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Will of the Green Flame

Chapter 14: Lantern's Rage


"DIE! DIE! DIE! AHAHAHA!" the psychotic user of the Red Ring exclaimed as he swung around a large red manifested scythe with three blades. Naruto bent backwards under an attempted slice and forged a katana in his right hand before looking at Gaara.

"What the hell is going on, Gaara?" The Green Lantern asked over the raging Red Lantern's cries, before yelping as he deflected another slicing attempt, "Back off!"

"Oh I will...AFTER YOU DIE, YOU FUCKER!" Hidan, the Red Lantern, cried out, maniacally laughing afterwards, "First you little heathens, and then that redheaded BITCH!"

"What is a user of Rage doing here?" Gaara asked the blood lusting lantern as he took on a red hue, countering Hidan's attack with his own staff and entering a struggle for control with the Red Lantern, "Were you sent here for a purpose by your master?"

"No one controls ME! I serve Jashin-sama only!" Growled out the silver-haired man, his red eyes' narrowing at the insinuation that he was under someone's control, "And Jashin-sama demands I sacrifice you Fuckers!"

"I see," Gaara calmly replied before ducking as Karu-Sil shot from behind him and attacked Hidan with a manifested mace of Fear. The Red Lantern growled and defended himself with the scythe in his hands, hardly trying to keep the Sinestro Corpsman from overpowering him. A bead of sweat went down Karu-Sil's head as she strained to force the user of Rage back at least one step.

"This planet belongs to Lord Sinestro!" Karu-Sil hissed as her yellow eyes narrowed in sheer hatred, "Not whoever this Ja-shin may be!"

"You dare compare a God, my God, with a mortal?" asked an outraged Hidan. His right hand let go of the scythe and he forged a small pike. With an infuriated yell, the pike was plunged into Karu-Sil's gut. The Sinestro Corps member gasped before jumping away when Hidan pulled the small weapon out of her stomach. Hidan chortled before lifting the bleeding weapon to his mouth and taking a small, tentative lick.

"D-Did he just...lick her blood off that thing?" a disgusted and horrified Naruto asked, not used to this type of insanity. Gaara, also (ironically) disturbed, nodded slowly. Karu-Sil held a hand over her still bleeding gut and backed away before falling to her knee.

Hidan chuckled as the weapons in his hands dissipated and a rune appeared at his feet, glowing a bright red. Grinning madly, the Red Lantern put his hands together in a praying manner.

"Please...die slowly," Hidan asked with a chuckle, "My lord does so enjoy a slow death every now and then. Especially that of a virgin sacrifice."

"W-what?" Naruto asked confused. Instead of verbally responding, Hidan forged a small kunai in his left hand and slowly began pulling it up his right arm, ripping the skin open.

A scream made the two other standing lanterns look in the direction of origin and they were horrified to see Karu-Sil holding her arm, as the slice on Hidan's appeared before them.

Hidan chuckled once again, getting their attention, before his appearance shocked them as well. His normal skin tone had vanished and the color of pitch black covered him. A blood red skull appeared on his face and other bones appeared on various places of his body in the same color.

"W-What the Hell did you do?" Naruto asked after swallowing his disgust. Hidan laughed once again before driving the kunai into his thigh. Karu-Sil released a scream that stirred Arisia from her unconsciousness.

"I am sacrificing her to Jashin-sama," Hidan asked as a cruel smile appeared on his face, "I do so enjoy her screams...it's such an...exhilarating feeling..."

I think I'm going to be sick, Naruto mused before clenching his gauntleted hand and narrowing his eyes. With his other hand he pointed at Hidan, "You're sick in the head! Stop doing...whatever it is you're doing and release Karu-Sil!"

"HAHAHA! You're amusing, Green Lantern. I've heard stories from the whispers of my ring about your Corps, but meeting one takes the cake! I'm going to enjoy killing you!" Hidan's exclamation gave way to more laughter before he stabbed himself in the right shoulder. Karu-Sil screamed once again, and Naruto had had enough. His own caring spirit as well as his Gauntlet demanded that this...this injustice be stopped.

"If that's how it's going to be," Naruto said as he switched out his katana for the Kubikiribocho lookalike, "Then let's get wild!"

He ran at the Red Lantern and brought the manifested weapon back before swinging at the man's head. Hidan's eyes widened along with his grin and he held his arms out at his side, offering himself up. As Naruto approached, a bright green light shot out and wrapped around his waist, pulling him back.

The blonde Lantern landed on the ground with an audible 'Oof!' before looking at his assailant. Frowning, the Green Lantern asked, "What the Hell, Gaara?"

A purple staff was brought down on his head, electing a yelp from the blonde. Scowling, Naruto gave his indigo-clad, redheaded friend a questioning glance. The Indigo Lantern frowned and pointed at Karu-Sil, "You saw how she reacted when he harmed himself, how do you think it would end if you cut his head off?"

