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Chapter 5

It's All Relative

"Well, he's asked me to call and give you the message." Janet's voice held a small amount annoyance with the taller Simon brother. "I came over because, because I was a little curious about the desk." She hated admitting the truth, especially to Rick Simon, but she decided it was better to just admit it and get it out of the way, otherwise, he would be constantly bugging her about it.

Rick grinned. "And why didn't Brown come down here himself?"

Janet hated it, he already looked like the cat that ate the canary. Instead of responding to his question, Janet turned towards Andrew.

Andrew knew Rick had pushed her to her limit. "What did Brown have to say?" His voice was soft, encouraging her not to pay attention to Rick.

"Detective Mosely did have a son. In fact," Janet paused, relieved that A.J. stepped in. "he lives in San Diego."

He abruptly sat up in his chair. "Does he know where?"

She chuckled. "Come on A.J., he is a Lt. in the San Diego Police Department." She handed him a piece of paper.

A.J. looked at the paper. "About an hour from here." He looked over at Rick and then Janet. He found her staring in the direction of the desk. "We sent a letter a few hours ago, but haven't heard back from her yet." His voice held some disappointment.

"So, she's not consistent with her responses?" Janet sounded surprise.

"I don't think a ghost has a watch." The graveling voice of Rick Simon caused Janet to straighten her shoulders.

Laughing hollowly, Janet took a step towards the desk. "Ghost? Come on guys!"

"Well, maybe ghost isn't the correct term, but whatever she is, she eventually will respond." A.J. was trying to head off the argument that was bound to come between the two of them.

Standing in front of the large oak door, Rick pressed the door bell. They could hear it echo throughout the house. The door finally opened. Behind the glass door stood a man in his early fifties. "Yes?" He asked without opening the door.

A.J. smiled. "Mr. Mosely?"

The man nodded. "And you are?"

"I'm Rick Simon, and this is my brother, A.J. Simon of Simon and Simon Detective Agency." Rick spoke, wishing the man would open the door.

As if reading Rick's mind, he opened the door. "Come on in." Standing in the foyer, Mr. Mosely shook their hands. "Have the police decided to reopen the case?" His voice sounded hopeful.

Rick glanced at A.J. before speaking. "What case?" He tried to keep his voice level.

Mr. Mosely moved to what would be considered the 'great room'. He motioned for the brothers to sit, while he took a seat in an over stuffed chair. Slowly drawing a pipe out from inside his cardigan, he filled it thoughtfully. "So, you're not here to look into my father's death?"

A.J. cleared his voice. "Well, no, not directly, but the case we are looking into is related."

Lighting the pipe, Mosely drew in on the pipe, slowly exhaling smoke. He set the pipe down in a stand on a table near his chair. "Then, what is the case you are investigating?" He peered at the Simon brothers a moment, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. "You're investigating the Dresdan case?"

Rick nodded. "We were hoping that we could get information from you concerning your father's investigation into Dresdan's death."

"Mr. Mosely, we believe that not only your father, but also Mr. Dresdan were murdered, and their deaths are connected. We're hoping you have kept some of your father's papers concerning this case." A.J. sat back in his chair waiting for Mosely to answer.

"It could work out that if we solve one murder, the other..." Rick leaned forward in his chair, hoping that such a promise might work in their favor. A.J. shot his brother a warning, not to promise any more than what he already had.

"Miles." A small smile came across the old man's face.

Rick furrowed his brow. "Miles? Miles to what?"

Mosely shook his head, slightly bemused at the elder Simon's confusion. "Call me Miles."

The Simon brothers smiled simultaneously. Miles continued. "I do have my father's papers. I have been through them several times over the years, trying to figure out what had happened. When he died, I was only 9 years old. My mother, she tried to hide what had happened, but I was young, and needed answers." Miles looked at his visitors, "Haven't you ever lost anyone, and it hurt so much, that you could not ask questions, or look for the answers?" Both Rick and A.J. silently nodded in agreement.

Balancing the box between himself and the door, A.J. unlocked it, pushed it opened and grabbed the box before it fell. Rick followed behind him, carrying another box and a paper bag. "I can't believe our luck! " Setting the box and bag on the table he glanced over towards A.J. His smile faded, the desk was once again open. He noted that his brother was frozen.

"I'll get it." Rick moved to step around A.J.

A.J. stuck his arm out, blocking Rick. "No. I'll do it. It's, it's my turn." With that, he walked over, gingerly opening the drawer. He pulled an envelope out. Sitting down at the desk, he opened the envelope, pulling a photo out. Handing the photo to Rick, A.J. pulled out the letter. He began reading the letter out loud.

Dear Simon and Simon,

Enclosed is a recent photo of my husband.

I am delighted to hear that Lt. Brown is now

on the case.

A.J. paused a moment, looking over at Rick. Rick furrowed his brow. "What's wrong?"

"Listen to this." He continued.

Is it true? Is Detective Mosely dead?

Was it an accident?

Please, please give his wife and child

my condolences.


Mrs. Stephen Dresdan

A chill went down Rick's spine. "What was the date that Mosely died?" He began to dig through the bag. Stopping when he found what he was looking for. He emitted a low whistle. "He died exactly forty-three years ago today. "It's indicating accidental. Signed by a Dr. Baggs."

Rick handed the death certificate to his brother to examine. A.J. glanced at his brother. "Should we send it to her?"

The elder Simon shook his head. "We have nothing to gain from that, and in her condition..." Andrew nodded in agreement, as he began pushing the desk closed. "Wait A.J.!" Rick's command stopped him.

"What?" Holding the desk door halfway to closing.

"The only time we receive a letter is when we close the desk. Until we have more questions to ask, or further information to share with her, let's keep the desk open."

A.J. carefully lowered the desk door. "Do you think it makes times stand still for her?"

Rick tilted his head in thought. "I don't know. I do know the one time we did close it without answering, she was frustrated."

"Listen to us! Her 'condition', her 'frustration', we are giving this, this entity feelings and physical attributes." A.J. paused, running his hand through his hair, he looked at Rick. "Just what did happen to Laura Dresdan and her baby?"

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