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Let the story begin.

Buffy and Dawn had been on the road for just over nine hours. Buffy had let Dawn drive for a little bit when they had stopped for gas. When they had reached Atlanta Buffy had taken over for the rest of the trip. They were on their way to see Buffy and Dawn's cousin Bo. Bo's mother and their mother had been first cousins and had always been real close. When Bo's mother and father died, Bo had gone to live with his father's brother Jesse Duke. Joyce had wanted to get custody of Bo and have him come live with them in LA, but she and Hank had a huge fight over it. Joyce couldn't talk Hank into it. Every summer until Buffy was fourteen she, Dawn, and her mother would go out to the Duke farm in Hazzard County, Georgia and visit with him. Even though the visits after were few and far between Joyce would call and write letters. The last time Buffy had seen her cousin had been right after her mother had died. He and his family had come about a week after they had buried her mother. Even though they had missed the funeral Buffy had enjoyed the gesture all the same. That had been over three years ago and a lot has happened to both of them since then. Buffy and Dawn knew they were almost to the Duke farm when they saw the "Welcome to Hazzard" sign. Buffy made sure that she was driving the speed limit and watching for any sign of the possible speed traps her cousins had told her about. So far they hadn't seen a single cop car. They drove for about another twenty minutes before they turned onto the road that would lead them to the Duke farm. Another five minutes later Buffy pulled the car to a stop next to an orange stock car with a 01 on the door. Buffy shut off the engine and the two of them were getting out when the Dukes came out to greet them.

"Buffy!" Bo Called out as he came over and swept her up in a hug.

"Hey cuz, it's been too long." Buffy said hugging her cousin back.

"It has. I'm so glad you're here. This can't be my littlest cousin." Bo said looking at Dawn.

"It's me though I can't take the title of littlest that belongs to Buffy." Dawn teased as she hugged Bo.

"Hey don't tease the vertically challenge." Buffy said with a pout.

"What no greeting for the rest of us?" Luke asked with a smile.

"Of course. Hello Luke." Buffy said going over and giving Luke a hug and then Daisy. "Hello Daisy."

Dawn came over also and hugged and greeted Luke and Daisy. Buffy moved to greet the Duke patriarch Jesse Duke, who even though was no relation to Buffy or Dawn, had insisted that they call him Uncle Jesse.

"Hello Uncle Jesse. Thank you for letting us stay here while we visit."

"We're glad you're here. Besides you and Dawn are family and family is always welcomed. Boys grab their bags and bring them into the house."

"Yes sir." Bo and Luke said heading toward the trunk to get the bags.

"I hope you both are hungry. I've been making a special dinner that will be ready in a little bit." Daisy told her.

"We are but you didn't have to go to any trouble." Buffy told them.

"It's no trouble Sugah. Like Uncle Jesse said you two are family." Daisy said as they entered the house.

Daisy had made fried chicken, homemade biscuits, and fried potatoes. Jesse had made some Crawdad bisque which was Buffy's favorite. For dessert Daisy had made two apple pies. Everyone had enjoyed everything about dinner. After dinner Buffy offered her and Dawn's services to do the dishes, but Jesse wouldn't have it. He told Buffy and Dawn that they were guest and that Daisy and Luke could handle it. Jesse led Buffy and Dawn in to the front room and Bo joined them sitting between his two cousins on the couch.

"Did you two get enough to eat?" Jesse asked Buffy and Dawn. Both Buffy and Dawn nodded yes.

"Dinner was great. I've never had Crawdad bisque before." Dawn told him.

"Uncle Jesse makes the best Crawdad Bisque in all of Hazzard County." Bo told his cousins.

"Maybe in all of the US. There's a restaurant in LA that mom would take me to when we lived there, but it wasn't as good as yours Uncle Jesse."

"That's because they make it with no heart. Whenever you want some yeh just let me know and I'll whip you up a batch."

"That would be great! Thank you." Buffy said giving him a huge smile.

Daisy and Luke having finished the dinner dishes joined them brining chairs in from the kitchen.

"So how are your travels going?" Bo asked Buffy.

"It's been great. I saw Prue, Piper, and Phoebe in San Francisco. They've all moved in together in Aunt Penny's old house. Uncle Jack is working for the military doing some boring work in deep space radar telemetry or something like that. It sounded really boring when he mentioned it."

"I hope one day I'll get to see them. I kind of remember Prue and Piper, but not Phoebe, and I can't remember the last time I saw Cousin Jack. How are things going on your dad's side?"

