Pride Lord

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Chapter: 5

"Cero!" - Normal tone

'Cero!' - Thoughts

"Cero!" - Deep tone, Techniques.

~Cero!~- Silky tone, Parseltongue

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Bleach.

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Harry grinned in amusement as he stared into the cloud of dust that hid his foe, he could still feel Starrk within the cloud and he was quite impressed by what he sensed, Starrk had already contained a considerable amount of reiryoku prior to his release but now that he was reunited with his other half?


No wonder he was number one around here, the man truly deserved his position, power-wise anyways. With his released form, Starrk's reiryoku levels had pretty much increased a hundred-fold, quite the impressive feat.

With nary a sound or any sign to denote the build up of power, a blast of pure concentrated energy was fired from within the dust cloud and bore down on Harry. The powerful, blue tinged Cero plowed into the black-haired teen, reducing him to ashes, and continued on its way into a nearby arena wall, causing several hundred Hollows to scramble out of the way.

The cloud of dust, blown aside by the fast moving Cero, cleared and revealed Starrk's released form to his excited audience. He stood tall and proud with one hand at his side and the other holding a long smoking pistol, his eyes darting about in search of his opponent, he refused to believe the other Hollow was defeated so easily.

'This would be so much simpler if he had even a sliver of power to sense.' Starrk thought with a frown.

His eyes scanned the arena in search of the dark haired teen but nothing could be seen on the ground or in the air.

'Where is he?'

There was a blur to the side, the pistol snapped up and a blue beam of power was released in an instant.

Starrk frowned a moment later, there was nothing there.

There was a sound behind him and he turn with his second gun drawn, nothing there.

A blur to the left, nothing there.

A sound from behind, nothing there.

The brown-haired Primera frowned, his opponent was toying with him... and it was working. He couldn't sense or even see the other Hollow, he was being toyed with and it was getting real annoying. With a sigh to calm himself, Starrk raised his second pistol and with an effortless hop, soared high into the sky.

The tip of his pistols glowed with power as he aimed towards the arena floor, great amounts of power just waiting to be released..

"Cero Metralleta"

In a flash, thousands of blue-tinged beams descended upon the arena floor, causing many Hollows to retreat backwards fearfully. The explosion rocked the entire arena, causing many to tumble out of their seats while others stumbled about, Starrk simply brought his gun to his lips and blew out the smoke as he admired his handiwork.

'That should draw him out,' The Espada mused, eyes darting about rapidly. 'If not, then the dust should at least be of assistance.'

"That was quite impressive."

The voice caused him to freeze up for a split second, it was coming from right behind him, regaining his bearings Starrk spun with his pistol raised but there was no one there.

"Over a thousand Cero's in a single second." the voice came from behind once again. "Even I cant match up to that."

Another spin and this time he spotted his opponent but instead of firing Starrk came up short as he noticed something surprising, his opponent was nothing but a floating head. From the neck down, his entire body was gone and the head was simply floating with that ever-present grin on its face. Starrk could only gape at the strange sight in shock and confusion, only for a moment though before the trigger was pulled and the Cero was released. He watched as the head blurred to the side and narrowly dodged the attack, the grin glowing at him mockingly. Traced the movement with his gun, he prepared to fire once more, only to come up short as the head shimmered and vanished.

"This is getting a bit boring don't you think?" the voice asked from inches beside him, he could clearly hear the amusement in his opponents tone.

With a slight snarl, an action that was completely opposite to his regular, bored countenance, Starrk vanished and appeared several meters away.

"Los Lobos (The Wolves)." the Primera muttered under his breath.

All around him, hundreds of grey wolves faded into existence, growling and snarling as they awaited their masters command.

"Find him."

In a blur all the wolves disappeared, homing in on the scent and rushing to complete their masters command. The wolves all converged on one location and Starrk release a slight smirk as he saw a shimmer, followed by the appearance of his opponent, body and all. Starrk raised his pistol and took aim, stopping short once more as he noticed the mischievous glint in his opponents eye, that was not a good sign.

Harry chuckled at his opponents abilities as the hundreds of wolves descended on his position, so far he had enjoyed toying with Starrk, the man had such interesting reactions, watching him chase shadows was quite funny and entertaining. As the wolves descended, Harry dismissed his disillusionment charm and prepared for an impressive show of force, he was being tested after all.

The wolves came closer and closer but Harry stood waiting, his eyes glittering mischievously as he brought an open hand up before his face. An emerald green glow surrounded the upraised hand and as the wolves drew near, the fist closed.

"Espacio Cero (Zero Space)."

An explosion of green light filled the sky as a globe of emerald energy exploded from Harry's form, wiping out all the wolves in an instant. As quick as it came, the globe vanished, leaving the two powerful Hollows alone in the sky.

"What..the..fuck..." Grimmjow gaped in awe.

"Inspiring." Ulquiorra added with a slight widening of his eyes.

"W-was that a Cero?" Nel asked with wide eyes.

