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All italized words are lyrics of the song.


Song 1:


Light Yagami is his full name. He has a father, a mother and a younger sister. He is handsome and unquestionably smart. He used to be a goody-goody boy, but now, he is nearing 17 and he's bored as hell. So…

'I don't go to school every Monday,

I've got my reasons to sleep

Don't you tell me how I should be.'

Light's mother, as usual, greeted him with a smile when he came home. "So, where is it?" his mother asked.

"ah.. right. The results." He just got the results of the final exams. "Ha-ha. Top scorer, as always. Good job, Raito-kun." his mother praised him. "Uhm, is there anything you want, perhaps?"

"No, mother." Light replied. He thought, 'I want a lover.' But that would be too awkward to say to his mother. Besides, if he were to say that, his mother would just reply, 'but Raito-kun, aren't you popular with the girls? Why don't you try dating them.'

Light isn't satisfied with girls. He thinks they just like him because of his looks and intelligence. They are too shallow for him. And add the fact that he wants males…

One afternoon, when Light was out for a walk, he noticed that the leaves are white, sakuras are flying everywhere, and trees are bright pink. It was winter. He will be 17 soon. And all he wants for his birthday is a lover, a male lover.

While thinking about this, he saw silhouette of a man with a bad posture and it looks like he was sucking his thumb. He just ignored him.

Light Yagami is 17.

His birthday passed and he still doesn't have a lover.

While he was seating on a bench, he saw a falling black notebook. He followed it fall with his eyes and saw it land on his feet. He picked it up. "Death…Note?"

He laughed. "Ha-ha. What the hell is this?" That was his first impression. A month later, he was using it like crazy. Another week had passed, Ryuk came into his life. (You know the story)

One day…

"This is Lind L. Taylor, or more popularly known as L. (blah, blah, blah) I will hunt you down Kira. I will send you your death," Taylor ended his speech. After a short while, he died. Cause: Heart attack.

"No, L, I sent you your death. Whoever goes against me will die." After a short while, an electronic voice spoke. "Kira, the one you killed was a convict whose death sentence is today. Thus, me, the real l, is still alive. Now, kill me! Kill me! … I guess you can't. Thanks for the tip. (blah, blah, blah)"

That was how Light met L.

After some time, when Shiori died, Light forced his father to join the Kira investigation. He said that he must avenge Shiori. Though, truth be told, he killed Shiori himself.

When the Kira Investigation team saw l, they couldn't believe their eyes. L is 24. He has a bad posture, he has his thumb on his lips, and he wore jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt.

Later, Light meets L. He was supposed to hate him for L is his biggest hindrance, but soon as he sees him, his heart beat faster. 'Could he be the one I'm waiting for?' Light thought.

'I've made up my mind about the music,

I've made up my mind about the style,

I know that I'm stable and able to settle down, but I keep


Down with the sun.'

L had put on surveillance cameras around the Yagami household. This was a problem for Light. But now that he met L, whenever he thought about it, he would rather blush on the thought of 'L was watching me' than get furious that he did that.

L, every now and then, tells Light that, even with a 1% chance of suspicion, he thinks that he is Kira. Light gets nervous, deep inside, because he is Kira and he is there to prove he is not what he is. So he thought,

'I can't give it up,

The night is calling me like a drum,

I keep on, f-f-f-falling.'

There was a time that L decided to chain him and Light together. Light thought that it's not a problem since he already prepared for circumstances like this. So the only thing that was running on his mind was L. 'Does this mean, he is with me in everything I do?' He blushes and felt chilly (in a romantic way).

So, technically, they were sleeping in the same bed. Light stared at L's sleeping face. He didn't notice it but his gaze was slowly going down, from his face down to his chest and still further down.

'This life is so full of temptation,

And I want to keep it that way.'

After a while of lustrous gazing, Light noticed that L woke up. "Aren't you sleepy, Light-kun?"

"N-no." Light managed to say. "Well, what can I do to make you sleepy?" L asked. "Why?" "I wanted to stare at Light-kun's sleeping face."

~thump, thump…~ "wha-what are you talking about, Ryuuzaki?"

"I like you, Light-kun." L said. 'Damn, this guy is so straight-forward' Light thought. "hah, that's a trap, isn't it, Ryuuzaki?"

L kissed Light to prove that what he said wasn't a trap and is his real feelings. Light would have jumped in joy but he, instead, kept his cool, and acted cool.

'I know myself I can handle the game.'

Days passed. Light didn't want l to declare that the chain will be taken off. Because…

'I made up my mind about the future,

I made up my mind about the past.'

L did proclaim that the chain-surveillance is over. But he still suggested that Light and he would sleep in the same bed. Deep inside, Light really liked the idea. "But, Misa, she's—" Light tried to explain.

"Sshh…" L put his thumb on Light's lips, and then locked his own to a kiss with Light. This was the second time L kissed Light. "O-okay." Light finally agreed.

'I know that I'm stable and able to hold on, but.'

L continued kissing Light. Light was drowning inside L's kiss. They reached L's room and slowly, they took of their clothes. "Are we really going to do this, L?" Light asked. "Yes, Light-kun. And you called me L."


Down with the sun,

I can't give it up

The night is calling me like a drum.

I keep on f-f-f-falling.'

It ended quite satisfying for Light. He even thought that it was better than doing it with Misa. "How was it, Light-kun?"L asked. "It was good." Light was lying. It was the best.

L noticed this. It is L after all. L managed to ask Light what he really thought.

'I need a flame, I need a spark.'

L almost laughs. 'Don't tell me, Light is insecure?' he thought. L explained that his feelings were sincere.

'Don't be afraid to open my heart.

'I need a game, I need a shock.'

'Don't be afraid, my heart is unlocked.'

"Light-kun, please believe me."


Down with the sun,

I can't give it up

The night is calling me like a drum,

I keep on f-f-f-falling.'

Light kissed L once more, to assure him that he believes. Besides, he just keep on f-f-f-falling.