A/N: A bit of a speedy fill for the Portal kink community. I thought the idea of computers digging human erotica was funny. Who am I to say "no" to such a delightful challenge? Apologies for any major errors; this was written in one sitting very late at night. Dedicated with love to the good folks at the Portal kink community.

"I was in it for the science."

This, of course, is a lie, not dissimilar to the lie GLaDOS voiced earlier about not having enough power to lie. Some things aren't for test subjects, er, colleagues to know. The footage of Chell taking a "break" in the old test chamber 16 stored in an encrypted file, for instance. A few sparks drift out of her mechanisms at the thought and she hopes the woman holding her temporary organic shell in her hands doesn't notice.

Holding...touching...those soft, firm fingers wrapped around her in Aperture's dank underground, not dissimilarly to the way they'd wrapped around her own breast in a cool corner where she thought a camera wouldn't see...

No! She must focus on the here, the now. He's going to kill them both with his idiocy and she's never going to get her body back. There is no time to think about those terabytes of data that he...has...full access to if he's smart enough to look for them.

Oh god.

It was for science! Yes. To satisfy her own curiosity about human anatomy. That's what she'll tell him if he asks, which he won't because she's going to rip him apart before he has the chance. He certainly won't be permitted to ask her about all the saved data on specific test subjects...subject, actually. Just the one test subject. Colleague.

Whose supple fingers are less than a foot away, whose gorgeous brains are even now working this out. Oh, nobody can solve a test like this woman! That little moron thinks he knows what euphoria is but his pathetic tremors are nothing to the climax that shut her down and ripped this facility's heart out with her. Really, that little black box had been doing her a favor for the past several decades. Not that anyone will ever know, of course.

Shrieking metal hides the little gasp that escapes her and Chell doesn't seem to notice the flicker in GLaDOS' tiny yellow optic. If that little moron has corrupted any of those files she's going to...to...think about it when her former test subject stops holding the device against her heaving chest, hot breath fogging her optic, lips so close... The floor shakes and Chell staggers, pressing the potato against her mouth by accident.

When she comes back on line, GLaDOS fervently hopes there's enough power to save that in her tiny memory banks. It wasn't a proper kiss, but those lips were every bit as warm and soft as her calculations had led her to believe. She plans on adding this to her collection...and encrypting it a dozen times over as soon as she's back in her body. No one should see incomplete research. There is yet more data to gather, after all. So much more.

Maybe another well-placed tremor will put her close to other curious parts of her colleague. That would be nice. For science, of course. A nice thing to learn...for science. Yes.

While Chell diligently works her way through another test, GLaDOS spends some quiet time in hopeful calculations.