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Dawn's POV


I thumbed through the many numbers that I now had in my phone, finding the constant rattling noise of the phone's click comforting. I wasn't entirely sure why I needed to have nearly over two-hundred contacts, the majority of them I'd probably never even meet, in a phone that would have busted my already debt-defined back account, but I didn't question it. I guess I should have been happy that Paul gave a job, a defined job that actually had a job description and could provide me with a source of revenue, but I wasn't. I didn't even feel thankful. I felt confused and alone.

I had already been working at my new modeling job for about two months and despite the relentless influx of meeting new people, going new places, and being flirted on more than once, I didn't truly feel satisfied. I felt that if I didn't have something to fill my life with then I'd be painfully bored or reminded of coordinating so I tried to keep preoccupied as much I could. I wasn't entirely sure whether or not Paul and I were actually in a relationship or not, but I didn't want to ask him. I didn't want to know if he was just merely playing with my emotions to get me to take the job. I was afraid. Originally, I had thought that the paparazzi would destroy our 'relationship,' but rarely seeing Paul makes in hard for them to even capture a picture of us together.

Paul wasn't the only problem though; I couldn't see my Pokémon or friends as often as I liked either because it would have interfered with my job. I solely associated myself with business people – people who were voracious, driven by the insatiable desire of making their wallets grow. That was probably the most painful – being so busy that my real desire and love in life was ignored. Every time I saw a coordinating magazine, I cringed. I didn't like thinking of it as giving up because I didn't, but then I wasn't sure what to call my ….. resignation.

I sighed, "I think too much."

I grabbed a magazine off of the glass table that was idly sitting there, seemingly mocking me to not read it. I was waiting for a client that I would have to smooze into investing a large amount of money into Paul's company. The position of my job had done a 180 rather unintentionally. First I was just modeling, doing various commercials and ads, but now I actually was an associate wiping my client's asses with qualms of expected consumption rates. People said I was good with working with people, but what they actually meant was that I was attractive and power obsessed men loved striking women.

I decided not to read the magazine and put in back on the table, saddened by the fact that magazines were just a reincarnation of my work. Besides, unconsciously flipping through pages and scanning over overly photo-shopped pictures never really counted as reading anyway.

I lay back in the black suede couch, thinking about how much the sitting utensil cost. Surely more that what you're morals are worth, honey. I groaned. I wished I had my Pokémon. Talking and amusing myself with really important people, pretending to be someone I'm not only lasts so long until I become bored, again. I started drawing random doodles with the tips of my fingers on the suede couch, humming mindlessly. My brows creased harshly when the receptionist called my name, "Ms. Hikari?"

I looked up. "Yes?"

She ruffled through some papers, jotting down various notes of some kinds, and then redirected her attention back to me. "Your client had to cancel. He said he'll call you personally for a new time and place."

"Okay," I replied, getting up and grabbing my branded, designer bag. I used my knuckles to knead out any of the small wrinkles that my black, cocktail dress had gathered from sitting so long, then left.

It was dark outside, the only source of light emulating from the full moon. Yet with its dim intensity I decided it was too much and put on my too-large-for-my-face sunglasses. I kicked various small pebbles that decided to come into my trail of walking, not paying attention to wear my kick had sent each one. With every step I took, I wasn't sure of where I was exactly going, hoping I would get there soon.

I exhaled loudly as I walked. I had prematurely thought that this job would at least give me some little, at least measurable, source of happiness, but I still had yet to find it. My face was on magazines, titled as the new leader in the business world. My name was being spoken, quite highly and with much respect. My identity had become nationalized. I had everything I wanted, but I still wasn't happy. I did have everything I wanted, but not in the way I wanted it. I wanted to be a coordinator, not whatever I am now.

After awhile of walking, I reached Paul's house. I was slightly confused that I would automatically walk there as if it was set on auto-drive in my brain, but nevertheless I was there and didn't feel like walking some else for the night, especially without my Pokémon with me. It was only expected that the Sinnoh Champion have one of the most expensive houses in all of Hearthrome City, but having a house so large would make my time of night, ringing the bell of the gate, ignored.

I detangled my windblown hair, took off my sunglasses, and reapplied some lipstick before pressing my finger to the bell. I waited for a few moments, questioning whether he was even home. Despite being too tired to go somewhere else, I knew that I was also there to talk to him, something that was rare in the past weeks. I missed Paul.

The intercom button of the gate turned green. "What are you doing here?"

I inched myself closer to the intercom, knowing that he was probably watching me from the video camera above me. "Paul….can you please let me in? I know it's late, but I want to talk," I said rather weakly. He didn't reply immediately and I could hear his light breaths from the other side of the intercom.