"Dad's family has been great as well. I've got pictures of most of my visits on my computer. I'll get it and show you."

Buffy got up and went over to her backpack that she was carrying her computer in. Opening it and booting it up, she waited the few seconds it would take for her to log on. Once she was logged in she brought up her pictures and went to sit on the arm of Jesse's chair. Daisy stood and sat on the other end while Bo and Luke stood behind the chair. Buffy spent the next hour showing them pictures and telling them about what happened in them.

By the time everyone had gotten done looking at the pictures, Jesse declared that it was time for bed especially since Dawn had fallen asleep on the couch. The next twenty minutes were an argument of where Buffy and Dawn were going to sleep. Jesse wanted to put them in Bo and Luke's room, but Buffy told them that she and Dawn didn't want to put anyone out of their bed. Buffy told him that the couch and floor would be fine. Jesse then proceeded to tell her that guess do not sleep on the floor. They finally compromised that one would take the couch and the other would share Daisy's bed. Since Dawn was already asleep on the couch, Buffy was going to share with Daisy. Bo and Luke had taken Buffy's and Dawn's bags to Daisy's room while Daisy went to get a blanket to cover Dawn with. Buffy went about making sure her sister was comfortable by taking her shoes off. Daisy returned with the blanket. Buffy took the blanket and covered Dawn up kissing her on her forehead. Buffy then followed Daisy to her room where the two women changed into their sleepwear.

The next morning, after checking on her sister, Buffy went for a run. The country air felt good on her skin as she ran. By the time she had return to the farm the sunny was fully up and she could see that the Duke family was up and starting their morning chores.

"There you are Buffy. We were wondering where you got to." Jesse said upon seeing her.

"I woke up early, and after eating that great dinner last night, decided I needed to go for a run. Is there anything I can help you with? It's been a while since I've collected eggs or milked anything but I think I can still handle it."

"You can collect the eggs. Thank you." Jesse said handing her the basket. "Just be careful of Georgia. She's the one with the brown feathers. She's very ornery and will peck yer hand if yer not fast enough."

"I'm sure Georgia and I will get along fine." Buffy said with a smile.

"Well Bo's in the barn milking Maudine if you need any help." Buffy nodded and headed into the barn and was greeted by Bo who was milking Maudine.

"Morning Cousin, I see Uncle Jesse talked you into fetching the eggs. Be careful of Georgia." Bo warned.

"No I volunteered to get them and Uncle Jesse already warned me about Georgia. So what's on the agenda for today?" Buffy asked as she began using her slayer speed to collect the eggs without getting her hand pecked.

"Luke and I need to go into town and we thought you and Dawn might like to ride in the General. We can show Dawn some of the town."

"Sounds good. Have you said anything to Dawn?"

"Yeah, she got really excited and was ready to leave until Uncle Jesse reminded her that they had to eat breakfast first. She's in the house helping Daisy with breakfast."

"Ooh, I hope you have a strong stomach then. Dawn likes strange food combinations. She likes to put honey and Captain Crunch in her scrambled eggs."

"You're shucken and jiven me right?" Bo asked hoping that his cousin was just kidding about Dawn's food preferences.

"Nope, when ever Dawn would cook in Sunnydale she would make spaghetti with pickles and pineapple mixed in it, or a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich with mustard."

"Wonderful. I'm done with getting the milk. Do you need help with the eggs?"

"Nope, I'm done too." Buffy said showing him the filled basket of eggs.

"Well let's go see what we have for breakfast."

Bo and Buffy walked back to the house. Bo took the eggs from Buffy and put them and the milk in the fridge until they could put them up properly. The smell in the kitchen was a nice one of pancakes and both Buffy and Bo hoped they were regular ones. Dawn and Daisy put breakfast on the table. There were three plates full of pancakes. Two of the plates looked normal. The third plate clearly wasn't regular pancakes.

"Peanut butter and banana Dawn?" Buffy asked making a slightly disgusted face.

"You just don't know what taste good. Would anyone like one?" Dawn offered.

"I'll try one sugah." Daisy said holding up her plate for one.

"Me too." Luke said holding up his plate as well.

Luke and Daisy poured syrup on the pancake and cut piece off. The two cousins looked at each other and made eye contact and at the same time they took a bite. Surprisingly to both of them the pancake wasn't that bad.

"You like it don't you?" Dawn asked gleefully.

