Voldemorts attack expected any day the six teens had hurriedly ransacked both the restricted section of the school library and the Black family library in and attempt to solve the problem. It was Neville who found a solution in the form of an exorcism ritual.

The ritual had been performed and the piece of soul destroyed leaving Voldemort with one final Horcrux, Nagini. With little time until the final battle the six had read, studied and trained in both the light arts and the various dark arts they found during their search for the exorcism ritual. Time passed and after a few months Voldemort had attacked the castle, leading to the current situation.

It had all began when word reached him that Voldemort and the remainder of his Inner Circle were camped out in the forbidden forest while the rest of his minions assaulted Hogwarts, using a secret tunnel found only on the Marauders Map Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna and Ginny had all snuck into the forest and attacked.

While Harry and his friends had been slightly outnumbered, both sides had been evenly matched but with Voldemort sitting back to watch and Harry assisting, the side of the light was able to thin the numbers down. In the end only Bellatrix, the Lestrange brothers, Lucius Malfoy, Fenrir Greyback and Voldemort himself remained.

Neville and Bellatrix had both broken away to duel while Ron and Hermione attacked the Lestrange brothers. Lucius, bound by the feud between the Malfoy and Weasley families, had attacked Ginny while Luna held off Greyback. With no one left to block his path Harry had gone after Voldemort himself, their battle raged on for several minutes before he heard the first scream. Both had turned to observe the other battles and Harry's heart almost broke at what he saw.

Hermione lay dead, her eyes glazed over while Ron fiercely battled on against both Lestrange brothers.

Bellatrix had fallen, a long silver blade with the Longbottom crest embedded in her chest. Neville, having defeated her, was rushing to Ron's aid.

Luna lay bleeding from claw like gashes in her chest while Fenrir lay dead, a silver dagger jammed in his throat.

Ginny on the other hand was screaming and writhing under Lucius's Cruciatus while the blond man stood above her, one of his arms was missing but he had already cauterized the wound and was releasing his anger on the downed Ginny.

Both Harry and Voldemort acted at the same time, with two flicks of their wands both launched the first spell that came to mind, the Sectumsempra for Harry and the Avada Kadavra for Voldemort. Harry's first spell struck Lucius on the neck and took his head clean off, the second cut a diagonal gash into Rodolphus's back allowing Ron to take him out.

Unfortunately Voldemort's first Avada struck Neville in the back killing him instantly while the second put Ginny out of her misery. Harry had shouted out in anger and renewed his attack against the Dark Lord. The duel had continued on, both attacking and defending with their best, before the battle shifted in Harry's favor. He spotted Nagini slithering towards him from the bushes in an attempt to bite him, a quick cutting curse took her head off and he was able to strike down Voldemort when the man was distracted by the death of his last Horcrux.

Looking up from where he knelt Harry surveyed the torn up clearing that had been their battlefield. Luna had succumbed to her injuries and had bled to death where she lay, Ron had defeated Rabastan but had lost his life in the battle. Harry sobbed as he looked over the dead bodies of his friends, the battle was over, the war was over but at what cost?

He was drawn out of his thoughts by the sound of slow clapping off to the side.

"Good job Harry, you've done your part magnificently." A familiar voice rasped. Harry's eyes widened as he turned to the source and gasped.

"W-what? I don't're-"

"Dead?" Dumbledore grinned his eyes twinkling madly "I'm glad to say that the reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated."

"How?" Harry gasped staring at the form of his old mentor. Dumbledore grinned darkly at him and raised his wand.

"It wasn't too hard my boy, as you very well know Severus is a master of non-verbal casting. All it took was him saying one spell while firing another with his wand, one that looked like the Avada." Dumbledore paused to chuckle at the flabbergasted look on Harry's face. "After falling off the tower I simply called Fawkes, had him teleport me to the bottom of the tower and ingested some 'Draught of Living Death' and voila, my death was faked."

Harry could only kneel and listen with wide eyes, his wand lay forgotten at his side.

