This, as you will rapidly notice is not a new chapter. First Try is complete as it has been since it would not leave me alone and forced me to write it in the span of three days.

I am using this space to inform you that I did some editing to the story, and have changed some of the wording around so it was less awkward, and altered a few scenes slightly. That, and I thought I'd give you guys a handy guide to the stories in the First Try 'verse.


The chaptered stories are:

First Try

In which, through a stroke of luck, Naruto graduates the Academy two years early when he takes the graduation exam for the first time.

First Try: Team 7

In which, two years after his graduation, Naruto is placed on Team 7 under Hatake Kakashi against his will.

First Try: Shippuden

In which Naruto returns to Konoha to find that Sasuke is something of a family man, and that his former teammate Satoshi is in trouble as monumentous events loom on the horizon. On Hiatus pending completion of Team Tetsuo and a possible re-write.

First Try: Team 7 Divergence

Diverges from First Try: Team 7 at around Chapter 35.

In which Shizune's pleas fall on deaf ears, and Tsunade betrays Konoha by healing Orochimaru, leading to the fall of the Sannin, and the rise of the Godaime Hokage Hyuuga Hiashi.

First Try: Team Tetsuo

Diverges from First Try in Chapter 11 between August and October.

In which what would have happened if the Hokage had decided not to give Naruto to Kakashi and gave Sasuke and Sakura to Shimura Tetsuo to fill out his team instead is explored.


Oneshots in the First Try 'verse are:

First Try: River Country Con

In which Naruto experiences his first C-Ranked mission, and Shimura Tetsuo passes down a useful skill.


There are two drabble and onshot collections in the 'verse, and they are:

First Try: Tetsuo

In which moments of Shimura Tetsuo's early life are chronicled.

First Try: Zabuza

In which moments in Momochi Zabuza's life following his marriage to Godaime Mizukage Terumi Mei are chronicled.