"It's not bad. The taste is something you have to get used to but it's really not that bad." Luke told her and Daisy nodded.

Dawn gave a smile at them that rivaled one of Buffy's hundred watt smiles. Everyone after that began filling their plates with the pancakes and bacon that was on the table.

After breakfast Dawn and Bo did the dishes, Daisy went to work, Luke and Jesse finished the chores, and Buffy went and got a shower to wash off her dirt from her exercising. Once they were all done they left for town in the General. Dawn thought it was cool that you had to climb in through the windows to get in. Bo and Buffy sat in the back which let Dawn to ride shotgun with Luke. The drive to town had not been one of the Dukes normal runs. Instead of speeding along faster than they should, Luke was keeping the General below what they knew the speed limit should be. He didn't do any wild driving or try to jump over any creeks, which was a big disappointment to Dawn after hearing about the way they drive. As they entered town they headed toward the General Store where they decided to park, and could see the store owner Mr. Rhuebottom talking to the Sheriff. Luke pulled the General to a stop right behind the Sheriff's squad car. Luke and Dawn got out first to allow Bo and Buffy to get out from the backseat.

"Sorry boys, the store won't be opened for a couple of days."

"What happened Mr. Rhuebottom?" Luke asked.

"Someone broke into my store last night and ransacked the place something good."

Everyone looked toward the shop to see that the front glass had been broken. Most of the shelves and their content were all over the floor.

"Did they take anything?" Bo asked.

"About hundred dollars and Maggie's Grandmother's gold ring. She wanted me to put it in the safe because she was afraid it would get stolen at our home."

"Would you like some help getting your store cleaned up?" Dawn asked Mr. Rhuebottom.

"That would be nice young lady and who might you be?" The middle-aged man with the slightly graying brown hair asked.

"This is my cousin Dawn Summers and over here is her sister Buffy. They're visiting with us for the week." Bo told him.

"It's nice to meet both of you and your help will be appreciated." Mr. Rhuebottom said as he shook Dawn and Buffy's hand.

"What are you Duke boys doing here?" Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane asked. "Can't you see that I'm trying to run an investigation?"

"Do you have any leads?" Buffy asked.

"I have few leads Miss…" Roscoe paused taken by Buffy's beauty, innocence, and charm.

"Summers. Buffy Summers. I'm Bo's cousin from California. I believe we met once about seven years ago."

"Well Miss Summers as Sheriff of Hazzard County I can't discuss anything about an ongoing investigation."

"That's Roscoe speak for he doesn't have a clue who's behind this." Bo told her.

"You hush Bo Duke!" Roscoe said looking a bit put out. "I'll find out who did this and I'll cuff'em and stuff'em. Just you wait and see."

Roscoe left soon after and Bo, Luke, Buffy, and Dawn began helping Mr. Rhuebottom

clean his store up.

Buffy and Dawn stood outside the General store and watched as Bo and Luke were put in the back of the Sheriff's patrol car to be taken off to jail.

"What's going on here?" Cooter Davenport asked as he walked from the direction of his garage. "Cooter! It's so good to see you again."

"Buffy! Bo said you were coming to visit. It's good to see you. What's going on?"

"Sheriff Coltrane just arrested Bo and Luke for destruction of property, breaking and entering, and larceny. He said he found evidence that Bo and Luke were the ones to break into the General store."

"What?! Does Uncle Jesse know?"

"Not yet."

"Well let's see if we can reach him on the CB. C'mon." Cooter led Buffy and Dawn over to the General where he reached in and grabbed the CB. "Breaker one, breaker one, I might be crazy but I ain't dumb, Craazy Cooter comin' atcha, Uncle Jesse are you out there?"

"I'm here Cooter. What's wrong?" Uncle Jesse asked. Cooter handed the CB over to Buffy.

"Uncle Jesse, Bo and Luke have been arrested by the Sheriff."

"On what charge?"

"Destruction of property, breaking and entering, and larceny. The Sheriff said he had evidence that it was Bo and Luke who broke into the General store."

"That's preposterous. I'm on my way. I'll meet you and Dawn at Cooter's garage."

"Okay see you then." Buffy handed the CB back to Cooter who placed it back where it belonged.

"Come on and let's get over to the garage and wait on Uncle Jesse." Cooter urged Buffy and Dawn along.

"Will the car be all right here?" Dawn asked.

"It should be unless Roscoe has it towed again. I guess we could take it over to the garage."

"Luke has the keys." Buffy told him.

