Full Series Summary: Best friends Miley, Demi, and Selena enter a new school that requires special talents, camping experience and the courage to be able to conquer anything. Their goals are to work hard to become a real musician/actress/etc. But many problems occur when they become famous and face the real world. And many of them will change. Some will be on the edge of separation. But will all these problems fall back to Miley?


Miley Cyrus

Demi Lovato

Selena Gomez

Nick Jonas

Joe Jonas

Logan Lerman

Rose Thorns Chapter 1

(Auditions for the Singing Awards 2011)

Selena: Are you guys ready?

Demi: I feel so nervous!

Miley: It's okay guys. Just pretend like we're during rehearsals!

Announcer: Okay! We have Miley, Demi, and Se-lenaa!

[Performance begins]

[Their singing is muted for the narrator, Miley, to begin her story]

Narrator Miley: Family, first love, second chances, and the moments that lead you back home. I thank these two for giving me all of that. I thought in pictures, I always look upset. And now, I love my fans, and I'm still the same person. Let me continue where it first started…

[Miley playing piano]

[Demi singing]

[Selena on a skateboard to get to class]

Logan sees Selena while she comes out and wants to get to know her more, but instead they go in separate directions

[Selena drops books on the floor before putting them into the locker after Joe accidently pushes her. Demi comes over and helps Selena while talking to Joe and then all 3 of them walk to dance class. During dance class, Miley comes in late after practicing on her piano for too long and earns detention. As a friend, Demi and Selena joined detention with her.]

Demi: Sorry. We forgot to remind you about going to class.

Miley: Yea…it's okay. But where were the both of you?

Selena: Well, we crashed into Joe in between classes.

Demi: Yea, and we had fun conversations.

[Selena and Demi talk to each other about Joe without Miley]

Miley: Hey. So did you see Nick?

Selena: Nick?

Demi: Oh…I think he left the school with Nicole

Miley: With who?