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Chapter 1.

Taiki and his friend arrive in some zone. Bastemon, the princess always cuddled around Taiki which make Akari jealous.

Akari P.O.V

I can't stopped this feeling. He was a stupid, Innocent and cheerful boy. Now he turn to be gentleman, kind and handsome guy. In Real World, He was popular and girls like him. Even in Digital World...he still...popular...

and there is someone bother me, Nene, I admit she prettier and hotter than me and I never cared who Zenjirou like but still...Why Taiki tried to save Nene? I mean they had just met and Taiki almost sacrifice himself to save Nene, perhaps he like her...? No no no! I wouldn't admit it but still... she curious about it.

"Taiki..." Akari called him, he turned his head to her.


"Do you...like someone..?" spontaneity his face blushed.

"W-why you asking? I mean in the middle of Digital World?" I feel hopeless now.

"Nothing...just want to know..." she walked away.

~*~*~*~~*~*~* (Normal P.O.V)

On night time, she walking around alone but not too far for Xros Heart camp. Lilithmon watching her from her Ball. 'she still can be useful...' she called her minions, Dark Lilimon and command her something. Meanwhile Akari was sitting on the big rock and watch the Night Sky. 'how I will win Taiki's heart?' thought her. "you will.." she hear a voice replied as she turn back her head. She saw lilimon, she thought It was Shoutmon's childhood, from Smile Village.

"Lilimon! What are you doing here?" said her panic.

"I just want to deliver some pack for shoutmon and I hear your heart voice" she lied.

"my heart voice?" she confused.

"Yeah... you want to win his heart, do you?" she teased her.

"i-it's none of your bussiness!" she feel so embrassed and started to walked away.

"Wait! I have something to help you!" she called her.

Akari feel interested about this one. "Really?"

"Yeah, here.." she handed her a potion.

"This will make Taiki fall in love with you..." she look at her.

Akari fell this so impossible as she turned her head to ask her, she's gone...

"well, maybe I can try it tomorrow..."

Lilimon was hide behind a tree. ' If he drink it, he will turn to be evil and help bugra army, what a poor girl...'

To Be Continue...

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