And I'm back. Not like I really went anywhere but you know what I mean. :) so, I think it's about time I came to you with another lovely story of mine. So, you know, here it is.

It's a NaruHina, obviously, I mean, when have I NOT written a NaruHina? haha XD

I gotta tell you guys, that I DO plan on continuing DEMON COUPLE oh, and I plan on continuing Friday the 13th as well... but I need to work a litte on them before they come up. So, in the mean time, I've started this baby. But I definitely plan on writing a sequel to Demon Couple, so you will be getting a sequel of that soon XD... well, whenever I can get to it, I still haven't gotten much of a storyline going on, so I've put this story up.

This story won't be long.. originally, I planned it to be a one-shot... but after writing over twenty-six pages and not even being half way through my story, I realised that it wasn't going to work. So, I don't plan on this story to be any more than ten chapters. But please, enjoy.

This is chapter one of my new story, THE STALKED. If you want to find out what it's about, read it!

Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy. xD.

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My name is Hinata Hyuuga. I am twenty-one years old and three months. I have lived with my family until the age of fifteen when I left to get an apartment to live in since I couldn't bear all the fighting I was having with my father. When I was six years old, my mother - Hikari Hyuuga - died. She had fallen down the stairs of our two-story house. And I had to leave to get away from that constant reminder that our stairs were blood-stained too.

I had moved into an apartment, which was another of my mistakes. Well, my roommate - Sakura Haruno - was the only mistake there. At first, I was sure we got along well, but then, I found her in bed with my (now ex)boyfriend - Sasuke Uchiha. It turned out he was a player and he had cheated on me with at least three other girls in our four week long relationship. I couldn't believe it took me so long to realise that I was being used. Afterwards, when I thought about it, he was an insensitive jerk and had nothing going for him except his looks. I have no idea how I liked him in the first place, he was pushy, arrogant and lifeless. I guess I was lucky in the way that I wasn't one of his sluts, but he had tried to make me one, but I just wouldn't have sex with him. So in the end I kicked my roommate out of our apartment, and now live there alone, which is what I am used to - being alone.

I also work as a nurse at Konoha District Hospital and am lucky to get that far at only the age of twenty-one. I have long blue-black hair, pupil-less lavender eyes and am rather small in height. I have few close friends: Kiba Inuzuka and Choji Akamichi are like brothers to me, and there is also Temari, my best friend, but that's it as far as friends go.


Today, Hinata was having a bad day. Well, a - worse than usual - bad day. First, she nearly had a heart attack when she thought she lost all those papers that she had to fill in for her patients in the morning. Then at work, some random came up to her and asked if she was the daughter of the deceased Hikari Hyuuga. It was true - Hikari was Hinata's mother, but no-one asked about her to Hinata, because it was a touchy subject.

And just to make her day worse on her way home from work she accidentally bumped into this large guy. He was tall, and very muscular, covered from head to toe in tattoos. Hinata's eyes widened when he looked over to her. Well, more like glared. "S-Sorry..." She said quietly, taking a step backwards. Hinata saw his fist clench by his side in the corner of her eye, and took another step backwards in fright. This guy wasn't happy.

"Look, girly. I'm having a bad day. And you think you can just bump into me like that!" He took a step close to Hinata, reaching out and grabbing onto the collar of her shirt.

Hinata let out a squeak - since every other word seemed to fly out of her vocabulary at that moment - and looked up at the man's angry eyes with her own wide scared ones.

A guy on his way home from the gym quickly caught onto the scene, a big man ready to punch the lights out of a young lady, and decided it was up to him to stop it. This young man ran towards the scene, trying to get there before the rather attractive woman would get hurt.

"Let her go!" He called out, a demanding and superior tone to his voice.

Hinata heard the voice, and looked over to see a rather handsome man – about her age – standing not too far away from her. The tough man that was holding her, glared at this new guy, and threw Hinata onto the ground so he could turn his attention to this new character.

Hinata hit the ground with quite a vicious 'thud'. Shaking out the pain in her limbs from being thrown into the ground that hard, she looked back up to find out how the handsome young man was fairing. Which was pretty well, actually, they weren't even fighting. As they continued to talk, she turned her eyes to the new guy, taking in his appearance.

He had spiky blonde hair that was untamed, bright blue azure eyes, and three whisker-shaped marks that appeared on each cheek on his face. Hinata saw him turn to her curiously, and gave her a reassuring smile, probably seeing the cautiousness on her face.

Hinata let out the breath she didn't even know she was holding, as she listened into their conversation.