The button turned green again. "Talk now."

I sighed. Why does Paul have to be so difficult? "Okay, well, ugh," I paused, feeling awkward talking to a silver, cold intercom rather than Paul. I tried to think of how to phrase what I wanted to ask him, which was a lot, into a coherent, non-exaggerated sentence. I didn't manage to do it so I decided just to talk freely. "Paul, I really appreciate you giving me this job and all. I've gained money and fame from it, but…but….I'm just not happy and this isn't what I want from life or your company."

I paused, going against continuing as Paul hadn't replied back yet. I twiddled with my thumbs, becoming nervous.

The light was green. I gulped. "You mean to tell me that when you were you on our ass with no money, identity, or job, basically pleading me to help you out, you really didn't want it? Or do you just like living in the scrums better? I fucking built you and now you want to destroy that? You know that'll hurt me too."

That was much worse that I had thought. Why is Paul so mad? I guess we never really had anything. He's just like all the other businessmen. I frowned.

"If you're asking me to resign you, then no. You're not going anywhere, especially to chase some stupid dream. Now, was there anything else?"

It was true. Paul only used me to get a position at his company and make it grow. He knew it would happen and he knew how he wanted it to happen. It didn't really make sense why he chose me, but it didn't matter because he tricked me. He never really had any feelings for me. Everything was a façade, a lie and I believed it. And now I was stuck.

Anything else to say to Paul? I knew I would regret it and that he probably didn't deserve to hear it, but I figured I didn't have anything else to lose. "Ugh…Paul…well, I missed you. I know that these things I think are probably wrong and the feelings I feel are probably wrong too, but they happened nevertheless and I'm sorry they did. I'm sorry for ever liking you or trying to like you. I …yeah…I don't know why I did, but I did. You wanted to help me when no one else did and I admired that. I tried to convince myself that for the past two months, you were busy, but it wasn't that. You just didn't want to see me. So….yeah…that's all I wanted to say."

I looked at Paul's house, cringing at the memories and left. I was stupid to think that Paul could like me.

My pace of walking was even slower than before. I wasn't sure where to go now so I just kept walking. It wasn't long until I thought of my life as a whole and how I hated every aspect of it. I decided that a change was necessary.

I needed to leave. I wanted to leave. I thought things over carefully. I could easily build myself up, using my business alter ego and contouring my supreme financial status to that of a coordinator, but I didn't like the idea. I had too much baggage, good and bad, in Hearthrome and the only way to rid myself of that was to leave. I didn't want to be reminded of all my mishappenings in Amity Square. I didn't want to reminisce about all the adventures I had with Ash and Brock in Sinnoh. I wanted to be in new surroundings with new people and I wanted to get there by myself. I wasn't going to take a train or a plain or a boat, I solely wanted to reach my destination with only the aid of my Pokémon. Although, I wasn't stupid; I wasn't going to start out with no money before.

Currently, I didn't really have any readily available cash from spending all my very large paychecks on clothes and shoes so I decided to go back to Paul's building. I took off my heels and ran, gaining speed as I felt renewed invigoration. The amount of time it took me to get there was must faster than it ever took me before. I actually wanted to get to work.

I ran into Paul's building rather awkwardly – hair in a mess, panting heavily, and barefooted. Although, I was able to correct my composure by the time the receptionist was done with whatever call she had. I looked at her and smiled. I hope this works.

She smiled back and spoke, not distracted at all this time, "Hello, Ms. Hikari, did you forget something?"

I sauntered other to her desk, arching my elbows delicately and placing them on the marble top, and learned towards her, still sweetly smiling. I gently played with a strand of my hair, slightly distracting her, and eventually spoke, "Well you see, I was going to put a down payment on this amazing new apartment, overlooking the city, but as I have just started working here, I don't have enough money yet. I just spoke with Mr. Shinji, literally just spoke, and he thought it was disgusting that one of his top associates and models lives in the slums. So he wanted me to have my next three checks advanced now."

She took everything in slowly, acting as if I just gave her a complex, international economic dilemma to solve, and finally replied, "Oh I could totally agree with Mr. Shinji, but I'm not sure I have the power to do that."

"Are you sure? Because he told that you did and he would be very unpleased if I told him you went against his orders," I said, turning my back to her and appearing distracted by her ignorance. She leaned over, grabbed my shoulder, and twirled me back around. I saw her face. She was terrified.

"Oh, please don't tell him! I would hate this lose this job. Hold on, let me see what I can do," she said as she immediately began typing on her computer.

