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"Jasper, what are you talking about?" I asks, my heart pounding in my chest. His blue eyes stare into mine deeply as mine begin to fill with tears. This can't be happening. This can't be happening, my thoughts repeat like a soothing mantra. The only thing was, it wasn't all that soothing. Jasper's smooth musical hands reach up and wipe my salty tears away.

"I'm sorry Bella," he whispers as he spaces himself from me again. "I don't want to hold you back here. I don't plan on coming back to Forks any time soon."

Jasper, my boyfriend, the guy who I thought was my soul mate, the love of my life, is moving back to Texas to live with his father. And he doesn't plan on coming back. I run a shaky hand through my chocolate brown hair as I look at him. Don't embarrass yourself Bella. He's trying to be nice as he breaks up with you. I can't breathe; he was really leaving. We have dated for four years, we were practically engaged. He took up five years of my life and he is going to rip them away from me.

"When are you leaving?" I whisper.

"Tomorrow," he murmurs. "Rose and I leave tomorrow."

I nod and start to step away from him. I keep nodding my head, I can't think straight. He's leaving tomorrow, with my best friend (his twin) and they won't be coming back.

"Good bye then," my voice breaks as the words came out of my mouth. Jasper's unusually pale face looks hurt as he nods. I notice his hands ball into fists.

"Good bye Bella. I hope you have a beautiful life." His voice was strange and strangled but I can't breathe, I can't think. I turn and run away from him. I run to my ancient rusted red chevy and drive home through a storm of tears. He's leaving, and he's not coming back.


I take a seat on the nearest bench in the Penn's Park and attempt to take deep breaths. I'm glad I'm alone, the park was empty today due to storm warnings. I bring my hand up to my chest and clutch my shirt tightly. My chest is aching, the dull pain that I have gotten used to suddenly strikes painful aching spasms. Everything is getting worse. My breathing starts to pick up but I just can't get air, I never can any more. Then I feel the first drop hit and I loose control. I bring my hands to my head and cry.

I love her so much. All I wanted to do was pull her to me and kiss her. Savor the flavor of her lips one more time before I go. I wanted to crush her body to mine and let it mold to me perfectly like it always has.Let her go, I tell my myself. She deserves a better life, a long and happy life. It's pouring now, all around me, my clothes are drenched and I begin to shiver with the cool wind. I'm still sitting on the bench and I finally get my breath back. I pull my grey toque off my head and let the rain run through my shaggy blonde hair. It's for the best, don't be selfish. You've made up your mind. Live with it.Soon my sister's voice fills my ears through the boom of thunder.

"Jasper, you shouldn't be out here. You're only making this worse. Look at you," she says as she attempts to get me to stand up.

As if on cue I begin to cough deep from my throat and in my lungs. Rose and I look in horror down at my red stained arm. This time Rose pulls me to my feet and I push her away as I let lose my rage.

"God damn it! Mother fucker!" I yell as I kick the bench and throw my hat. I grip my chest again, trying to catch my breath as tears of rage fall down my face. Rose approaches slowly, picking up my hat and wrapping her arms around me. We stand in the rain hugging each other tightly as we both start crying.

Rosalie, my angelic twin, sobs into my chest and I hold her tightly. She calms my anger and I stroke her hair softly. I know that's what calms her, mom always did this to us when we were little. "I'm sorry Rosalie," I murmured. "I'm so sorry."

Rose shakes her head and she pulls away from me sniffling. "I've been waiting for it. You've been too calm about all of this," she explains. "Come on, we have to get you home and warmed up. You need to take your medication, remember we leave tomorrow."

I nod as I attempt to wipe water from my face. "You can't tell her Rose. You need to promise me that. Right now."

"Jasper, Bella is my best friend. How can you make me do something like that?" Rose asks looking hurt.

"How could you make her suffer like that? It's bad enough I'm doing it to you." I say taking her by the shoulders. "Rosalie, please. Promise me."

Rose starts to cry again but nods. "I promise."

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