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After the destruction of Sunnydale, Buffy decided that it was time to get in touch with her family. Some of them she hadn't seen in years and others see had seen more recently. Plus Buffy wanted to get away from her supposed friends. She was still sore at them for kicking her out of her own house. So she had gotten her mother's address book and had gotten Angel to dig up as much current information on her family that he could. Buffy wanted to know if they were alive and still living at the same address.

Buffy pulled the car into the parking lot of a building that on the outside looked like it had seen better days. She knew better than that though. She walked toward the doors of the building and scanned her military clearance badge to get the door open. Buffy had learned, through a friend, that she held a very high security level. It amazed her to learn that she had the same level of clearance as the Vice President. Buffy walked into the bullpen to see that the area was empty. Taking out her phone she quickly dialed a number.

"Let him know I'm here and that I'm on my way up."

She closed up her cell and put it in her pocket and walked up the stairs. Turning down a hallway she walked down it until she came to the right door. Buffy knocked on the door than opened it

"Hello Aunt Hetty." Buffy said with a smile on her face.

"Buffy…" Hetty went over and hugged her niece.

Hetty was Buffy's great aunt on her father's side. Buffy was sure she got her height from her aunt as Buffy was only a few inches taller than her aunt.

"You had me so worried when I heard about the destruction of Sunnydale. Are you all right? Is Dawn all right?"

"We're both fine. A few cuts and bruises but nothing that wouldn't heal. Dawn's in England with Giles and Willow. She would rather go to another country than visit family. Teenagers go fig."

"That's not all there is too is there?"

"You know me too well but we can talk about that tonight that is if you think you can put up with me for a few days."

"Of course my dear. You know you can always stay with me."

"Thanks." Buffy turned toward the screen before greeting the others. "Hey Leon thanks for keeping them busy. Did you speak to Robin?"

"He called last."

"Good, we all need to let our families know we made it out. I'll be headed your way in a few months. Turns out I have a family from each side of the family working as NCIS agents working in DC."

"Do you know who their names?" Leon asked. Buffy nodded.

"Anthony DiNozzo and Donald Mallard. Do they you know if they know each other?"

"They do. DiNozzo is on one of my best teams and Dr. Mallard is our ME. I wonder if they know they share a relative. If they don't already know don't tell them. I want to surprise them."

"Your secret is safe with me. I've got to get back to work. If you need anything you call and I'll see what I can do about getting it for you. Bye Buffy."

"Bye Leon and thanks."

The connection was cut and Buffy finally turned her attention to the rest of the people in the room. She went up to Callen first.

"It's good to see you again G." Buffy said hugging the blonde man.

"You too Buffy. I'm glad you're here. You look like you've been put through the wringer."

"And then some, but we did it." Callen nodded as Buffy moved on to the next person.


"Buffy." The two hugged.

"Before I leave you and I are going to go few rounds in the ring."

"Looking forward to it."

"Kensi, sorry I haven't answered your emails. It's been a little hectic and kind of hard with my computer buried in the sink hole that was once Sunnydale."

"It's okay Buffy. I'm just glad you're all right." The two girls hugged and Buffy turned to the shaggy looking blonde man that was standing next to Kensi.

"You must be Marty Deeks. I've heard a lot of good things about you from everyone. I'm Buffy Summers, Hetty's niece if you hadn't already figured that out."

"It's nice to meet you…waaaaait a minute. You're not the Buffy Summers that was under suspicion for burning down Hemery High School gym?"

"My reputation precedes me. How did you know about that?" Buffy asked.

"I was a senior at Hemery when that happened. I missed the dance because I was sick but everyone was talking about it on Monday."

"You and I will have to talk some more later." Buffy turned to Eric. "How's my favorite computer geek?"

"I thought Willow was number one and I was number two."

"You just moved up to number one. Let's just say the Scooby's aren't my favorite people right now."

"Then I'm doing great."

"That's good cause I need that brain of yours to find some people for me when you have the time. No hurry I'll be here for a couple of days. I just need an address, phone number, work place, and email if they have one." Buffy handed him the small list of names that Angel hadn't been able to find anything on.

"Thanks Eric, you're the best."

