Water flowed gracefully down the silver column in the centre of the square, small droplets sprinkling Gwen's face. She breathed deeply, allowing it to cool her cheeks as she stopped in thought. Jack's hand grasped her shoulder and squeezed it comfortingly. She took a step closer to him, holding his hand with a faint smile etched across her lips. He guided her to the stone platform and as they became suddenly unseen to everyone around them, he placed a tender kiss into her soft hair. They lowered down into the newly built hub and Gwen gasped as her eyes fell upon her old home. It was so similar. As if they had never left, as if the world hadn't almost ended, as if Ianto hadn't died.

She knew Jack was thinking the same as she could feel his body tense beside her and could almost hear his heartbeat pounding in his chest. They reached the floor and stood still for a moment, almost able to imagine the smell of Ianto's freshly brewed coffee and hear Owen's complaints as Tosh hands him yet another report to fill.

"Welcome to Torchwood." Martha appeared from around the corner and broke the illusion both Gwen and Jack had been absorbed in. She grinned at the pair of them and rushed to give Gwen a hug. Jack beamed at the girls and as Martha turned to him he gave a nod.

"Miss Martha Jones, the voice of a nightingale, eh?" he chuckled.

Martha flashed her wedding ring and laughed "Mrs Martha Smith." She corrected and turned to look over her shoulder. "Mickey? Are you coming?"

"Just a minute!" A voice called.

"So how are you both? Oh and how's the baby?" Martha asked excitedly.

"We're okay, coping. And Anwen is fine. Right little beauty she is now. Here's a picture." Gwen fumbled in her pockets and took out a small wallet, in which was a small photograph of Anwen. Anwen's grin spread from ear to ear and her cheeks held a pretty rose-coloured glow. Gwen showed Martha the picture, a sense of pride evident in the way she smiled.

"Oh she's beautiful. Really gorgeous. You did so well Gwen." Martha smiled happily and pulled Gwen into another hug.

"Mickey Mouse!" Jack announced, dragging Mickey into a rough man-hug the moment he appeared from the meeting room. Mickey wriggled and writhed however he was unable to escape the gasp of his old friend until Jack released him.

"Captain Cheesecake." Mickey gave a salute and grinned at him with a wink. "Guess I'll actually have to call you Captain now, or Sir."

Jack turned his gaze to Gwen and shrugged his shoulders, as if to ask if he could be the 'Captain' again. Gwen's pretty eyes blinked at him and she tilted her head, raising an eyebrow. He knew that meant that he was always going to be her Captain, and she would always follow him. He'd known that since he met her. A man with everlasting life, how could you resist? She laughed at him and punched his shoulder gently.

"Of course you can take charge; I'll be second in command, Captain." She mimicked Mickey's salute and wandered off to take a look around the 'new' hub.


Gwen's stomach lurched and her fingers trembled on the paperwork she held in her grasp. She had found it, and it killed her. The exact replica of Ianto's precious coffee machine stood boldly before her, a metre or two away. The paperwork fell from her arms as they went limp. She took a step forward. And then another. Her feet felt heavy and her eyes filled with tears. She stopped suddenly right in front of the machine, staring into its silvery shine. Gwen pressed her fingers onto the cool metal and let the tears slip down her cheeks.

"It's the same." Jack whispered from behind her, she could tell he was at least a few metres back but his voice rang crisply in her ears. Gwen nodded feebly but couldn't find the right words to reply with. She breathed heavily and gently touched the buttons and switches of the machine. Jack's warm hand covered hers and clasped it carefully. He placed his other hand on her waist and stood close behind her.

"We've got to let him go. Let the past go, everyone we've lost." He told her, pressing a kiss onto her neck. She shivered at his touch but let him continue to press kisses down her neck.

"I can't forget them. I won't." She mumbled as her legs gave way slightly under the Captain's irresistible touch. Jack moved his lips upwards slightly so that he was breathing on her neck in hot whisps.

"You don't have to forget. Just move on from it. It's hard, I know. Ianto mean't a lot…everything, to me. I'll never forget him, but I know that I'll have to move on. Keep on fighting. Keep doing what we do."

Gwen turned quickly in Jack's arms and crashed her lips onto his, cupping his cheek with her hand. She explored his mouth with skill and Jack lost his hands in her beautiful, silky hair. Their bodies pressed against each other in a mess of firey passion. Gwen broke away at the sound of heeled footsteps behind the both of them. She blushed deeply as she realised Martha walking towards them.

"Having fun?" She smirked, throwing a small electronic device towards Jack which he only just caught, his face flashing her a puzzled grin. "This is predicting rift activity in five minutes. I think we've got our first case." Martha grinned back.