"In a way," Aizen replied with a raised brow. "The power was much reduced but it seemed to allow him to cover all angles."

"A most ingenious idea." Baraggan agreed.

"I wonder what Starrk is going to do." Nel asked in a curious tone.

"Well, seeing a his guns and wolves have failed, he's most likely going to pull out his blades." Bella replied.

"That does seem to be his usual course of action." Aizen agreed.

"Don't think it'll make much of a difference," Grimmjow muttered. "See that look in Mortem's eyes? That's the same look I get when I'm done playing with prey, he's going to finish it soon."

Sure enough, Harry had decided that it was time to end the battle, he had toyed with the top Espada without breaking a sweat and had easily circumvented all of Starrk's techniques; there was no need to continue fighting, even a brainless Gillian could see who the more powerful Hollow was. As he considered the many ways to finish the battle, Harry noticed a spike in Starrk's Reiryoku, a sign of an incoming attack.

In a flash of blue light, the twin pistols in Starrk's hands vanished and were replaced with a pair of glowing blue katana, it would seem that Starrk was looking to end it as well.

Harry grinned as he decided how to end the battle, the look on his foes face would be quite entertaining.

"Impressive technique you have there," he stated in an amused tone. "Blades created from pure energy, that would require an enormous amount of control."

He brought an arm up above his head.

"Lets see how your blades do against mine."

In a blur, his hand slashed down diagonally, from the top right to the bottom left.


Starrk had been prepared to clash blades with his opponent once more, he knew the battle was lost but he refused to lose so easily, no matter what, he would force his opponent to release some measure of his true strength. With his Colmillo drawn, he prepared to rush the Pride Lord and cut him down before the other was ready.

"Lets see how your blades do against mine." his opponent spoke, as his hand moved downwards.

'Now.' Starrk exclaimed mentally as he blurred towards the other Hollow.

However, rather than go for his sword like the Primera had assumed, the other Hollow simply grinned as he made a cutting gesture with his hand and whispered one word.


With a splash of red, Starrk felt his torso explode with pain.

He stumbled and cast a quick glance downwards, his clothes were stained red with blood and as he watched, more and more blood poured out from the wound decorating his torso. From his left shoulder down to his right thigh stretched a massive gash, it looked like someone had forcefully cut into him with a large blade.


His vision had gone blurry, he was loosing a lot of blood, why was the cut healing so slowly?

'H-how?' the Primera wondered in shock. 'My Hierro, how could he cut through it so simply?'

With a powerful force of will, Starrk focused his thoughts and continued towards his opponent, if he was going down, he would at least land a hit on the other. Mortem had yet to move from his position and as Starrk neared, he rose his twin blades and slashed down at the dark haired teen. The Primera Espada watched with a hint of anticipation as the other made no move to avoid his technique-

'He's underestimating me.'

-and poured as much Reiryoku into the blades as he could, the twin swords glowing white with power as they struck the other Hollow.


For the first time in his life, Coyote Starrk gaped in shock.

Across from him Mortem stood unharmed, only two rips in his shirt to show that the attack had even landed.

"H-how," Starrk stuttered in shock. "That had all my power poured into it, how are you unharmed?"

The other Hollow grinned at him.

"You are powerful Coyote Starrk, one of the most powerful Hollows I have ever fought." Mortem replied with a nod.

Starrk gasped as a tremendous amount of Reiatsu crashed onto his shoulders and forced him to his knees, aggravating his already serious wound, he could only stare at the other Hollow in shock, not even Aizen's Reiatsu could affect him to this degree; especially not when he was in his released form.

"But," Mortem continued without pause. "compared to my power? You are nothing."

And truly he believed him

As fast as it had come, the Reiatsu vanished, however the message had been recieved. With this release of power Starrk could finally assess and gauge his opponents spiritual strength, what he saw truly frightened him. Even with such monstrous power on display, Starrk could still sense more power hidden deep within, an ocean of pure energy, wild and endless. With this, the brown haired Hollow knew that he had never stood a chance, he had been fated to lose from the very beginning and nothing he could have done would have changed that; with this realization, Starrk hung his head in defeat.

"You've won, finish it." he muttered with his eyes closed. His only regret was that his death would mean Lilynettes as well, she deserved better.

"Oh, I'm not going to kill you Starrk." the other Hollow replied with a grin causing Starrk's eyes to fly open in shock, most fights between Hollows were to the death, especially when it involved Espada vying for new positions.

"Just like Grimmjow, you interest me." The dark haired Hollow explained. "Given time, you will only grow more powerful, when that day comes you and I will fight once more."

Starrk looked up in shock...and came face to face with a glowing red hand.


As they watched the Primera's body fall, the assembled Hollows released a cheer that shook the entire arena, they had just witnessed the power of the Pride lord and with him on their side, there was no way they could lose.

Aizen stared in both fear and awe at the dark-haired teen in the sky.

Such Power.

He had heard the rumors of the Pride Lord but had discounted them as just that, rumors. But now with this display there was no denying it, this Hollow was powerful, exceedingly so.