''B-but why?" he asked staring in shock.

"Why to push you in the right direction of course. If I had still lived you never would have gone after the Horcruxes, as you remember I nearly died getting the ring and the I needed you to go after the rest, it was far too big a risk for me." Dumbledore explained walking closer as he spoke "And you performed masterfully, you destroyed all the Horcruxes, even the one in your scar and defeated Tom, now I can just sweep in, explain how I faked my death in order to make Tom lower his guard and then claim credit for his death. My name will rise right up there with Merlins and I have you to thank for it dear boy." Dumbledore finished with his grandfatherly smile and twinkling eyes in place.

Harry could only stare in shock.

"Of course this would have gone so much better if that twit Malfoy hadn't gotten in the way. I could have been the Master of Death had he not disarmed me in the tower, once a master loses the elder wand they can never regain it, but no matter. The boy will suffer for what he's done, I can guarantee that." Dumbledore growled.

At this point he noticed that Harry was no longer listening, the teen simply stared at the ground in shock, sighing to himself Dumbledore aimed his original wand at Harry's head and prepared to end it.

Harry had tuned out everything, all he could think about was Dumbledores betrayal. The old man had used him and then deserted him only to come back now to betray him. It just wasn't fair, why did god always have to fuck him over all the time? His friends were all dead, his mentor and adopted grandfather had betrayed him and now he was going to just wasn't fair.

As he thought, more and more images of his dead friends and family passed through Harry's mind. His emotions fled leaving only two feelings behind, anger and sorrow. Half his heart filled with anger at Dumbledore for his betrayal, anger at Snape for helping the old man, anger at Voldemort for being the cause of all this and anger at himself for falling into such a trap. The other half of his heart filled with sorrow for Sirius, sorrow for Cedric, sorrow for Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna and especially Ginny.

Harry knelt in anguish as his anger and sorrow filled him. He hated Dumbledore, he hated Voldemort, he hated his life. He just wanted it to end, he wanted to be finished with it all. He was willing to give anything for it to end, his life, his fame, his money...his humanity. Harry gasped as he felt something within him click. The feelings filling his heart spread to the rest of his body, it mingled with his magic and seemed to call out to something, three somethings and they answered.

Dumbledore, who was just about to finish off the defeated boy before him, gasped as he felt Harry's magic spike. He took a step back warily as he watch the boy kneeling on the ground, his head hung in defeat. Harry seemed to release a pulse of magic that swept through the forest and castle in search of something, Dumbledore looked around in surprise as he felt three pulses return.

In Voldemort's hand the elder wand pulsed as it felt it's master calling.

In the Gryffindor tower the Cloak of Invisibility pulsed as it answered its masters call.

In the forbidden forest the Resurrection stone pulsed as it's master called.

In a flash of white light the three items disappeared and reappeared in front of Harry. The teen and the old man watched in shock and surprise as the three items flew towards the teen and sunk into his chest. Harry gasped once as he felt the three items touch his magic, he and Dumbledore stared at each other for a moment before the dark haired teen vanished in a burst of white light.

-Centuries later-

Emerald green slitted eyes snapped open inside a dark cave. The owner of said eyes growled as he sensed a presence approaching, trespassing in his territory! His bones popped and groaned as he shook himself awake, it had been decades since he had closed his eyes to sleep and now someone was approaching him, someone powerful.

It had been a long time since he felt such power.

-Flashback, several centuries ago-

His first sight upon awakening was an endless desert of white sand. He had no memories but there was a deep feeling that something was wrong, something was different. His body felt strange to him, as he stood on his four paws he felt as if there were two too many. As he cleaned the sand from his silky fur he felt as if his skin had far too much hair.

It was a strange experience.

His form had been small, incredibly small, he was nothing more than a small black kitten with a feline-like bone mask. His fur was pitch black and unruly but at the same time it had a silky sheen and seemed to flow over him like water, in the center of his chest was a small hole. On his face was a bone white mask that covered the entirety of his head with only openings for his eyes, nose, ears and mouth, embedded in the center of the mask was a pitch black stone.

