Okay, so I know that you aren't supposed to announce something in this sort of way, but well I just feel like I need to say it, but first so that no one gets angry at me I will post a tiny paragraph of what is to come...

I had just seen what he had seen and he had seen what I had seen, I was confused. I stood up and gave him a menacing smile.

"Well then, see you around," I said as I started walking away. I looked back at the guy as he too started to clumsily get up. I looked him up and down, 'Damn, too bad he's gay' I thought. After this the weirdest thing happened, I felt a light tug on my wrist. What do I mean light, it felt as if my hand was going to rip off out of so much pressure. I looked at the boy as he too seemed to struggle with the pressure being applied to his wrist. He looked at me and I looked at him, and then I saw it... attatched to my wrist was a big, ruby red handcuff. I gasped in horror as I followed the chain attatched to the handcuff with my eyes only to see the other end grasping tightly at the gay guys hand.

The red string of fate, fuck you! How am I supposed to live the rest of my life with this sexually confused teen?

Okay, I only wrote that because otherwise you -the few reader that are actually interested in this story- would get pissed if you found out that this is not a new chapter but more like a stupid anouncment that no one cares about. So yeah, here we go:

I plan to continue this story, or more like remake it as I think that the starting point for it was not all that good, and even if I think that some parts where good, the first chapter and prologue was overall confusing. So I plan to remake it, better (not for anybody's sake as I know that most of you won't even give a shit about this, but more for my own satisfaction in this story, as selfish as it sounds) so worry not I will give you Sasuhina obsessed people, Sasuhina haters and also Sasuhina newbies a brand new experience, just wait ne!