A small smile played on my lips while I tried to remain clam and not explode with joy. I went to sit on the same black, suede couch I was sitting at earlier, only this time waiting for something different. I immediately grew very impatient and nervous and sitting and doing nothing wasn't helping. I went over to her desk and leaned over, looking at her screen.

"I'm sorry, this is taking so long Ms. Hikari. I actually do know how to access the company's funds. I've done it for a few clients before. However, the company changes it's password quiet frequently so I'm not sure that the password I have now will work, but I'll give it a try," she said, eyes fixated on the screen, bypassing a number of screens. "Why do you even need the money tonight though, can't you wait until tomorrow morning?"

Shit! "Ugh, well, you see….the apartment I want is very exclusive and there a number of other buyers interested. If I don't put a bid in by tonight then I will have no chance by tomorrow," I said relieved that I was able to think on my feet so well.

"Oh wow," she said rather nonchalantly, still going through a number of different screens, then continued, "Where's it located?"

Shit! "Ugh, I would tell you, but if I do buy it I'm going to throw a huge party and invite all my coworkers….so I want the location to be a surprise!" Please don't ask any more questions and just open up the damn account!

"Oh I love parties!" she squealed, now turning to look at me. I smiled awkwardly and daintily pointed back to the screen.

Yeah, that's great bitch, but can you just get to the account! I don't want to waste any more time!

A few minutes passed by where I watched her every more. I wasn't quite sure what or how a bimbo like her was bypassing what seemed to be very intricate computer structures, but she was so I didn't question it. I didn't feel like talking so, except for her fake nails hitting the keyboard, the lobby was quiet. Eventually she arrived at the screen. "Oh my! I did it! I'm at the company's account! All I need to do is enter in the password!" she said as she turned to face me. "But, as I said they change the password a lot, so the one I have might not work."

I nodded. She entered in the password and within a few minutes, the computer clicked. "What does that mean?" I asked, apprehension practically dripping from my mouth.

"It means it worked!" she said cheering and hugging me, probably glad that she the 'threat' didn't take away her precious job as a mere receptionist. She ripped out the check that the computer had printed and told me to cash it at any local ATM. As I grabbed the piece of paper from her hand, I felt ecstatic. Everything was going so well and felt so surreal, until her cell phone rang. Damn it, does the company contact her that fast?

She looked at her phone then back at me. "Ms. Hikari, I have to take this, sorry, it's my boyfriend," she said as she pranced down the hall, into the bathroom.

I sighed contently. It actually worked and nothing bad happened! Now I can start my new life out right! I looked at her computer and noticed something – she didn't log out of the company's account and as I just witnessed her type in the exact password, I could easily do it again. I gulped. That would be wrong, but I already was committing a felony so why not just do it a little more? In the past two months, I earned Paul so much money that he would have of earned otherwise so in a way I did deserve it. I bit my lip. My eyes flickered back to the screen as my fingers laid at rest on the keyboard, still questioning themselves whether or not they should really do ….the crime. Why would it matter? I would disappear by tonight anyway. No one would be able to catch me.

I looked over my shoulder to see if the receptionist was back from the bathroom. She wasn't. I took a deep breath and focused on the screen. I pressed the same code that the receptionist had used earlier and then slammed the enter key. A long list of processing information occurred, asking me three more times for the extra same password, then finally opened up to the company's bank account.


Shit, that's a lot of money.

As people around the world continued to buy and invest in Paul's products, the number continued to increase, only expanded the net worth of the company. Surely, if I take out a mere $10 million it wouldn't hurt. I pressed enter on the screen and a box popped up.





I thought it over. Yes! It isn't like he could actually catch me anyway.



Fuck you Paul

I instantly ripped the new check out of the printer, closed the account, and left the building. There was a feeling budding inside of me that I couldn't completely articulate it into words, but I liked it. The adrenaline-like sensation felt astounding and I worked off of it. I spirited to my crappy apartment, wind slashing my hair and picking my pace up from under my heels. I stopped for nothing and ignored everything, only one thing pertaining on my mind: best decision that I had ever made. There was a smile on my face that I couldn't and didn't want to take off. Life was momentarily perfect and I wasn't going to go into any of the minor details that could conceivably ruin my attitude. Upon entering my apartment, I grabbed all my valuables, favorite clothes, Pokéballs, Pokémon food, favorite jewelry, and various other things before leaving. I also change my attire, appealing to a more appropriate adventure of spontaneity and an indefinite future.

I looked at my apartment once more, feeling slightly sad that I would be leaving it behind, leaving a part of myself behind, my former identity. I couldn't bring myself to look at the carpet stains, mismatched furniture, or dented walls any longer. I shut the door and called out my Togekiss. We only stopped to cash both checks then left to fly into the night's horizon.