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Hi everyone! This would be my second fic, and as usual, with Loke and Lucy as my main characters... So for the LokexLucy fans out there, this is all for you. This fic was inspired by a oneshot manga I've read before, but I forgot the title of it... But I totally changed the story, and tried my best to make it original. So here's the first chapter for all of you..!


Fairy Tail and its characters aren't mine


Lucy, after a serious break up with her boyfriend, decided to end her life. She was about to hung herself up with the rope she tied on the ceiling of a storage room in a huge mall when suddenly, she saw a guy on a corner of the room, watching her kill herself. Lucy mistook him for stopping her but he said he was there to get her soul. A SOUL ANGEL. Forgetting about the plan of dying, the angel stayed at her side. Will he continue to wait for her soul, or will they fall for each other?

Soul angel

By: Clovergiel

Chapter 1: All Alone

"WHAT? That's it? We're already breaking up easily like that? After all those 6 years we've been through, we're breaking up just because I wanted to become a novel writer and you wouldn't want to have a stupid girlfriend like that!"

I yelled at Hibiki Laytis, my now Ex-boyfriend, who had just broke up with me.

How could he do this to me? I mean, after all those time we've shared together, he'll broke up with me like I'm just a piece of trash to be thrown in garbage can? Oh, well.

"You do not understand my point. I don't want you to become a stupid novel writer! I want you to have a higher dream. I thought you wanted to become a singer? I can help you, I'm a big producer and I can help you to your way to stardom!" He exclaimed at me.

I can't believe him! Just months before, he was telling me to pursue my dreams, and now he's saying that it's stupid to become a novel writer!

"But...suddenly, I don't feel like singing anymore," I said in a low voice, "I know I have a passion for writing novels, and ever since I was little I loved to write stories," I said suddenly flooded by memories of my childhood life.

It was like I was brought to past by a time machine, and I saw my younger self about the age of 7, making up stories in front of a pen and a piece of paper.

"Alright, I have enough of this. Anyways, my mother wouldn't also like having a 'novel writer daughter-in-law' in the future, right? I think I have just made the right decision," he said heading for the door.

Even before he could touch the silver doorknob at the door, I hugged him from behind.

I don't know what has gotten into me to why I've done that, but it felt like this is the last time I'm gonna hug the person I love the most all my life.

"Please, don't leave me. You're the only one I have. I can't imagine what would happen to me if you're not there. Please…Hibiki, I'm begging you, stay with me." I said, crying with all my might.

"I guess it's already too late for that. I've already decided. And I think you need to find someone to take care of you in place of me," he said as he take off my arms off of his waist.

No! Please, don't do this!

Then he did the thing I was most afraid would might happen right at this moment.

He opened the door! He opened that freaking door!

Oh no!

I'm gonna die!

But before leaving, he said, "It's also been a hassle taking care of you," I heard him chuckle before saying, "Tch. Making me a babysitter, eh?"

I was dumbfounded. I think blood just left my face that you could already see my skull.


I couldn't stop it repeating all over my head.

It took me about 5 minutes to react and finally realize the meaning of what he had just said.

He didn't even see himself as my boyfriend! He just thought that I was making him take care and babysit me. That guy is really getting in my nerves!

But...I still love him. And I'm the loser here. All of this was just a game, and I lose.

I can't help the fluid on my eyes from flowing.

I'm dumb! I'm stupid! I'm a freak! I shouldn't have existed in this damn world!

I, Lucy Heartfilia, had just lost the biggest game of my life. And I lose the only person I have in my life. I don't have anyone right now with me.

I'm all alone. I don't have any parents...anymore. They died in a freaking car accident when I was still just 11 years old. And now I'm 19. Since they died, I was left to face the big world, ALONE.

I mean, what can an 11-year-old girl do? Well, except for going to school with a driver to fetch you to-and-from the school, or going shopping with your parents and have a family bonding all-day-long.

And now, they are gone. My parents are gone.

And if you're asking me about that driver, well he was with my parents in that accident. They really didn't want to leave me with anyone, did they?

I was still in my adjustment period that time. I'm undergoing my adolescence period, if you know what I mean.

And I'm still curious about many things like why the color of snow is white and not multi-coloured, I mean, its fun to play in a colourful snow, right? Or why does Santa Claus has a beard and why is his reindeer's nose, Rudolph, red? Or how the heck the tune of happy birthday was known throughout the world? Some simple things like that.

Well, not until Hibiki came to my life and helped me face all the challenges ahead of me. But now, he's gone too. gone.

x x x

Drip. Drip. Drop.

I heard a sound of dripping water.

After the last drop, I woke up from my deep slumber. Then I saw a pool of water underneath me.

Oh I remember! I fell asleep on the floor, crying.

I touched my hair, and I found it wet. Perhaps, it was soaked on that pool of water on the floor. My tears, I guessed.

I stood up, get a rug and started cleaning off the pool of tears in the floor.

I looked at the digital clock at the wall. 7:30 am, it read.

"So, it's been half a day since that jerk left me," I said aloud as I smirked at the memories of my first break up.

After reminiscing, I snatched my pink towel with a butterfly design from the dresser chair and then I started taking a bath.

I wore my casual clothes, a blue tank top with matching blue jeans. I also wore the charm necklace my mother has given me before she died.

