Okay, I am really sorry this update came so late (and it's not even really an update) but this is very important for you to read!

I need help from the readers! YOUR help!

Anyways, the question I need help with is: (let me explain it first) Well, with Kat in my storyline, there will be a heist Kat & Cam have to pull off to help Cam find out what the C.O.C wants. But, my story is set before the second Heist Society which came out when my laptop broke (that's why I haven't been able to update in forever). And so, the question is, do you want Kat to pull off the heist in the second book? Or do you want me to make up a new heist? The only thing is, is that I can't guarantee a heist as thoughtful as Ally Carter can :/

So? What do you think? And also I apologise in advance if I'm late for updates. I'm aiming for every two weeks but it might end up being updated monthly D: . Sorry.

Oh, and thank you everyone who has reviewed my story, I really appreciate everything you've done :D Thanks!