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Chapter One

Impending Storm


So this is what's to become of me.

The sky above him, vast and so very out of reach, echoed his anger. Swirling gray clouds grew darker with each passing moment. A storm was coming.

Loki. Odin son. God of Mischief. Lost to Asgard. Fallen with his unappreciated ambitions, his successes. Lost to Midgard. Of all the damned places.

His father, his mother, his brother, they would all assume him dead, lost in the destruction of the Bifrost. After what he had done. After seeing his fathers disappointment in him etched across that aging face...

I should be better off dead. Loki thought, lamenting. But no. Lady fate has other plans it seems.

He had fallen from Asgard. Fallen from the realm of the gods, to the earth. Where on earth, he hadn't the faintest of ideas. He had not traveled through the Bifrost. He had not landed into the sandy dunes where his brother had after the short lived banishment.

Instead his body was met with rocks, a collection of them aside a rushing river. The trauma his body had been subjected to had diminished his powers. He was left stranded, only managing to change into a form of less suspicion, one of a common earth creature.

I can only lie here. Defenseless, until I regain enough strength to return to my form and move myself to...

To where? What could he do now? Even if the Bifrost had been saved from the wrath of his brother's mighty weapon, could he return to Asgard? His home?

No...His aching chest swelled with something new...loathing unlike anything he had felt before. Thor had been right, for once. His father was old, senile, and ill equipped to reign over the Great Lands. He, Loki, had the cunning and the talents to quell the threat of war without losing a single soldier. Could Thor claim such an accomplishment? Could his father?

No, his father and his brother fell prey to that silly weakness: empathy. His father felt pity for the Frost Giants. And just like his father, Thor had developed a sympathy towards the mortals.

Never will I fall prey to their weakness. Once I regain my strength, I will show them, show them their great error. They are the ones who are wrong. Not I...

As Loki contemplated his family's weakness, his own accomplishments, and the future, a harsh sound reached his new ears. It was breath. Urgent and foul. The smell of it, thick with sloppy saliva, reached Loki's sensitive nose which crinkled in disgust. The breath became louder and faster until a creature of much greater size came upon him.

A hound. No, a mutt by the strange look of it. Its cream fur was damp and matted, most likely curly on a good day. The dog nudged Loki's limp body with his icy wet nose. Loki, not having the strength to even muster a hiss, glared at the animal. His sharp green eyes raging with liquid anger.

The dog, not unaware of his find's hostility, growled low.

"Harrison!" A human voice called, muffled by distance.

The dog's ears perked, as it settled into a sitting position. Rocking its large head backwards, a howl escaped its mouth.

"Harrison!" The voice called again, much closer this time. "Where-?"

The voice stopped mid call. The dog rose onto four legs, barking loudly, its tail swinging back and forth wildly. Above, thunder clapped, shaking the loose rocks Loki lay on.

How unfortunate. He thought, still wallowing in his defeat and failure. The last thing he desired was to be found. By a bumbling mortal no less.

"Harrison? What did you find, b—"

Loki could hear scratching sounds. Someone, a female from the register of the voice, was scrabbling over the rocks towards him. He attempted to lift his small head to gage the mortal, but he could not do so. His physical state, without a sliver of power, was beginning to weigh on his emotional turmoil.

It was a female, a young one from the look of her. Locks of auburn hair fell into her face as she bent forward to look at him. Her eyes were dark, like the clouds circling above her. She shifted onto her knees, cocking her head to one side.

"A cat?" She wondered aloud. "All the way out here?"

The dog, a picture of pride, barked loudly again. The girl absentmindedly reached out and rubbed the dogs head, her eyes never leaving Loki's body. The dog panted, a drop of drool slipping form his tongue and landing on Loki's nose.

Damned animal. Loki thought, managing a shrill snarl. It was one too low for the female to hear, but the mutt heard it well enough. Black eyes met green ones and the dog growled again.

"Shush, Harrison." The female admonished, playfully pushing her companion away. She reached her hand down and cautiously ran the backs of her fingers over the feline's stomach. Loki wished that she, and that bloody creature of hers, would be struck down by the lightening threatening to crash.

