[Title] Facts (1/1)

[Author] Tara Maeve (tara_maeve@yahoo.com)

[Disclaimer] They don't belong to me. They'd have much more fun if they did.

[Summery] Sirius tells Snape some facts about Remus Sirius's POV.

[A/N] Finished November 2001. Posted much much later. ::guilty look::


Did you know he cried? You never heard him, night after night, sobbing into his pillow until he finally, exhausted, fell into slumber. You never tried to ask him about it in the morning and get shot a look that could rival ice for coldness.

James brought it up with me once. "Sirius, what's wrong with Re?" I shrugged, feigning that I didn't know. Of course I knew. I'd be a fool not to have realised why.

He was going to tell you his feelings for you. He was sitting next to me and he just blurted out that he'd tell you. That night I told you about the prodding the Whomping Willow with a stick and you saw Remus in werewolf form and… well as they say, the rest is history.

After that he was a changed man. You hated him, he still loved you. He sometimes would turn over in his sleep mumbling your name to himself. You were his all. It didn't matter that I wanted Remus as much as he wanted you. He was completely obvious to my feelings. He only wanted you. It didn't matter that *I* stroked away sweat slicked hair from his forehead when he had nightmares. He still fucking *loved* *you* and wanted wake up beside *you* and wanted to call *you* 'love'.

You called him *monster*.

[the end]

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