Even from his spot by the entrance to the ice cream parlour, Ollie was gleefully watching the tattooed man boldly enter Dinah's flower shop. He straightened his back and checked to make sure his bow was ready for use.

Then he started to take a step towards the shop.

He had it all planned out in his head: Bad guy would be making inappropriate advances on her, he'd come swooping in like her knight in a green hood and shiny blond hair; he'd beat the bad guy, and she'd give him that adoring gaze and...well, you get the picture.

But his luck wasn't working right that day.

He hadn't even reached the street when the tattooed man came flying out the door. And then there was Superboy, perpetual scowl grown more intense on his face. Ollie was beginning to think the clone'd get a jump start on developing heat vision with the frequency of his glares..

But, back to the tattooed man. Ollie had to give it to the man; even punched out by the clone of Superman with all the inherent super-strength, the man was back on his feet and itching for a fight within seconds. Given that he was high on drugs, Ollie knew the man would be mostly impervious now but he will be feeling the abuse in a couple of hours. There was a faint crunch as the man stupidly blocked Superboy's right hook with his open palm. Yep, he'll definitely be feeling the pain later.

For now, Ollie will just have to content himself with providing support to the enraged clone. He could always claim that his being there helped Superboy restrain himself from doing something bad.

He readied a trick arrow that would release a cloud of knock-out gas upon impact and wondered absently if it would be enough to put a doped adult to sleep in seconds. He figured it probably wouldn't hurt to try.

One well-aimed arrow, a gas cloud that briefly covered the man, and three seconds later; it was obvious to Ollie that one wasn't enough and only served to bring the man's attention to him. Ollie wasn't worried though. What can one doped up adult do against three expert archers?

A lot, it turns out.

The confrontation happened on two sidewalks across each other with an open road in between. The Arrows were safely staying put on one, while their prey attempted to cross the street to get to them - at the same time a car came speeding through the empty road.

At almost the last second, its driver managed to spin the car and avoid hitting the man. But the tires skidded and sent the car sliding towards the ice cream parlour.

The Arrows scattered.

Ollie dove left; a quick glance showed that Roy followed his direction. And Artemis?

He spotted Superboy standing by the hood of the car - the clone must have stopped the car from skidding further. Then his "niece's" blond head bobbed on the other side of the stalled car. Ollie started to call to her-

-He was suddenly shoved to the ground. Ollie looked up at Roy who held a trick-arrowhead in his hand.

"I'm out of your shadow and I still have to watch your back." The youth muttered, lobbing the arrowhead at the oncoming figure of the tattooed man.

The arrowhead exploded just before impact - wrapping the man in a net of black cords that sent him falling to the road.

Ollie grinned and started picking himself up. "Thanks, Roy-"

"Don't." The bitter tone in his first protégé's voice strangled whatever he was about to say. "Just...don't."

There was a world of hurt in that voice, and Ollie wanted to offer comfort to the youth - the first kid he'd raised, his first trainee - but he didn't know what to say. The words wouldn't come.

"Are you boys done?" His grin widened at the woman's voice interrupting them.

Ollie quickly turned to face Dinah, relieved that he and Roy wouldn't have to hash out their problems in public this soon. "Pretty bird! We were uh, in the neighbourhood."

She raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. "And what would the owner of Queen Industries be interested in this part of town?"

"Well, uh..."

"They were in the ice cream shop," Superboy offered, coming up to stand beside her. "I saw them when we were re-potting the azaleas."

Dinah's steely blue eyes flashed dangerously. "You were spying on me?"

Ollie raised his hands in surrender, not wanting to be another victim of the restrained Canary Cry in her voice. "Now now, pretty bird, I was just...admiring...from afar."

"And that's where you're staying if you're going to keep stalking me! If I said it once, I've said it a hundred times, mind your own business." She spun on her heel and stalked back to her shop, leaving Ollie to stare at her in embarrassment.

"Ouch. Busted." Roy commented with a wince and a smirk.

"You just had to mention that we were in the shop," Artemis was aiming a calculating look at Superboy.

The clone merely shrugged. "He had it coming."