Two Games, Similar Rules. Three words: Spy meets Thief.

Set before GG5 and HS2.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Ally Carter

Cammie's POV

It was hard, walking away from Gallagher Academy. It wasn't the hardest thing to do that Cammie had experienced, but at that time it certainly reached top three. Not that she had a very long list. Because as a spy, it was expected that things were hard. This time, was no exception.

Leaving the CoveOps report where everything started on Gilly's sword case, I walked towards my future. Not running away, but running towards. I doubt that they'd all understand but I know Zach will. He'd hate me for going alone, but alone was a risk that only I could take. And that's what lead to where I am now.

Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Cammie's POV

It was a little bit chilly on this grey day in Brooklyn. It's supposed to be summer but because of the rain recently it's well worth the stockings under your shorts.

It's been three weeks since I've left Gallagher Academy but I shouldn't dwell on that fact. I need to stay focussed. Stay alive. Prove to my family and friends that I have made the right choice.

I snuggled my face closer into my jacket and opened up my black umbrella as it started to pour in Madison Square Park.

Rain was good for a spy like me; plenty of jackets, boots, beanies and umbrellas to constantly change around. Other than the numerous amounts of wigs, eye contacts and clothes of course. With the constant drizzle it's hard to keep good focus when the rain is blurring your view.

Despite the rainy weather there were a lot of people about, including a group of girls close to my age who were laughing and stomping in puddles. I dawdled behind, apparently un-included in the conversation.

I stayed with them for awhile, pretending to join in at random intervals to remain with the pack. In truth I'd asked them for directions and they had been willing to show me the way. Minutes later I reached my destination of a small café saying goodbye and walked inside.

It was much warmer and I felt a moment of peace. I was pretty safe in here. While someone like me might want to stay in large populated areas, this café was pretty much opposite but had five exits, about seven people not including staff, plenty of good hiding spots and had a good design layout for me to see everyone around me. Yeah, I had previously scoped this place out, but it was so totally worth it. The moment of safety that settles around is bliss, although I don't listen to that mentality for long. Anything could change that.

Pulling out a small laptop I sat down in my favourite spot, keeping an ear out for the tinkle of the bell as more customers came in.

When the computer finally loaded I quickly typed in fifty-two complicated passwords and proceeded to wait again as the laptop scanned my eyes with its webcam.

It took awhile but was worth it. Once on, I was on one of Liz's prototypes and so I accessed her, Bex's and Macey's files.

Normally, if anyone accessed Liz's files their computer would most likely cease to exist with the number of firewalls, wormholes, viruses etc. But being me and using one of her prototypes, Liz has set up an extra entrance that can only be accessed by me and this exact prototype. This means that Liz is an absolute darl to purposefully let me into her limited amount of files, and allow me check up on her and Bex and Macey whenever I like.

And if you're wondering while they haven't traced me from my logging into her files in is because her prototype was designed to be untraceable. So for the moment it works.

Of course I have found a few snide comments over my choice to leave from Bex it calms me to know that she doesn't hate me that much and that while I should still expect to have some sort of punishment from her when I come back it doesn't necessarily mean that I'll be looking forward to a life in a wheelchair. It was good news.

The clock on the wall ticked 11:30 and I knew it was time to start moving. Prime time for workers breaks were about to start and while the bustle made it hard to notice everyone; it was the best time for a pavement artist like me to lose any tails that I have, or have not noticed

Stepping outside the rain seemed to have cleared a little, although evidence from the pavement said that it was a false assumption.

I then stepped into a sea of people and did what I did best.

It was a little while later when it happened.

I was turning down Fifth Avenue when a girl my age stumbled into me.

"Sorry, I didn't see you as I turned the corner," she smiled.

She then turned and waved to a friend that was waiting for her ahead.

It was then I noticed. While I had used this chance to take her ID to use as a cover, she had taken mine.

It was clean, and if it hadn't happened to someone associated in the spy world they wouldn't have noticed.

She was that good.

Was she a spy though? And was she after me or had it been a spur-of-the-moment pick pocketing coincidence?

This was something I couldn't afford to chance.

It started to rain then.

So opening up my umbrella yet again, I set off following the young couple to a traditional brownstone house.

Authors Note: just a FYI moment, the brownstone house is Kat's Uncle Eddie's house for those who wonder if this story is going anywhere. This is my first try at fanfiction if you can't tell already and I'd really like to know if anyone likes it or hates it or if it needs improvement or anything! I won't be one of those people who ask for a certain amount of reviews for the next chapter (that is so annoying!) But I really hope you enjoyed this. It will get better later I just wanted everyone to be the same page with setting and everything.

Thanks for reading the first chapter!