He still could not recall who or what he was, all that he knew was that he was hungry, so very hungry, he wanted something to eat! A grating sound was heard from his mask and he could just barely feel as the black stone turned three times, the next thing he knew there was a transparent man standing before him looking confused.

His instincts kicked in, he didn't stop to think or wonder how the man had gotten there, he had just pounced. A few minutes later the man had been devoured and his hunger was sated for the moment. That was when he discovered what it meant to devour a soul. Each time he ate he grew stronger, bigger, and faster; he also found that each time he ate he recovered some of his memories and could also watch the souls memories if he so chose.

He wasn't sure how he could differentiate between the two but he could somehow tell which memories were his and which belonged to another.

For months he simply remained where he was and used the black stone in his forehead, he had found that by thinking specifications he could choose what kind of soul was brought to him. At first he chose the bigger, fatter ones to try quench his hunger but nothing stopped the gnawing feeling in his gut. He continued to eat souls, over and over, growing stronger all the while.

After the thousandth soul or so all his memories returned as clear as day. He remember his name, who he was and how he had gotten here. After all the time in this form he had gotten used to it, he no longer remember what it was like in his old form nor did he care. His old life had brought him pain and suffering, but in his new life he was powerful. The one memory he had deeply held on to was that of his betrayer, the face of Albus Dumbledore had been burned into his memories for all time and he would never forget the man, he would have his revenge.

With his memories had come information, information on what he now was and where he was. He was a creature of death, able to feast on the souls of the dead or others of his kind in order to grow stronger. His new form and power had been given to him by the Deathly Hollows, he had asked and they had provided. He had learned that he was no longer a human nor was he a ghost, spirit or specter. He was the embodiment of the Deathly Hollows and he was called as such, a Hollow. Hollows could exist in any of the realms, both living or dead but the realm he was currently in was the home of the Hollows, a home created by the three powerful artifacts.

Hueco Mundo.

He had also discovered that he was the first of his kind, he had been the only one of his kind until he sunk his teeth into that first soul. Each and every soul he had devoured had been turned into a Hollow as well, they had reformed somewhere else in Hueco Mundo and had taken on a creature form, just like him. Even as he learned all this more information entered his mind. He had taken the form of a creature of death, a creature able to kill hundreds of people in just a few moments, a Nundu.

Following that came information on his powers and abilities, the Hollows had fused with him so he could use each of their abilities. Thanks to the Elder Wand he could still use his magic, the energy was different now and he would need to practice controlling it but he could still use the thousands of spells he had learned in life. The stone allowed him to summon spirits from the after life, as long as he had the stone he would never go hungry. His fur was composed of the cloak, with a single thought he could completely hide himself from sight, it also provided the ability to hide from those that could sense energy.

Along with his old abilities came new ones, the powers of a Hollow. His strength, speed and endurance has risen to new heights, his sense of sight, taste and sound had all been enhanced and he could use a few techniques with his spirit energy, his Reiryoku.

After his memories returned Harry had set out to explore Hueco Mundo. His body had grown since he first found himself here, he had gone from the size of a kitten to that of a large dog, he would grow larger as he grew stronger but for now his size was enough. He spent months traveling through the desert of Hueco Mundo, he explored the quartz tree forest below the sand; he met, fought and devoured other Hollows that he came across and he continued to grow stronger.

After traveling through his realm he had gained enough strength and power to return to the human realm. He had created a portal that would lead him to the human realm and jumped through, his biggest mistake was in leaving the portal open. Other hollows had sensed the portal and had followed him through, at this point there were now hundreds and thousands of Hollows and their numbers continued to grow.

They spread across the human realm like a plague devouring all they came across, and destroying all in their path. The humans had no one to defend them and since they were unable to see Hollows they were easily devoured. In just a few years the number of humans on the planet had dropped from the billions into the thousands. That's when he appeared.

