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Will of the Green Flame

1: The Oath of a Child

"This is taking forever!" a blonde boy wearing a blinding orange jumpsuit cried in dismay. His dark green goggles rest around his neck as he sat with a large scroll in his lap. The boy was twelve years old and barely at five and a half feet tall. There were three slash markings on each of his cheeks, giving the boy a sort of an animal's whiskers. The blonde was a known nuisance to the village of Konohagakure, for several reasons; the top two being his pranks and his tenant. The boy, whose name was Uzumaki Naruto, was the Human Sacrifice to hold the immensely powerful demon fox, or the Kyuubi no Kitsune as many call it, at bay.

Naruto was hated and despised for his contained demon, but the villagers mostly kept quiet due to the law their leader, the Sandaime Hokage, had made in an effort to protect the boy. He was unaware that the outcome of said law would be the complete and total isolation of the boy, the villagers and shinobi within keeping away from Naruto as though he were a plague. The saddest part of this story is, Naruto had no clue of what was inside him.

Currently, Naruto was seated somewhere in the woods just outside of the village. He had stolen the valuable forbidden scroll in an effort to become a shinobi after failing the academy exam for the third time in a row. One of his two academy sensei, Mizuki, had given him the task of taking the scroll so that he could become a genin and follow his dream to become Hokage.

Man, Naruto thought with a bored expression on his face, Mizuki sensei sure is taking a while to get here...maybe I could take a small peek at what's in the scroll just until he gets here!

Now curious as to why the scroll was labeled 'Forbidden', Naruto carefully moved it from his lap and unrolled it, revealing two lists immediately. The first list contained the instructions on how to perform a forbidden technique called the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu*, while the second simply had glowing green kanji for 'Lantern'. His curiosity piqued, the blonde first examined the Kage Bunshin, taking to it easily because of his massive amounts of chakra. Well, that and the fact it only had one hand seal helped...

"Now what is this thing?" Naruto asked himself aloud as he looked over the Lantern kanji with the wonderings of a child. He placed his left hand on the kanji when it shifted quickly into the shape of a lantern on the scroll paper. His hand still coursing with chakra, Naruto had unknowingly unsealed one of the universe's most powerful weapons.

When the green smoke cleared and Naruto could breathe without coughing up a lung, his eyes widened as an old timey lantern rested above the now black kanji. Slightly disappointed, Naruto reached out to grab the torch in an effort to bring it closer for examination when a bright green light enveloped him, alerting every ANBU and Jonin, as well as two chunin that were looking for him, to his position.

The Lantern scanned the boy before him for the Will of the Corps. It was immensely powerful within a boy, but not being sentient enough to see this was only a child, the Lantern was unaware that the being it had chosen for the protector of this planet was a prepubescent teenager. Oh, the Lantern didn't care, even if it was sentient enough it still would have chosen the boy. He not only carries the Will of the Corps, but has a huge source of power that can be utilized in other ways than one.

"What the?" Naruto asked in confusion as he felt something latch onto his right arm. As he looked to examine it, the boy's eyes widened as an emerald green gauntlet appeared around his arm, ending on his middle finger with an odd ring. The gauntlet glowed brightly, just in time for Mizuki and Naruto's other teacher, Umino Iruka, to appear.

"N-Naruto?" Iruka asked in concern as he saw the green glowing object on his (favorite) pupil's student. The scarred chunin felt his mouth drop as the light enveloped Naruto completely before vanishing with a small blip into the starry sky above. Shortly afterwards, a squad of ANBU came by just in time to hear Mizuki's confession to steal the scroll and kill their jinchuriki. As the ANBU escorted Mizuki to the Torture and Interrogation department headquarters, Iruka couldn't help but look up at the sky in worry.

Where did you go, Naruto? The Chunin thought in concern.