Perhaps she will leave. He hoped. He wished to stay alone and helpless. A fitting punishment...

"Poor thing is freezing cold!" The female said, her voice tinged with pain. She straightened out, brushing her hair back as violent winds tossed the locks about. Looking around for any sign of an owner and finding none, she glanced back down at Loki.

As a frustrated noise escaping her lips, the girl bent down once more. She grabbed a hold of her violet scarf and pulled it off her neck.

No...Loki thought, understanding.

Unfolding it, she tenderly let it fall over his torso. Tucking the scratchy fabric under his body she wrapped him in it. Had he the strength the fight her off her would have, but utter defeat coupled with tired bones left him defenseless.

So this is what it's like to feel human. He thought spitefully.

Tucking him carefully in her arm, the girl stood tall and started to make her away across the rocks. The mutt, followed behind, growling. Loki could tip his head backwards to make eyes with the animal.

"Harrison!" The girl snapped, stopping abruptly to glare at her animal. "I said shush!"

The dog whimpered, lowering his head submissively. The girl, satisfied, began her graceless trek over the uneven terrain. With a small leap she flew off of the last rock onto the leave littered forest floor. Maneuvering through the thick foliage, she kept Loki close to her chest. He could hear and feel the hammering of her fragile little heart as she picked up speed with each clap of thunder. Every so often she would call out to her pet, making sure the creature would not lose sight of her.

After a dozen minutes or so they came to the forest's end. A chain link gate that sported a sign reading "High Mountain Trail" stood in front of them. The girl stopped, looking up into the raging sky.

She adjusted her grip on his body and looked down at the dog that was panting away at her side. Small droplets of rain had begun to fall. With short breath she noted: "Well, no one said anything about a storm today."

She walked on until coming to a stop in front of a small silver sedan. Holding on to Loki's tiny body with one arm, she pulled open the back seat door and ushered "Harrison" inside. Rounding the back of the vehicle the girl opened the passenger door and deftly laid him down onto the plush seat. Slamming the door with enough force to jolt his weak heart, the girl ran around the front as the rain began to fall with more force.

Scrambling into the car with swift breaths, the girl jammed the key into the ignition. Pausing she swept her amber locks into a messy clump at the top of her head using one of three small bands that were wrapped around her thin wrist.

Loki watched her with tired disinterest. How long would he have to endure this humiliating form?

And under the care of a mortal no less.

Loki had witnessed, first hand, what the mortals had done to his brother. Once as proud and as ambitious as he, Thor had become spineless and submissive. Loki would never succumb to such trivial whims.


Soon the car came to a halting stop. After pulling the key out of the ignition and pocketing it, the girl left the car. She released the whimpering mutt and then came around for Loki.

She had pulled the hood of her slate gray jacket over her head. Reaching into the car she carefully wrapped her hands around him and shielded him in the folds of her coat.

"Don't want you to get wet, little guy." She cooed, ruffling his pointed ear with her finger. Loki, strength already beginning to return, managed a snarl. He did not want her touching him, treating him like a mere animal.

She pulled her hand away, shutting the door and walking away from the car.

"Prissy, little guy," She corrected under her breath, seemingly unfazed.

The girl clomped up a number of creaky wooden steps and came to a halt at an aging sea-foam green door. The door was already open a crack. Pushing it open with her slight hip, the girl entered her small studio and kicked the door closed with her boot.

"Well, Mr. Cat. Welcome home." She said.

Welcome home. Loki scoffed. Please.

The girl laid him down, scratchy scarf and all, onto a rather comfortable white couch.

"Stay right there." She demanded lightly.

I haven't much choice. Loki thought. If I did I would be long gone by now.

She returned with a large purple blanket. Swiping the scarf, she assembled the blanket around his tired form. As the heat began to creep over him his sharp eyes fluttered to a close. He could feel the soft pressure of her hands as it gently rubbed the turn of his back over the thick blanket.

"Poor little thing." She muttered, kneeling on the floor, leaning her arm on the couch. "Stick thin and freezing out in the cold. We'll get some food in you tomorrow."

Loki could hardly hear her; he was already lost to a deep sleep. If there was any justice in the nine worlds, his powers would return to him by the dawn.


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