A being of white energy and raw power.

He proclaimed himself the spirit king and cast all the Hollows back into Hueco Mundo, the spirit king swore to create a force to fight against and destroy the Hollows before closing the portal between their worlds.

Harry would continue traveling to the human realm from time to time but he made sure to close his portals whenever he went. It was during one of these trips that he met him, the one the spirit king had chosen. A Shinigami by the name of Yamamoto but Harry recognized him immediately.


Their battle had been fierce and long, both had been evenly matched. Harry was strong, fast and powerful for a hollow but he had yet to evolve past his first form, he was still a low class Hollow. Dumbledore on the other hand was still a novice, he had yet to learn the name of his blade and was still far too used to using magic instead of Reiryoku. The battle ended with both fleeing, injured and weakened from the battle.

Harry retreated to Hueco Mundo, he now knew where his nemesis was. He planned to grow stronger and stronger until they met once more and he devoured the old man. Using the stone he called upon the most powerful magic users he could remember and devoured them. He drained them of their knowledge and added their power to his. The years passed and he continued to grow stronger, waiting for the day he met Dumbledore once more.

-Flashback End-

His eyes glowed with power as he followed the figure walking towards him. After all these years he had grown to a fine, respectable size, one of the largest Hollows around besides the Gillians. Even as one of the largest Hollows in existence he still had his feline grace and agility, his speed was practically unmatched by any other.

His attention returned to the trespasser in his cavern, at first he thought it was a new born Hollow since the older ones knew to avoid his territory but as the figure came closer he could clearly make out the form of a Shinigami.

Harry frowned in distaste when the Shinigami came to a stop before him.

'Hmm..what to do, what to do? Eat him? Rip him apart and send the pieces back to the old coot?' he thought with a dark grin.

His thoughts were interrupted when the Shinigami began to speak.

"Greetings Hollow-san, I have heard much about you." the man announced with a polite bow. ''My name is Sosuke Aizen, the new king of Hueco Mundo.''

Well that decided it.

It was bad enough that he let that old fool Baraggan claim to be king of Hueco Mundo but there was no way in hell he would allow the same for some Shinigami. Faster than the eye could see, a sharp claw whipped out and sliced the man in half. The second the action was completed Harry frowned, something was wrong.

"My...that was impressive." a voice stated.

Harry's eyes narrowed as he studied the man he had just 'killed'. Obviously the man, Aizen, had used some sort of illusion to trick his five senses but Harry's sixth sense had never stopped sensing his Reiryoku, should he need to he could easily find the man with his eyes closed.

"Congratulations on your survival Shinigami, now speak quickly before I devour you." he growled.

Aizen on the other hand was deep in thought over this new Hollow. He had barely even seen the attack that had ended his illusions life, the Hollows speed was impressive. The Hollow itself also confused him, it had seemed almost bored with him and it didn't even look confused at his survival.

How interesting.

With this in mind he began his tale for the Hollow. He told the Hollow the same thing he'd told the others, that he was looking to unite all hollows and to wage a war against the Soul society and the Shinigami sometime in the distant future and that he was working to learn how to create Arrancar. He asked this Hollow if it would join his cause.

After listening to the Shinigami's tale, Harry sat and mulled the information over in his mind. A war sounded like a lot of fun, it had been years since he last had a challenge and fighting against these Shinigami 'captains' sounded like it would be entertaining. If they were all as powerful as this Aizen fellow then he may have some fun, at the very least he would get to fight Dumbledore once again.

Aizen's plot seemed to be the best chance for finding Dumbledore, a Legilimency scan on Aizen had shown that Dumbledore had grown powerful over the centuries but the man rarely left Soul Society anymore. If Harry wanted his revenge he would need to force the old coot to leave the safety of his fortress.

