How to Annoy Each Dexholder

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon. Nor do I care to. Too much work.

Well, this is my first fanfic. Be brutal. Presenting, How to Annoy each Dexholder. Starting with Red. I'm pretty sure someone did this before. I'm not sure. It's a common idea.

Take him to a busy area, hopefully with all the other dexholders, and talk (loudly) about his relationship with Yellow. (A/N: I support Specialshipping) For example:

Scene: Blue has called a meeting for all the dexholders.

Green: So why did you make us come here? *pesky woman*

Blue: Because… Red has something very important to tell you all!

Red: Wait, what?

Blue: Do you admit that you like Yellow?

Red: Uhhh… yeah as a friend.

Blue: We all know it's more than that! It just so happens that *insert every shippy moment you have ever thought about*

Red *horrified*: *how did she find all that out?* That's not true!

Yellow runs out of the room sobbing. Everyone else just stare at Red.


Lock him in a small closet with Yellow. Wait, scratch that. He might actually enjoy that.


Tell him that he is not the best Pokémon battler in the world and to prove your point, repeatedly beat him until he cries. But everyone already does that in the games. Scratch this too.


Constantly say "Hey if you're still confused, why don't you all just live together?" whenever he's with Yellow.


Call him "Ash" and laugh at him every time he gets confused.

Scene: Some place. Doesn't matter.

You: Hi Ash!

Red *looks around. No one else is there*: Are you talking to me?

You: Yes. Didn't you hear me say 'Hi Red?'

Red: But I thought you said 'Ash.'

You laugh here


After he's confused, say "It's not your fault" and laugh even more. Though this would probably apply to everybody.

Continuing on.

You: It's not your fault.

Red: What's not my fault?

You: Excuse me? I didn't say anything.

Red: But I thought…



Continuing on.

You: It's not your fault.

Red: See? You just said it again!

You: Said what again?

Red: But… and… huh?

You: It's not your fault.

Red: And you said it again!

You: You're just hearing things.

Red: But…

You: It's not your fault.

Red: ARGH!


Steal his Pokémon and tell him that if he ever wants the back, he has to tell Yellow he loves her. Make sure every dexholder is there to watch. This can go many ways.


Write a list like this and give it to all the other dexholders.

Blue: Hey! Ash!

Red: Not again!


Well, that's it. Not very well written. It's only my first fanfic. As I said earlier, be brutal. Review! Constructive criticism obviously needed. Be as mean as you want.