Meanwhile, the blonde in question was soaring to the one spot on the planet where the Lantern could test its recruit. All true Green Lanterns know the Oath, as it is either a whisper in their minds or told to them through a fanatic used by the Lanterns to recruit. Naruto looked around in awe as he stood on the highest mountain in the Elemental Nations.

"Wow..." Naruto said in amazement as he looked over the edge at the beautiful scenery, "So pretty...Almost as, no, definitely prettier than Sakura-chan!"

"Speak the Oath..." A voice echoed throughout the area. Naruto's head whipped around as he looked for the source.

"Who said that? C-Come out!" The blonde demanded, slightly afraid that the source was not of this realm. In a way, he was right. The gauntlet glowed brightly again, earning Naruto's attention, before a green beam of light shot out from it, a holographic lantern appeared in front of him and the voice echoed again.

"Speak the Oath, Prove the Will, Become a Lantern."

Naruto blinked and tried to think of what an oath was when an old lesson from years ago, before Iruka was his teacher, came into his mind. He closed his eyes tightly, trying to will the lesson into his mind, unknowingly drawing something from the gauntlet around his arm. The lesson came to him then, as did a phrase uttered by the cousin of the Shodai Hokage that died in the forming of the Konohagakure. The blonde's eyes opened, instead of being the blue orbs they usually were, they were a bright green.

With full determination in his eyes, Naruto wrapped his left hand around his right arm and he spoke firmly, "In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night. No Evil shall escape my sight. Let those that worship Evil's might, Beware my power... GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!"

After he had spoken the oath, the lantern glowed brightly before vanishing and another green light enveloped the blonde before he suddenly shot into the sky again. Naruto's mind was, for lack of a better turn, blown as he shot through the atmosphere. He looked back to see the planet and again his mind was blown. It was a beautiful sight, white clouds covering the various green and brown of the large continent that made up about twenty-five percent of the planet, and the blue of the immense ocean was simply jaw droppingly gorgeous.

No sooner had he finished taking in the sight, the light shot him through the stars towards the planet of his gauntlet's origin. Naruto's mouth slowly turned upwards into a smile before he whooped in glee. Unknown to him, several other beings with rings similar to the one on his arm looking in his direction before shooting after him, one being a girl with short blonde hair, and a white tank top that seems to be merged with a green skirt, and a look of curiosity. Despite not knowing he was being followed, Naruto was having the time of his life. Shooting through the universe at breakneck speeds...what else could a kid ask for?

Soon enough though, his fun ended as he landed in a crater on a planet that has mostly green grounds, surrounded by several strange looking beings wearing skintight green and black outfits, some having white instead of black, and a green lantern-ish insignia on their chests. Whispers were suddenly heard all around him, making Naruto very uncomfortable until six small beings with blue skin and white hair floated down to him while surrounded by what he assumed to be green chakra.

"Welcome, Naruto Uzumaki, Searthling of sector 2815," one said to him in a voice similar to the one that belonged to his gauntlet, "To the Green Lantern Corps planet Oa. We are The Guardians of the Universe."

"...The green what now?" Naruto asked after a moment. The guardians all blinked before one chuckled in amusement and approached him, placing a hand on his gauntlet.

"Interesting," he said, "It seems as though the Lantern merged itself with the Power Ring...One can only wonder as to why..."

"Oi! What the Hell is going on?" Naruto snapped, pulling his arm back from the blue skinned being, "First I pull the green Lantern out of the Forbidden Scroll, then I get whisked away to some mountain, and now I'm on another freaking Planet! Would someone please explain what is going on?"

"Watch your tone, Human!" A massive light pink skinned alien with a pig-like head barked. Naruto bowed his head, the lessons of respecting one's elders fresh in his mind...unless they proved to be unworthy of his respect.

"Sorry," he muttered, looking to the side before looking up and speaking in a more polite tone, "But could you please explain to me what is going on?"

The alien that barked at him slowly smiled as a chuckle escaped his mouth and he nudged an octopus-like being with brown curly hair and a single eye on its head and said, "I like this kid. Much more respect from him than Jordan, Stewart, and Gardener combined."

