The Red String of Fate


I Hyuga Hinata am a good girl. I do all my homework and never say bad words; I take a shower every day and do all the chores that my dad gives me.

I Hyuga Hinata have a secret: I am a model and not just any model, I am a famous model. It's kind of like all that Hannah Montana shit, a normal girl and a pop star that are the same person. I know this will sound a bit cliché but I am living two lives in one and I cannot say that I like it very much.

I Uchiha Sasuke am a sexy badass. I sometimes do my homework and mostly say bad words. I do take showers because otherwise I would pretty much stink. I don't even live with my parents so I don't have to obey them.

I Uchiha Sasuke have a secret: I think I might be gay. I know this will sound pretty used up but I am a teenager that is living his life confused. It's like that guy from Glee, the weird gay guy that always blabbers about singing girls' songs. Well I might be gay, I might not. The thing is I don't know, because well my dick was you know, alive the other day and I wasn't even looking at girl's boobs or lesbian porn… I was looking at Naruto.

I ran as far as my petite legs would take me, Goddamn I'm going to be late for my photo-shoot! I thought as I ran even faster. I swayed my arms to my sides stupidly and puffed some air into my lungs as I ran even more.

I walked tiresome, as I took a big breath and yawned. I was finally going home and eating Itachi-nii's famous curry and smuggling in my blankets while trying to figure out what my sexual needs where. Well who knew anyways, I'm still young, right?

"Idiot move!" I yelled as I ran even faster, screaming and putting my arms before me, realizing that even if I wanted to stop I no longer could.

The girl ran up to me, her small arms aloof and her short legs no longer being able to stop.

I crashed into the boy and took in his scent. I realized that I was smashing him with my body and that my knee was crushing his thing into tiny pieces. But then something way weirder that feeling a guy's dick under my knee happened: I touched his hand and felt a thousand emotions rushing into me like a wave. And suddenly I couldn't help but think that I was feeling him. No, not in a pervy way, more like I was experiencing all that this boy had once experienced, his mom and dad, their funeral, the way his penis would pop up every time he saw some blonde idiot. I was living his life through his touch.

The girl with the indigo hair crashed into me. I felt the pain as she crushed my buddy into infinitesimal pieces. She laid her hand on mine, probably to get up, but just when she was about to get up I had this weird feeling, I saw her as she ranted with her little sister and as they both cried for the death of their mother and of her as she posed for some lolicon magazine. I felt all that she had lived as it flashed into my eyes and for a moment I thought I was dead.

"Eh! Did you just see that?" I asked her as she gasped for air.

"Your gay!" fuck, she saw it.

"Shut up, you're a model and you don't see me telling everyone do you!" i yelled, worried that everyone had heard what she had just said.

Her eyes widened as she got up.

She smiled, "please don't tell anyone!"

"I won't if you don't tell anyone about my situation."

And with that it all started. Who would have ever thought that I wasn't gay. Who would have ever thought that actually this was the girl I would fall idiotically in love with. Who would have thought that since we were soul mates we could communicate with touch! Don't go fucking with me! That is so not true… right?

A/N: I do not own Naruto or any of it's characters.

Okay so I know this is a bit more mature writing than that which I am used to writing but well, i hope you enjoy. Oh and in case you didn't know the lines are separating that points of view of both Hinata and Sasuke. I hope it isn't very confusing but I just hate the way it all looks when you put Hinata's POV or Sasuke's POV... so yeah.

Oh yeah and The Red String of Fate is a Japanese story, you know like our soul mates thing except that those soul mates are tied with a red string to each other.

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