Naruto paled and looked at the pained Sinestro Corps member before looking back at a maniacally laughing Hidan with an infuriated scowl. Sighing, the blonde Searthling asked in defeat, "Well, if we can't attack him, then what do you suggest?"

"Tactical retreat," Gaara replied as he reached into his pouch and pulled out a small black bag. The Indigo Lantern looked at the Star Sapphire that was holding her head, "Sapphire! Grab the Blue Lantern and be ready to move!"

With her nod, Gaara then looked at his fellow Jinchuriki, "Help the Sinestro Corps member."

"Tch, fine," Naruto grumbled before speeding over to Karu-Sil's side. Before he could help her up, a familiar blood red scythe impaled him yet again. Naruto screamed in agony, faintly catching the sounds of concerned voices calling his name. The blonde fell to his hands and knees near the user of Fear, coughing up a large amount of blood.

"Ah, ah, ah! Not so fast, Green-Bean!" Hidan snipped with a large smirk as he flung the green lantern back to where the unconscious Larfleeze lay. The silver haired Lantern laughed maniacally, "You can't ruin my fun just yet!"

Naruto gasped as he felt his life's essence leave his body, the wounds inflicted taking much longer to heal. Faintly he heard his gauntlet blare in alarm before a new voice came into play. It was deep, guttural, and sounded unnaturally tired.

The fuck is going on out there!? I fall asleep for a few minutes and you're dying already!? That's it! You're taking the backseat, punk!

Wh-what? Who...are you? Naruto thought back to the voice. A fanged grin made itself known in the boy's mind as an image of a cell appeared, two large green eyes opening wide above it.

The fur ball sealed in your gut, Kit. We'll talk later. For now, let me handle this sorry excuse for a twat, the voice replied. Naruto felt his body burn as a tainted energy flowed through his veins. Though he didn't know it, his outer appearance changed as well. His hair became wilder than it normally was, the marks on his cheeks darkened profoundly, his nails lengthened into claws, and his canines became unnaturally sharp like fangs. The wounds on his abdomen sealed with a steamed hiss and the gauntlet on his arm ceased its blaring.

The other lanterns, save a still unconscious Larfleeze, stared in shock as the blonde stood without a care in the world. Cracking his neck and stretching, the teen said in a deeper voice, "Oi vey...Thirteen years without a physical body...It gives you such a crick in the neck!"

"The Fuck are you talking about, Green-Bean?" Hidan asked in confusion as the blonde he impaled continued to stretch and move his body as though it were foreign to him.

"One sec, Psycho," 'Naruto' said to the Red Lantern with a finger held up to imply patience. The blonde then continued to pat himself down before grinning, "Heh, not bad. Kit's doin' well at this Lantern thing..."

That's when his slitted green eyes locked on Hidan and a snarl appeared on his face, "Now...You're the fucker worshiping that trash, Jashin, right?"

"BLASPHEMY!" Hidan roared as he leapt out of the circle and charged towards the blonde, his eyes glowing red with bloodlust, "HEATHEN SLIME, DO NOT DISGRACE JASHIN-SAMA WITH YOUR FOUL WORDS!"

The blonde snarled like an animal and crouched low before a dark emerald aura shined around him. Like many of his manifests, this took the shape of a fox, but instead it was bubbling around him rather than emerging from his ring. Arisia gaped at the sight, before murmuring, "It...It's just like Ion."

"What?" Gaara asked as the Green Lantern batted Hidan away with the manifested tail. Before Arisia could reply, a purple tanuki appeared on the redhead's shoulder with a yawn.

"The hell is...Oh...Hey, Kurama's awake," Shukaku muttered before his eyes widened, "OH SHIT! KURAMA'S AWAKE!"

"I assume you mean, Kyuubi?" Gaara asked his manifested Biju as he watched Naruto leap at Hidan like a fox would a rabbit. Indigo eyes watched, fascinated, as the Nine-Tailed-Possessed Lantern dragged an emerald claw down across the chest of the Red Lantern. He glanced at Karu-Sil, momentarily concerned, before sighing in relief that she wasn't harmed. His eyes narrowed as he continued to watch the fight, trying to figure out why Karu-Sil was hurt before when she wasn't now.

"Kyuubi, Kurama, call him whatever you want. All I know is, he's been off the grid until today. Last I heard, before we met this kid, he was working with Madara Uchiha," Shukaku paused before growling, "Unwillingly, mind you."

"Hm, good to know," Gaara muttered before looking at Arisia, "Who or what is Ion?"

"The embodiment of Willpower," Karu-Sil growled out as she walked to the group, "I know of him because of Kyle Rayner...Bastard."

"Rayner houses Ion within him similar to how you host the Bee-Jew within you," Arisia commented before looking at the possessed body of her Green Lantern with awe, "For Naruto to manifest this much Willpower by himself..."