"Not a problem." Cooter said with a grin. "Get in."

Dawn and Buffy both climb in as Cooter went around to the driver's side. Dawn sat in the middle and she and Buffy watched as Cooter hotwired the General. It wasn't long before the engine roared to life. Cooter put the car in drive and soon they were headed for the garage.

Twenty minutes later Jesse arrived in his pickup truck. A few minutes later Daisy arrived in her jeep. Buffy and Dawn quickly filled them in on everything that happened. Now everyone was heading for the jail with Jesse leading the way. When they reached the jail, Jesse threw the door open ready to tear Boss a new one.

"Jesse, what brings you here?" Boss Hogg asked innocently.

"You know damn well why I'm here. I want those boys out of that cell. You know they wouldn't rob the General Store."

"Bail has been set at a thousand dollars each." Boss told Jesse almost gleefully.

"Two thousand dollars! Boss you know that we Dukes don't have that kind of money." Daisy practically shouted.

"Be that as it may that's what it's gonna cost to get them out. You could always take out another mortgage on your farm." Before Jesse or Daisy could say a word Buffy jumped in.

"There's no need for that. We'll have the money for you." Buffy told him.

"Buffy?" Jesse gave her a curious.

"Go visit Bo and Luke. I need to make a few phone calls and then I'll explain everything afterwards. Just tell Bo and Luke to hang tight."

"Buffy, who are you going to call?" Dawn asked.

"Aunt Hetty. Go with Uncle Jesse and Daisy." Dawn nodded and allowed Daisy to take her by the hand and led her downstairs to the jail cells.

Jesse, Daisy, Cooter, and Dawn came out of the police department to find Buffy waiting for them.

"Did you get done what you wanted to get taken care of?" Daisy asked.

"I did. I called Aunt Hetty and filled her in. She called a very special friend of hers and he should be here very soon. She said he would meet us outside the jail."

"How will we know who it is?" Dawn asked.

"I don't think you'll have any trouble. You're Dawn and that's your sister Buffy. I haven't seen you Buffy since you were knee-high to a grasshopper when you stayed at Henrietta's for the weekend. I'm Ben Matlock Attorney at Law." Everyone looked up at white haired man wearing a cheaper suit than they thought a lawyer would wear.

"It's nice to meet you again Mr. Matlock." Buffy said shaking his hand.

"Please call me Ben."

"Okay Ben, I want you to meet Jesse and Daisy Duke and this is our friend Cooter Davenport. Guys this is Ben Matlock. I asked Aunt Hetty for someone who would be able to get Bo and Luke out of jail and also help us keep Boss and Roscoe from pulling this kind of stunt again if they are the ones behind it."

"How are you going to do that?" Daisy asked.

"First by proving your two cousins are innocent. Once their bail has been paid we can go some place private to talk."

"Here's the money Ben." Buffy handed Ben a white envelope filled with money.

"Everyone stay here. Mr. Duke I'll be out with your nephews soon." Ben left the group and headed for the jail.

Jesse, Daisy Cooter, and Dawn were wondering where Buffy had gotten all that money from. Daisy was about to ask when Buffy stopped her.

"I'll explain once Bo and Luke are out here." Everyone nodded and waited patiently for Bo and Luke.

Ben Matlock read through the Sheriff's report while he waited for Bo and Luke to be released. The evidence against Bo and Luke had been the ring from Rhuebottom's store and Mr. Slater's wallet that was filled with cash and credit cards from another robbery that happened the day before. The report had said that the ring and wallet had been found on the floor of the General. Ben Matlock looked up when he saw Bo and Luke.

"Hello boys, I'm Benjamin Matlock, your attorney. If you'll come with me your family and friends are waiting outside." Bo and Luke nodded looking confused.

"Excuse me Mr. Matlock, can I ask who hired you?" Luke asked as they were heading out the door.

"Well Luke, I guess you can say I haven't really been hired as I'm doing as a favor for a friend. When Henrietta called and said that her niece Buffy needed my help in the small town of Hazzard County Georgia, I told her I would be there as soon as I could."

"Did she give you the money for our bail as well?" Bo asked.

"No that came from me." Buffy answered having heard Bo's question as Ben, Bo, and Luke came out of the jail.

"Where did'ya get that kind of money?" Bo asked while he and Luke received hugs from Jesse and Daisy.

"I was wondering that myself sugah. Now that Bo and Luke are here you can tell us." Daisy said and other Dukes and Cooter nodded.