"Mr. Callen, I'm leaving you in charge for the rest of the day. Buffy and I will be out of the office. If you need me you know how to reach me. Come along my dear, we'll have lunch and then a talk over a nice cup of tea."

Buffy and Hetty walked out of the briefing room and made a quick stop at Hetty's desk before leaving NCIS.

After having lunch Hetty took Buffy back to one of her homes. She fixed them both some tea and they took a seat in the living room.

"I want you to tell me the real reason Dawn isn't with you and what your friends did to hurt you so badly."

"They all told me they could no longer trust my leadership, and they had the nerve to kick me out of my own damn house. The potentials, Xander, Willow, Anya, Giles, and even Dawn kicked me out. Then I come back with this wonderful new weapon just in time to save Faith and the some of the potentials from being eaten and they all acted like nothing happened. No one apologized or anything. Then they thought just because I stayed and we fought this battle that everything was all right. It wasn't and I had to get out. I needed to be away from them so I can help myself and let go of the anger and hurt I am feeling. So I told them I was leaving, and when I did they protested and I reminded them that they were the ones to kick me out. " Buffy took a deep breath.

"Feeling better?" Hetty asked.

"A bit."

"Good, now I agree that you need time away from your friends to work through your emotions and you deserve a rest. I want you to answer this honestly. Do you trust these people to keep Dawn safe and to be there to make sure she is getting her education?"

"At one time I did but now I think they would be too wrapped up in their lives to take proper care of her, yet I have to admit that I am still too hurt by her betrayal to bring her with me."

"I have an idea."

Hetty told Buffy what she wanted to do and the more Buffy listened to the plan the more she liked it. So she and Hetty spent the next three days getting everything together.

Friday morning Hetty and her team said goodbye to Buffy. While Buffy was headed to San Francisco, Hetty, and her team were headed to England. When the plane arrived, Hetty was greeted by the British police. They were escorting her and her team to the Giles residences so that they could collect Dawn. The police were there to make sure there was no trouble. The police cars arrived at Giles home twenty minutes later. Hetty went up and knocked on the door. Giles answered.

"Yes how can I help?" He asked as his eyes instantly notice the group that was with the petite woman.

"Yes my name is Heneritta Lang and I am here to take custody of my niece Dawn Summers. You'll see that the paperwork is in order and that it has been signed by my other niece Buffy and notarized given me custody of Dawn until such time as Buffy is ready to resume the responsibility."

Giles motioned for them to enter while he began to read over the custody papers. Dawn was coming down the stairs with Willow behind her.

"Giles who was at..? Aunt Hetty, what are you doing here?"

"You will be coming to live with me my dear until your sister is ready to resume her role as your guardian. Buffy wanted to make sure that you would be well looked after and she didn't believe that would happen with everyone so busy with rebuilding the council. Miss Blye if you would be so kind as to escort Dawn to get her things?" Kensi nodded.

"Lead the way." Kensi said to Dawn.

"Giles?" Dawn asked unsure of what to do.

"The document is legal. It even has Buffy's signature. Go get your thing Dawn."

Dawn nodded and went upstairs to go get her things.

"Why didn't Buffy call us to tell us?" Willow asked.

"Would you say anything to friends who stabbed you in the back?"

"That's enough Mr. Hanna. My niece voiced her concern to me. I told her that I would take care of it. I will be making sure that Dawn goes to school every day and does her homework."

Willow and Giles were discussing what they could do. Willow argued that they couldn't take Dawn. That Dawn didn't want to go with her. Giles told her that the document was legal and there was nothing they could do about it. They were family bit they weren't blood family. About twenty minutes later Dawn and Kensi came down with two suitcases.

"Say your goodbyes my dear. We have a plane to catch."

Dawn said goodbye to Giles, Willow, some of the potentials, and even to Andrew. She would have to email Xander and tell him what was happening. Buffy wasn't the only one who needed time after the end of Sunnydale. Callen and Sam took Dawn's luggage to the car and Hetty escorted Dawn to one of the police cars. As the cars pulled out Dawn watched until she could no longer see the house.

For those of you who watch NCIS LA in this case Hetty does have more than one house but she's not going to a different house every night like Callen told Sam she does.

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