"No, this is the Kyuubi, all on his own," Gaara muttered before looking at Ichibi, "If I were to use your power with my Compassion...?"

"Could you generate your own battery? Yeah," the Ichibi replied with a smirk, "I like the way you think. Oh, and if Kurama asks, I'm sleeping."

"Why are you afraid that he'll ask about you?" Gaara asked. He got no response as the tanuki burst into indigo pixels, signaling the end of their connection. The Indigo using redhead sighed before looking at the blonde Green Lantern that was currently beating the Red Lantern with his own arm. Wait a minute, what?

"Is he...?" Gaara asked in a mix of shock and awe.

"Y-Yeah..." Arisia replied as she shielded Kari's eyes with her hand. The Star Sapphire was just as frightened by the sight before her as the member of the Indigo Tribe, evident in the tremble that was in her voice.

Unbeknownst to the three witnesses, Karu-Sil's golden irises were locked on the blonde Green Lantern as he committed violence she and her own Corps believed no Green Lantern would ever do. It drew a primal feeling from her gullet and her instincts screamed for her to run away...Which excited her immensely. The only thing Karu-Sil could manage to think was: Perhaps Rrab wasn't faulted in her choice...

"What's wrong, Hidan-chan?" the Kyuubified Naruto snarled as he smacked the Red Lantern across the face with Hidan's left arm. The Jashinist grunted as he flew back, skidding until he hit a tree. The Green Lantern, hidden within a large mass of emerald taking the shape of a fox, stalked forward, his opponent's arm still in his hand, "Weren't you going to kill me?"

"F-Fuck you, Heathen cur!" Hidan spat as he coughed up black liquid before lifting his other hand to his head, "Who the Fuck are you? Jashin-sama...I...I can't hear...No! Shut up! I OBEY ONLY JASHIN-SAMA!"

"What's wrong, Hidan?" the Lantern spat as he tossed the arm to the Red Lantern, the limb knocking the Red Lantern to his back, "Lose something...other than your arm?"

"I... WILL...OBEY...JA...JAS..." Hidan's eyes slid close for a moment before more black liquid flowed from his mouth and Hidan slowly stood, hunching over with a scowl. The ring on his right arm shone brightly before his left was lifted up and reattached. The other members of the Emotional Spectrum's respective corps watched in silent shock as Hidan, their tormentor, a horrid being with an unlimited amount of fury pent up within him, just turned around and walked away. A crimson energy exploded around him and Hidan shot up to the sky.

Naruto's energy flickered before dissipating. The blonde scowled, his features still feral yet now covered in Hidan's black blood, before he spoke, "Well, damn. There goes my entertainment. Might as well let the Kit have control again."

Before anyone could speak up, the green lantern lurched forward as his feral features forcibly retracted into his body. The dark emerald eyes died down, slit pupils becoming round once more, and a blink occurred beneath the facemask that obscured his features. Naruto grunted and held his head, falling to his knees. He faintly heard Kari and Arisia call out to him, but all he wanted to do was sleep.

"Incoming message from the Guardians of the Universe."


There goes that plan.

"S...Send it through," Naruto said after a sigh, falling back into a sitting position, "Lantern of Sector 2815, Naruto Uzumaki here. What's up?"

The image of Appa Ali Apsa flickered into existence above Naruto's wrist, the eyes with the Lantern's symbol narrowed as they always were. The Head Guardian spoke with authority to the young Lantern, "Lantern of 2815. We have received word of a Red Ring leaving your home world. Can you confirm this?"

Naruto gave a tired laugh, "Yeah...Yeah, I can confirm it all right. Side note. Larfleeze is in custody. We received help from another Corps: the Indigo Tribe."

Whispers echoed behind Appa Ali Apsa and he briefly let his eyes widen in shock before relaxing. Immediately, Naruto knew something was wrong. He had seen that happen several times on his Jiji's face after an ANBU would make a report when the blonde was in the room, and shortly afterwards, the Sandaime would sadly inform him that he would be spending the night at his mansion. This was back before Naruto was aware of the hatred, just a few years before the academy began and those precious moments of peace were but a memory.

Somehow, his words had upset the Guardians.

"The...Indigo Tribe Member," Appa Ali Apsa started slowly, almost cautiously, "Have they...said anything strange? Anything at all?"

"Nope," Naruto replied, before frowning in confusion, "Why do you ask?"

"That is all, Lantern of Sector 2815," the Guardian said before the transmission ended abruptly. Naruto stared at his gauntlet in confusion before groaning as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Can this day get any worse?" he muttered to himself. Much to his dismay, there was no reply, as each of the other Lanterns were busy staring at something behind him. Naruto turned around and immediately scowled, "Well...Damn. Totally forgot about that."

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