"Some of the money was what Angel gave me for my travels. The rest came from various other family members I've already visited. It seems they all think I needed it and would sneak it into one of my bags or hand it to me before I left. I've been putting the money away for an emergency. I think this qualifies."

"Not that we're not grateful but you shouldn't be spending your money for bail." Jesse told her.

"It's okay Uncle Jesse, when I talked to Aunt Hetty she told me that the insurance check for the house and things that got destroyed when the town collapsed has arrived."

"Well thank you Buffy and we'll repay you every cent as soon as we can." Jesse told her.

"Ok, but there's no rush whenever you can." Buffy said knowing that Jesse was to proud to except that much charity. "We should head to the farm so we can talk about how we're going to prove Bo and Luke's innocence."

Everyone nodded and headed toward their cars. Bo, Luke and Buffy went to Cooter's to get the General. Dawn wanted to ride with Daisy in Dixie and Ben followed in his car.

Three days later Buffy, Dawn, Ben, Cooter, and the Dukes had not only proven that Bo and Luke were innocent but also had enough evidence that Boss and Roscoe had hired the two people who were actually behind the robberies. Ben had gotten the state police involved and Boss and Roscoe were currently sharing the cell beside their hired help in the Hazzard County jail. Enos had been appointed temporary Sheriff, with Cletus Hoggas his deputy, until the outcome of Boss and Roscoe's trial. At the Duke farm Daisy had cooked a feast in honor of Ben Matlock proving her cousins innocence and for him representing them in their lawsuit against Boss and Roscoe.

"Miss Daisy this is one of the finest home cooked meals I've had in a long time."

"I'm glad you like it sugah. It was the least we could do for all that you've done for our family."

"It was my pleasure." Matlock told her. "So Buffy where will you be heading to next?"

"To DC. My Great Uncle Donald and Great Grand Nana Mallard on mother's side, and my first cousin Tony on my dad's side live there. I also have some business I have to attend to so I'll be there two weeks and then a week in Ohio before going back to DC for another week."

"I wish I could go." Dawn said with a bit of a pout.

"You start school on Monday and you will not miss it if you want to be there for Uncle Bert's wedding." Buffy reminded her.

"I know. I know."

"I can't remember the last time I've seen Great Uncle Donald and Great Grand Nana Mallard. It's been years. I wish I could go with you." Bo said with a sigh.

"You're more than welcome to come along if Uncle Jesse can spare you. Then you could also come to Uncle Burt's wedding then you could fly back into Atlanta."

"Could I Uncle Jesse?" Bo said with hopeful eyes.

"I think we could make do without you for a month or so."

"YEE-HAW!" Bo cheered.

"What are you going to do about your probation?" Daisy asked. "With Boss in jail who do you report to…to get permission to go?"

"That's right. As far as I know Boss is still Luke and my probation officer." Bo frowned almost pouting at the idea that he wouldn't be able to go.

"Now don't you go worrying about that. I'll make some calls before I head back and you'll be cleared to go with Buffy." Ben told them.

"YEE HAW! Thank you Mr. Matlock." Bo said the grin fully returning to his face.

"Ben when I talked to Aunt Hetty this morning she wanted me to give you her thanks and wants you to call her when you return home."

"While thank you Buffy, I'll just have to do that."

The rest of dinner was spent eating and planning about what they were going to do the next few days.

Ben Matlock said his goodbyes the next day to return to his home promising to keep the Dukes and Buffy informed on the lawsuit. On Saturday Buffy, Dawn, and Bo began loading the car up. Bo had packed enough clothes for the next month including the only suit he owned for the wedding. Dawn had a flight at one to LA and Buffy wanted to make sure she made it with plenty of time.

"Bo I want you to call at least once a week a let us know how things are going." Jesse told him.

"I will Uncle Jesse." Bo said hugging Jesse tightly.

"We're going to miss you Sugah. Don't you go getting yourself into any trouble while you're gone."

"Yeah because I won't be there to get you out of it." Luke told him with a teasing grin.

"You're the one usually getting me into it so I should be okay. Bye Daisy. Bye Luke." Bo hugged both his cousins.

Buffy and Dawn each took their turn in saying their goodbyes and Buffy reminded them that they had her cell number any time they wanted to talk to Bo. With goodbyes said Dawn got into the backseat. Bo got into the passenger side and Buffy into the driver's side. They honked the horn and waved goodbye as they drove away from the farm.

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