"...Look, I understand that you were having a bad day. But you shouldn't be attacking strangers. Really, you shouldn't be attacking anyone. If you really need to let your anger out, go to the gym or something and do a work out. That always works for me." The blonde was saying.

The buff man just grunted in response, before turning away and storming off.

Hinata noticed the blonde then walking over to her, who was starting to get up at that moment, and heard him speak, "Hey, are you okay?"

Hinata nodded, "Yes, thank you. Just one bad day. I can't wait till I get home and go to sleep so it can be all over." She sighed.

The blonde grinned, "That sounds like a plan. I'm Naruto by the way," He held out his hand, which Hinata shook gently.

"I'm Hinata." She smiled, "And thank you for saving me."

"You're welcome," Naruto smiled at the attractive woman, "I'll see you around." he really hoped he would see her around. She was pretty, and polite, he'd never actually met anyone like that, especially under first impressions. He gave her one last smile before walking off.

Hinata smiled at him one last time, before sighing, thanking god for something good to come of her day. She rubbed her temples gently and walked the rest of the way to her house, and through the front door of her apartment. All she wanted to do was sleep. So she quickly got dressed into her pyjamas, brushed her teeth, set her alarm clock for the next morning and cuddled up into her warm bed, embracing the unconsciousness that was awaiting.



Hinata woke up with a start. It took her a few seconds until she realised her alarm clock wasn't going off. Stupid alarm clock. I am twenty-one years old and still couldn't remember to set my own alarm clock. Wait a second... I set my alarm clock last night. She looked over to where the clock should have been sitting only to see an empty desk. Now that piece of information woke her up.

She sat up so quickly it gave her whiplash, and while she was recovering, Hinata almost had a heart attack at the look of her bedroom.

How did I sleep through all of this! Books were everywhere, her lamp was broken on the floor, jewellery and clothes scattered all over the floor and she had no idea what had happened.

And then she heard a crash.

THEY WERE STILL HERE! Hinata had a minor freak out moment, before jumping out of her bed and shakily looking once again around the room. Her eyes caught onto her luckily unbroken tennis racket and quickly picked it up as her weapon of choice before slowly walking out of the door, attempting to be stealthy.

Though it didn't turn out too well. She was breathing heavily and let out a small 'Eeeep!' from being so terrified when she saw two large silhouettes of men walk around her lounge room, pulling stuff apart and looking through before throwing it on the floor.

Hinata froze when they quickly turned to look at her, obviously having heard the 'eeep' and glanced at each other before turning to her.

"Don't worry Sweetie, we're not going to hurt you." The tallest of the duo said reassuringly with his deep male voice as he came towards Hinata. She couldn't see his face but she knew at that moment that he was bald by the light glint on his forehead. Hinata just stared at him for a second in complete shock, but he was getting too close for comfort. So on reaction, she swung her tennis racket into his face, affectively breaking the handle, but that really wasn't what was worrying her right now. She took a couple giant steps back now only holding the handle of her weapon of choice staring at the duo and shivering uncontrollably.

"You little bitch!" The bald man said, rubbing his face with his arm, "You're going to pay for that!" He growled, walking towards her.

"What do you want with me?" Hinata asked, her voice high pitched with terror as she slowly stepped back. The other man which had picked up a small book-like object approached Hinata by the side of the bald man.

Hinata knew the other man was smirking when he looked at her, "This has got nothing with you, sweetheart, but you are quite the catch, I would like to have some fun with that body of yours... Yeah... you, would make a delicious sex toy... You're lucky that it's not a part of the plan."

The bald man completely ignored his partner, "Where's the key!" he growled at Hinata, obviously still mad about the tennis racket thing.

She shivered in terror, backing up until she found her own back up against a wall, "W-what k-key?"

The bald man gripped her arm tightly, "Where is the key?" He squeezed, making Hinata cry out gently.

"I d-don't know w-what you're t-talking about..." Hinata whimpered.

He gripped it even tighter, glaring down the girl until the guy with hair sighed, "She doesn't know. Don't worry about it, man, we've got the diary, lets just get out of here." He didn't seem very happy, giving Hinata lustful glances.

"Right. But after this bitch pays for what she's done."

Hinata had never been so scared in her life. She couldn't defend herself as the bald man approached, and the 'run' option wasn't really coming through to her head. She was in such a shock and so scared that she couldn't move. The next thing she saw was a clenched fist flying straight towards her and she let out an ear-piercing scream before she was hit in the cheek, in such a hard hit that had her flying into a table. She felt herself hit the ground awkwardly before her mind went black.