"Who?" Naruto asked. The Gauntlet glowed green and Naruto's eyes became a similar green as information was downloaded into his head. An image of a tall white skinned man with brown hair and a green and black outfit with white gloves and a small mask appeared on his face; the name Hal Jordan became associated with this image. A black skinned man with no hair at all save for the black goatee on his face wore a black and green outfit only, a white circle with the green lantern insignia in it on his chest; the name John Stewart became associated with this image. Finally, an image of another white skinned man with red hair cut oddly to look like a bowl wearing the black and green outfit similar to Stewart's only with a green and white jacket over it; the name Guy Gardener became associated with this image.

"Whoa," Naruto said, shaking his head from the intake of information. He looked around and noticed that only one of the six blue people remained in front of him along with the pink pig man. Everyone else had left apparently.

"You wish for an explanation, yes?" the blue being asked, Naruto looking at him before nodding. The being smiled and continued, "I believe introductions are in order, then. I am Ganthet, one of The Guardians. Next to me is Kilowag, a veteran Green Lantern."

"Nice ta meet ya, Kid," Kilowag said, a smile appearing on his face faintly as he held his hand out. Naruto accepted the hand and shook it, wincing when the alien wrapped his hand around the smaller hand of the blonde's.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow!" Naruto whimpered as he flexed his hand upon being released. Kilowag laughed while Ganthet chuckled. The boy pouted at both of them before looking down at his orange outfit and looking at the outfit belonging to Kilowag.

"Hey, how do I get an awesome outfit like yours?" he asked. Kilowag arched a brow and a smirk appeared on his face before raising his right hand and showing his own power ring off.

"Use your head, Kid," Kilowag said with a chuckle. Naruto frowned before looking at his ring and then his palm as he clenched his fists. He went to make a hand seal when Ganthet spoke.

"The rings form images through the use of your imagination," Ganthet said, noticing the blonde going to try something with his hands, fearing the boy might harm himself accidently. Naruto looked at him skeptically before closing his eyes and imagining how he wanted his outfit to look. He noticed that the one Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, had a cool mask, but he wanted his to be unique. He imagined a larger mask, with a headband reminiscent of his home's headband included in it. At the sound of chuckling and a low whistle of approval, Naruto opened his eyes to see a green mirror looking back at him, courtesy of Kilowag's power ring.

"Whoa, cool!" Naruto exclaimed as he looked at his mask, his glowing green eyes visible in the eyeholes and a green metal plate attached to the top, the Lantern insignia on it in black. He looked down to see a black and green outfit, the area around his upper chest, neck, and shoulders a solid black while the remnants were green. Going down the center of his chest, connected to the black around his chest, was a black strip, in the center of where the strip and the chest area connected was the insignia. He looked down at his pants to see they were black shinobi pants with a green belt, another Lantern insignia forming the buckle. From below the middle of the calf/shin of his leg were green boot-like shinobi sandals. He looked at his arms to see after the shoulder area was a green sleeve that ended where the two matching green gauntlets started. However, there was only a single ring on his right hand.

"I see you've added your own personal touch," Ganthet said with a small smirk, gesturing to the hetai-ite attached to the mask. Naruto reached up and touched it faintly, a small smile crossing his face.

"In my village, you are seen as an adult if you have one of these, and technically I passed the exam, so..." Naruto trailed off with a shrug. Kilowag shook his head in amusement before turning to Ganthet.

"Am I to train him in using his ring?" the alien asked the Guardian. Ganthet nodded before sending a final smile Naruto's way.

"I expect great things from you, Naruto Uzumaki," he said before floating away towards the large artifact of the Lantern Corps Insignia.

Once they were alone, Kilowag smirked in Naruto's direction before rolling his neck and settling in a brawling stance, "Let's see what ya got, Kid."

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