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SVU Precinct, New York

23rd June, 2010

9:01 am

Sometimes, Olivia wondered what she was doing now. Brushing her long, light brown hair and getting dressed for school in those new dark blue leggings that her foster father bought her for her birthday? Packing her school bag for the day? Finishing her latest book? At ten years old, she has already skipped two years and was a seventh grade student at Manhattan Junior High.

Three weeks earlier, Olivia had gotten the shock of her life when her newest case turned out to be so much more.

Someone from her past had come back and it turned out to be one of the best days of Olivia Benson's life. Well, apart from the day she met her partner in crime fighting, Elliot Stabler.

Meeting and working with Elliot had been one of the most wonderful experiences of her life, regardless of the bad times where they fought almost daily, when he would take his frustrations about Kathy out on her and when they had particularly bad cases that would shake them up. Sometimes, she also wondered whether they'd ever be more.

Of course, she hoped so. But she could never tell if it was something that Elliot ever thought about. He was getting harder to read sometimes now. Just a few months ago, she could look at his face at any time and know exactly what he was thinking or feeling. Now, she could barely see anything behind the face of a cop.

Walking into the precinct, Olivia made a bee-line for the coffee machine, still thinking about the little girl and her blue eyed partner. It was only Elliot's alarmed voice that snapped her out of it. "Olivia, we need you out here, NOW!" Abandoning her coffee, Olivia rushed out of the squad room and found her partner kneeling by the elevator, a small girl in his arms.

Olivia gasped. The girl, no older than ten, was covered in deep red and purple bruises and blood ran down her forehead, her arm and from beneath the dark blue leggings on her legs. Dressed in her dark blue leggings, a purple tartan skirt, a simple white tee-shirt and light pink and white sneakers, the little girl clutched at her backpack, where a soft, plush toy peeked out. The plush toy was a small, tabby kitten that looked as soft as it felt. Its dark brown eyes almost pleaded with her to help her owner.

Feeling her mind beginning to dim, the little girl lifted her head, locking gazes with Olivia, and uttered one word before slipping into darkness; a word that has Elliot's mind reeling:


SVU Precinct, New York

Three weeks earlier

2nd June, 2010

7:53 am

"Stabler! Benson! My office!" Don Cragen called out to the squad room. Grumbling quietly about his lack of sleep, Elliot Stabler rose from his desk and followed his partner, Olivia Benson, into their captain's office. Once inside, Cragen motioned them to have a seat, which they did, before he leaned over his desk to hand each of them a folder containing their next case. "Metro police picked up a disturbance over on 12th street. Neighbours heard yelling and loud bangs like someone was being thrown around. Ten year old girl was found cowering from her nineteen year old foster brother. Bruises on her arms and legs but rape kit came back negative. As far as the doctor knows, this little girl has never been raped nor has she ever had sex in her life. Doctors did find old scared that indicates past abuse so Metro bumped it to us."

Elliot opened the folder and two photos greeted him from the top of the small pile. A little girl with light brown hair and deep brown eyes smiled up at him, her eyes full of life and happiness. The next photo was a 180 degree difference. The little girl sat up on a standard issue hospital bed, her hand being held by a dark haired man who looked at her with sadness, concern and love. Bruises adorned her body, up her arms and down her legs, most of them a deep plum colour. Scars littered her arms, legs and back and still, the little girl tried to put on a brave face.

The following photos included more visuals of abuse done to the little girl's body. The scars on her back looked to be made from a whip, belt or knife; fresh and old bruises littered her battered body, ranging from the deepest plum to the palest yellow. A scar ran down her left leg, from the left side of her lower calf to the inner part of her left ankle. Seeing the amount of injuries on the little girl before him, captured in photos for life, made Elliot's blood boil. How could anyone hurt such a small, innocent girl?

Olivia reacted worse than Elliot and Cragen could have expected. Tears filled her eyes and ran down her cheeks, a constant stream as she flicked through all of the photos. Her breath began to come out in short; panicked bursts and her eyes had never been wider to Elliot.

"Olivia?" Cragen asked. He became genuinely worried for his 'daughter' when she didn't answer him, hadn't even shifted a millimetre. Looking at Elliot, Cragen saw that he too was worried about Olivia. Nodding to Elliot, Cragen watched as Elliot put a hand on Olivia's shoulder, as she jumped out of her seat at the touch, and as she fell to the floor, the stream of tears down her face never breaking once.

Helping her back into her seat, Elliot asked, "Whoa, you alright, Liv?" Elliot looked at Olivia with concern. She blinked her eyes rapidly and raised her hand to her cheek, as if just becoming aware that she was crying. Olivia looked back at Elliot with glistening eyes, showing her heartache.

Olivia turned her gaze to Cragen, still feeling Elliot's arm around her shoulders. "Captain, please. I-I can't work this c-case. You k-know why I c-can't," Olivia stuttered. Elliot was in shock. He had never heard Olivia Benson stutter in the 10 years he had worked with her. Seeing her vulnerable like this made a hard pang of concern hit Elliot. Wrapping his other arm around Olivia, he wasn't the least bit concerned when she turned her head and buried her tear stained face in his shoulder, continuing to cry and wetting his shirt with both her make-up and her tears. He didn't care that she was an emotional mess right then. He just cared that she was turning to him for comfort.

Too soon for his liking, Olivia came to her senses and realised that she was crying into her partner's very nice shirt with mascara and eye liner running down her face. She rose quickly, through a pleading glance to Cragen, who gave her quick nod, and a 'thank you' look to Elliot. Olivia left the office in search of the toilets, where she could cry and pull herself together without being seen by most of her colleagues.

Once she has left, Cragen turned to Elliot. "Before you ask Elliot, no, I will not tell you what Olivia's reasons are. They are good but for now, she'll have to tell you. In her own time. Now, take Munch with you and go talk to the girl's foster father, Phillip Gregory. If this little girl was abused continually, the father would have had to have seen something." Cragen dismissed Elliot from his office, sighing.

This case was going to be hard for all of them.