I started thinking of my plans for the day. I suddenly felt my face enlightened as I came up with a good idea.

I'm going to enjoy the remaining days of my life! I'll show that stupid Hibiki what person he left.

I picked my blue sling bag from the couch and headed my way to Fairy Hills mall, a huge mall near my apartment.

Oha! Now I'm all set and well...all blue.

Heartfilia is a rich family. We have a big business, but since my parents died, I had to sell them. So, Hibiki helped me use my money wisely, so I would still have them in the future.

I entered the door of the mall and started buying all the stuffs I had wanted to buy since I was little. I also ate my lunch and dinner in a high-class restaurant. I did everything that I wanted to do and no one is able to stop me—

"Miss?" a saleslady said to me as she hands me a piece of paper.

Just when I thought that no one can stop me, there's this girl ruining my moment. Oh great, just plain GREAT!

But still, I respectfully get it and read the contents of it. It was a promo leaflet of a store I happened to pass by.

I turned and saw the lady giving it to the other passersby.

I looked again at the paper I was holding and I carefully read every detail in it when it suddenly flew.

It was because I was in front of an appliance store and beside me was a turned-on stand fan.

Geez...You stupid electric fan! Curse upon your children!

I chased for the paper. But all the paper do is fly and fly and fly. And all I do is run and run and run. It came across my mind that people may think that I was a crazy woman chasing for a paper but I was really determined to get it.

It landed on the floor. Now's my chance! I was about 1 inch of getting it when it suddenly flew again.

Oh darn that paper! I continued to follow it until it stopped flying and—again—landed in front of a door.

"Okay, don't move, stay where you are. Right. Just like that," I was half inch closer to the paper when it suddenly slid down under the door to the inside of the room.

"Okay, that's good. I hope no one saw me," I sighed as I opened the door which has a sign on it saying 'Storage Room'.

It's very dark inside but I could see boxes inside and some unused supplies in there.

I searched for the paper and found it on time when the door suddenly closed. I heard a loud bang before I was in a total darkness.

"When did I become such a total freak? I shouldn't have chased for this stupid paper. I could have just politely asked for another one. Geez… I hate myself. It's not like I would die not having this stuff in me." I said while seeking for a sturdy box to sit in.

Now, I'm forever locked in here.

Wait! Did I just say the word DIE?

That's it! Since this life is completely useless, I'm gonna throw it away already!

I thought of something to do when my phone suddenly rang. Who would call me in this situation?

I get my cell phone from my bag and I saw 'Atty. Mcgarden calling…'in the screen. I answered it completely curious of what my family attorney has to say to me. It's already been a long time since my lawyer talked to me.

But suddenly, I came up with an idea.

"Hello, Miss Heartfilia, I need you to sign some―" Atty. Mcgarden said but I managed to interrupt her.

"Oh good! You have called in the perfect time atty. Mcgarden. I need you to make a document for me, stating my last will and testament. I want you to sell all of my properties and donate all of my money to all the charity foundation my deceased parents has been affiliated with."

"Miss Heartfilia, what are you talking about? Are you already dead? Oh my Goodness! I'm talking to the not-yet-resting-in-peace soul of Ms. Heartfilia. Because of her sudden death, she hasn't told me yet what she wanted to do with all of her wealth. Oh, tell me, young lady, where is your corpse so I can bury it safely on a decent memorial park together with your parents. Please, so you can already rest in pea―"

"I'm not yet dead! I'm just telling it in advance just in case. Don't worry, twenty percent of it will be yours."

"Oh, thank you! The merciful, kind soul of Ms. Lucy Heartfilia!"

"I told you I'm not yet dead!" I said as I cut off the line.

"Geez... that attorney, thinking I'm already dead. Don't worry for that would happen not long enough..." I grinned as I used my phone to light the room and see what thing I can use to kill myself.

I saw a rope at one corner, and an idea came up to me.

"Okay, that's it... Bye Japan, Bye World... I'll miss you all," I said.

My eyes are finally adjusting to the darkness. I tied one end of the rope at the ceiling and makes sure it doesn't fall off. Then I made a big hole on it, enough for my head to fit in.

Before doing my plan, I once again tried to recall my memories with my parents and of course, my now ex-boyfriend, Hibiki.

Mom, Dad, finally we can be together.

I was about to put my head inside the hole, when I noticed that someone was standing in one corner of the room. He was leaning at the wall, with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

I couldn't clearly see his face but I could see that he has a lion-like hair, with a pair of tinted glasses in his eyes. One unusual feature in him is that he has a cross tattooed on his forehead.

"Who are you? Why are you here? If you are here to stop me, you won't ever succeed! I've already decided!" I yelled at him.

I don't know if I saw it right because it's dark in here, but I saw the boy smirked.

"My name is Loke. And I am not stopping you. Go ahead, don't mind me in here. In fact, I was waiting for you to die. Because I am here... to get your soul."

x x x

Whoa! Who is this guy named Loke who just told Lucy that he was there to get her soul? Is that a mere joke or it is true that he really is an angel? But what exactly would he do to change Lucy's life? And will Lucy continue to kill herself? Stay tune for Chapter 2: Loke, the Soul Angel!

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