Starrk at his best was around the level of a Shinigami captain, he was not a pushover, he was one of the strongest Arracnar in the army for a reason. But Harry, or Mortem as he now went, had defeated him with little effort and with techniques Aizen had no way of explaining.

His speed surpassed that of the Second Captain, Shihoin Yoruichi, and his techniques were quite amazing.

A spherical Cero.

What could only be assumed as an invisibility technique coupled with an invisible blade that couldn't be sensed

And lastly whatever it was he had used to render Starrk unconscious

This Hollow was dangerous Aizen decided, useful yes, but far too powerful to control. Could he really keep the Pride lord at his side? Could he trust the Hollow to not attempt a rebellion against his rule?

Of course he could, this was no time to second guess his plans, by the time things were said and done, he would be a god and no Hollow, no matter how powerful, would be a threat to his reign. With his fears settled, Aizen sat back to watch the proceedings.

Mortem had caught Starrk's falling body and looked ready to finish him off, his hand was glowing a light green and words were being whispered, curse this large arena, it had made it impossible to hear the conversations the two had exchanged, then again it had also kept them all safe from collateral damage, so that was a bonus and... what the hell?

'Okay then, add healing to his list of techniques.' Aizen thought with a frown. He was quite interested in this Hollows techniques but there was no chance he could ask about them, all of the Espada liked to keep their full capabilities hidden. Not that they remained hidden for long, being able to cast illusions allowed one to see many things they weren't supposed to.


Within a darkened office, a pair of eyes glared into the darkness with the intensity of burning coals as their owner stroked his beard in thought. The years had greatly changed one Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, now known as Captain Commander Yamamoto. For one the twinkling that had always been present in his eyes had vanished, to be replaced with a malicious gleam, one that only showed when he was truly furious.

Such as now.

"What do you mean the boy has awakened?" the old man snarled, seemingly to himself.

"Exactly that, it would seem that Aizen has attracted his attention as well as his services." a wispy voice replied.

"Aizen?" Dumbledore asked with a raised brow, completely unshocked to hear that one of his Captains had turned traitor. "Really? One would think the boy had learned much since he died, I'm surprised he would join someone like Aizen."

Dumbledore, a master of the art of manipulation, had easily pierced through Aizen's carefully laid plans and manipulations. He had been suspicious of the brown-haired captain since the whelp had graduated from the Shinigami academy, it had been so easy to see the similarities between Aizen and a young Tom Riddle or even a young Grindelwald and those similarities had led to Dumbledore keeping a close eye on Aizen, with some assistance of course.

What truly shocked and annoyed him though was the fact that he had greatly miscalculated on young Harry's behavior. After being manipulated and betrayed long ago, he had expected Harry to lash out and perhaps kill Aizen, not join with a man that closely resembled Voldemort or, dare he say it, he himself.

'Perhaps Aizen defeated him, maybe Harry was more susceptible to the illusions than I thought.' the old man pondered in thought.

"What do you suggest we do?" he asked, turning his eyes to a shadowed corner.

"Simply allow Aizen to continue with his plot, eventually the boy will come for you." the voice replied with authority.

"When he does?" Dumbledore asked with a scowl.

"Then you will carry out your part of our agreement." the voiced hissed back. "You will reclaim my treasures and I shall grant your wish."

Something flashed in the old mans eyes as a small smile marked his face.

"Very well, I'll allow Aizen to continue with his plots." Dumbledore agreed.

Do not fail me Albus, even my patience has its limits." the voice hissed and the old man could feel it's presence fading from the room.

"Of course not, my master." the old man whispered.

As the presence faded, the old man shifted his attention to a separate corner just as a cloaked figure strode out.

"What have you learned?" the old man asked, his malicious visage vanishing and a mask of serenity replacing it.

"The Potter brat and his little friends have joined with Aizen, he has been given a position within Aizen's Espada." the cloaked figure replied with a slightly audible sneer.

"Truly?" Dumbledore asked, mock surprise in his voice. "I already know this, surely you have more to report."

The cloaked figure growled lowly before speaking.

"The boy also defeated Coyote Starrk, the Primera Espada." the figure spat.

Dumbledore leaned back and stroked his beard in thought.

"Interesting, what can you tell me about Harry's abilities?" Dumbledore asked.

"Nothing you don't already know from your last battle." the figure ground out. "He still retains his magical abilities, and he's just as fast as you said, perhaps faster."

The old man nodded to himself before standing and making his way to the door, the cloaked figure stepped back into the shadows of the room.

"Keep an eye on Aizen, report all his actions and let me know if anything changes." Dumbledore ordered, gripping the doorknob.

The shadows in the room surged towards the cloaked figure, seemingly sucking him within.

"Oh and do be careful," Dumbledore spoke with a genial tone and grandfatherly smile on his face. "It would cause me great pain if something were to happen to you Severus."

An indignant snort was his only reply.

The old man chuckled to himself as he exited the room, his Lieutenant falling into step behind him without a sound.