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The sun shone brightly as the large group gathered to remember the fallen during the the War on the planet Coruscant. Many different beings had gathered for Remembrance Day.

Chancellor Mothma spoke about the struggles of the Rebellion and the bravery of the Troops. Leia nearly dozed off during the speech.

Finally a droid stepped forward and started to recite some of the names of the fallen.

Finally they were dismissed and small group of Jedi headed back for the Temple.


The younger Jedi watched in curiosity as Anak and Mikayla lit candles and whispered names.

"What are you doing?" Torg asked.

"We are lighting candles to help the spirits of the lost find their way home." Mikayla explained. "This is how Ashlans remember the Fallen."

"Oh," Torg said.


The Jedi Temple was mostly silent as the Jedi went about their business. The Jedi rather not celebrate with pomp or with food. They preferred silently remembering their fallen friends, comrades and family.

As night approached the Jedi gathered in one of the many rooms in the Temple.

Luke Skywalker spoke briefly about the sacrifices of the fallen and how they would want them to love the freedom that they, the fallen, had died giving to them.

It wasn't as long or elegant as Chancellor Mothma's speech but it touched the hearts of all the Jedi in the room.



May we always remember the Fallen and their Sacrifices.