But those were all the pros of the situation, the cons on the other hand caused him to frown. For one thing he would need to serve under this Shinigami, something that disgusted him to the core. Then there were the other Hollows, although none knew him as the father of all Hollows, his reputation had spread around Hueco Mundo. Most Hollows knew to fear him while the more powerful ones stared at him in awe, sometimes it reminded him of his previous life and he hated that.

'Hmm..what the hell, I'll give it a shot. If anyone annoys me I'll eat them, If Aizen disappoints me I'll eat him.' With his decision made Harry turned his attention to the smirking man standing a few feet away from him.

"Very well Shinigami I accept, but I have two conditions." He growled shifting around, his tail lazily swung behind him as he watched the Shinigami.

Aizen was actually startled by the Hollows reply, most Hollows turned him down until he defeated them or proved his strength, the fact a Hollow as powerful as this one was rumored to be had accepted his offer was surprising. As the Hollow shifted again he was able to see its dark silhouette against the lighter cavern wall. He had never realized how truly gigantic the Hollow was, it was at least twice the size of any regular Hollow and the only creatures he had seen that were larger were in fact the Gillians.

Aizen actually gulped in fear at the true size of the Hollow, although it had not been seen in decades rumors still persisted about the ancient and powerful Hollow. He was said to be one of the most powerful feline based Hollows around and had recieved a fitting title, the Pride Lord.

While inside he was nervous and fearful, on the outside Aizen kept his face calm and confident.

"Very well Hollow-san, what are your conditions?" Aizen asked smirking confidently.

Harry took a moment to think before he replied "First off the Captain-Commander, Yamamoto, is to be left for me. No one else is to touch him."

Aizen was once again startled, the fool wanted to fight Yamamoto? What a strange Hollow. The request was an easy one to fulfill since no other Hollow was dumb enough to actually face Yamamoto.

"Very well, I accept your first condition." He replied.

"Secondly, you may never again claim to be the King of Hueco Mundo. There is no way in hell I'm allowing some Shinigami claim over my lands."

Aizen cocked a brow at this "Your land? I was under the impression that Baraggan Loisenbairn was King of Hueco Mundo an-"

Aizen was cut off as Harry released a deep booming laugh that shook the entire cavern.

"Baraggan? That fool is no king, I may have allowed him to claim as such but after losing to you he is but a pathetic worm and YOU Shinigami, have no claim to these lands."

Aizen frowned but nodded all the same. The title meant nothing to him he would simply gather up all the Hollows and they themselves would proclaim him King, it mattered not whether he claimed the title himself or not.

"Very well Shinigami, I shall wander the desert once more. Seek me out when you have completed your Arrancar." Harry replied. He would need time to familiarize himself with the deserts of Hueco Mundo once more, it had been decades since he last ventured out and the last he heard a palace was to be built somewhere.

Aizen smiled at the response, hopefully this Hollow would be worth the effort. If not at least he could speed up his recruitment if he mentioned that the Pride Lord had joined him.

"May I ask what class of Hollow you are?" He asked, his bet was on Adjuchas since most Vasto Lorde seemed to have humanoid form.

A spark of annoyance flickered through the Hollows eyes as he replied.

"Adjuchas." he murmured. It was a lie but the Shinigami didn't need to know that.

Unlike most other Hollows he had never truly evolved, as he ate he simply grew bigger, stronger and faster but he never underwent a transformation like the other Hollows.

Aizen nodded at the answer and turned to go. He was caught off guard as Harry's tail snaked out and wrapped around him, the real him not the illusionary being the Hollow had been speaking to all this time. A considerable amount of spirit pressure crashed onto his shoulders forcing him to stiffen and look into the glowing green eyes of the Hollow.

"It is disrespectful to hide when speaking to others Shinigami, don't think your petty illusions can fool me" Harry hissed threateningly. Aizen nodded repeatedly and as Harry released him, the Shinigami immediately fled with a Shunpo.

Growling Harry stood and stretched, his bones popped and cracked in complaint. Shaking the last of his slumber away he trotted towards the entrance of his cave.

'Time to see whats new in the world.' he thought with a grin.