The first of a series of moments in the Silver Millennium pertaining to Uranus and Neptune and their bond. So yes, this is a chaptered fic that will actually have chapters that connect to the others, (Unlike my other collections of one shots). Keep in mind this is about their relationship growing, so clearly they aren't going to be lovers right off the bat. But they'll get there-slowly but surely.

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Chapter 1: Dance to whose tune?

"You like running don't you?" The blonde turns to her companion and smirks, a silent answer. The other woman gives a mysterious smile, "You don't talk much either, do you?" the smirk widened and a face tips towards space, blonde tresses tumbling over tanned skin.

"What's the point in it?" the blonde muses as eyes of murky green gray peek at the other woman, "Actions speak louder than words, don't they?" Another question, because the way her partner's brow furrows ever so slightly is amusing, charming even.

"That they do," the answer is plain and a few graceful steps are taken in the sands of the Neptunian shore. "Or it could just be that you aren't very apt with words, couldn't it?" she probes, and a stray chuckle can be heard over the swell of the waves and the whistle of the wind.

"That it could…" The smirk turns into a full grin, a row of even teeth appearing at last, "Or it may just be that you enjoy making me feel insignificant, couldn't it Neptune?" The blonde warrior muses, tilting her head to glance at her partner, "You enjoy tossing these lofty questions around while I'd rather run, or listen to the breezes," At their mention a strong wind swept up some sand around the two and threw it asunder. The air settled and the blonde pressed her point, "Could it be you and I simply do not match?"

Neptune shook her head and seated herself as last beside the blonde warrior in the sand, "You are always so quick to accuse, were you aware of that?" a stray giggle leaves her lips and she pulls her knees close to lean her elbows upon them, "Perhaps we are different," she acknowledges, "But don't those differences complement one another?" she turns her head towards the rugged woman, pushing a lock of aquamarine out of her eyes.

Teal eyes turn towards the stars again, "Perhaps…" she gives the notion some thought, "I am loud, and you are soft," she muses, "The wind howls, but the sea…" she looks to the now calm tides of Neptune, "I suppose neither are constant. The wind changes with whim, and the sea dances to the moon's fancy,"

Neptune had to smother a laugh, "We all dance to the moon's fancy Uranus," she reminded, "You perhaps, most of all," she added, "You dote on our Princess when you grace the courts on the Moon," Years of watching the blonde princess from afar, watching her bow before the then tiny princess of the moon, and kiss her hand as a gentleman would had told her that. Even now, when things became most harsh, the solider would turn eyes to the distant moon and calm visibly.

"Not so much as Jupiter," Uranus counters, "Besides, it's not as though I can help it," she leans back, drifting to the sand, "I'm naturally strung to obey her whims," she whispered, "My duty. Our duty," she glances to Neptune beside her, "Or had you forgotten that?" the question is drawn out as a tease, and a row of even teeth gleam in the fading sunlight.

"Forgotten?" a true laugh, one of tinkling chimes, "How can I forget? The one who keeps reminding me of it is right here," she gave Uranus a pointed look, "Whenever you arrive Uranus, I am forever reminded of my duty,"

"Do you resent me then?" The conversing is light now, and they banter, "I who remind you or the more tedious things in life? Things besides your easel and your violin?" Uranus has gotten her back out of the sand now, and the breezes are making quick work of whatever particles of sand still remain on her clothing.

Neptune smiles, glad she has finally pulled the elusive solider of the wind into a real conversation. How easily she slips through my fingers-almost like the sand here. "Resent? Oh no Uranus," She assured, leaning forward, "I find myself becoming infinitely more joyful around you,"

A eyebrow cocks upward, "Is that so? Joyful you say?" The tone is amused, and Uranus isn't frightened by the closeness of her fellow soldier. She in fact, welcomes the intimacy of the moment. Between the two there is no end, no beginning.

"The red thread," Neptune murmurs, "It binds the souls of the warriors of Neptune and Uranus, doesn't it?" Her forehead comes to rest against wind tossed locks of blonde, "History never mentions one without the other,"

A deep hum of agreement echoes through their joined foreheads and through their bones, "History…I never gave it too much thought. I'd rather believe I fight with you of my own will," Uranus answers, a slight smirk resting on her lips, "Though I would be lying wouldn't I?"

"That you would," a bitter sigh escapes Neptune's lips and she stares into impassive eyes of teal, "You run too quickly for me Uranus," she admits, "You pull away too quickly, say too little," she frowns, frustration from months of their 'partnership' finally boiling over into the questions she has longed to ask, "Why do I have to try so hard to gain your attention? Your approval?"

Teal widens almost imperceptivity, but the foreheads remain touching. It is a few painful moments of the sea rolling close to their feet, and the breezes tossing clothing and hair asunder before Uranus answers. "It's the only way I know how to be," she admits finally, softly, "From childhood I've been like the wind. I don't like being held to one place, to one idea….I love running, it's-I mean…" the foreheads break as Uranus backs off at last, irked by the inability to properly answer, "I don't want to be hurt," she muses, "I suppose at least. Running is all I know how to do. Flit from place to place, charm someone with sparse and witty banter, then run off again," her brow narrows to a point angrily, "This is the first time I've ever had something…" her hand waves through the air in annoyance, "Something with substance," she decides on. She picks at the sand at her feet and clams up, sullen.

"Uranus. The sea slips away too," Neptune pressed, "Water moves and no matter how you try to grab at it, it will slide away just as much as air does."

"That's the issue then isn't it?" the wind whips furiously around the head of blonde, reflecting turmoil in her actions. "We're too fluid for one another to grasp completely. You…You have your patience, the ability to sit at an easel and paint for hours on end, to sit and compose beautiful music," Uranus combs a hand through rebellious straw toned hair, "While I can only run, and wrestle, and swordfight. I need motion, while you can be still. So very still." A frown and a wild turn towards the princess of the seas, "Doesn't that bother you? How different we truly are?"

A harsh laugh, almost forced, peals from Neptune's throat, shocking the rough woman before her, "Is that why you answer me with such questions? Questions of whether you and I fit?" she stifles the harsh laughter and shakes herself of the sarcasm that threatens to overwhelm her, "Do you think I care?" eyes of ice narrow and press the startled teal to avert, "Do you think that I care how different we are? I chase after you do I not?" the head of straw jerks and teal blink in amazement, "I chase because that is what the sea does. It follows the wind and dances to its tune. It dances to the wind with far more fervor than it dances to the moon,"

"Neptune…" the name is uttered on a rough and uneasy breath.

"So…" Neptune presses forward, leaning into the tall soldier, "I don't care whether you intend to run Uranus, I intend to follow, because even the wind needs to stop sometime," she slumps against the shocked solider, reveling in the feel of her muscles, even through her tunic.

"Neptune…" another rough breath, and a deep shudder, "Would you…" a swallow, and her heart is thundering madly and Neptune is sure she's never heard such a beautiful tempo. An unsteady hand, rough with calluses and worn tough from years of swordplay, grasps the shoulder closest to it, "You…Would you…wait for me?" her voice is uneven, shaky, "I need some time."

Neptune sighs, eyes closed to the world, hearing only the breezes, the sea, and Uranus's pounding heart. "Oh Uranus," a hand came up to grip the coarse fabric of the taller woman's tunic, "Of course. The sea is patient, remember?"

A breathless sort of laughter, and with a slightly shaky breath concedes, "Yes, I suppose it is."

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