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Chapter 9: Privacy

"So the girls have been adjusting well?"

"Mmm. Mercury most of all, though that's to be expected with her element and planet after all."

"And Neptune?"

"Ah…You should know that for yourself mother," Haruka felt herself flush as her mother's almost too knowing smile, "Michiru is doing just fine," she glanced at her hands where they rested loosely between her parted knees. She leaned back from her mother's bed and rolled her eyes, "Though you're just out to embarrass me aren't you?"

A light laugh came from the bedridden woman, "You should know the answer to that already Haruka, I am your mother after all," a light smile, "Speaking of which, shouldn't you be being a good host and entertaining the girls?"

Haruka grinned, "Pluto and Michiru are handling it right now. I told them I'd be out to help with the joint training in a bit," she reached out and took one of her mother's hands gently, "I'd like to spend some time with you before seeing them today," her grin softened into a light smile.

Her mother sat up in the bed a bit taller, teal eyes shining, "Haruka…You are far too good for me sometimes…Particularly considering that your lover is here and you've decided to spend time with me instead of her."

The choking noise Haruka made was enough a reason for her mother to laugh at her. Haruka's face felt hot enough to heat half the castle as she stood, taking her hand back.

"Ugh…Mother," Haruka ran a hand through her hair and groaned, "I'm not sure who is worse…you or Michiru," she shoved her hands in her pockets and pouted, "I'm not a child anymore you know…There's no need to tease me like that anymore."

Her mother waved a hand shook her head, "Oh Haruka, I'll always be able to tease you. You're my daughter," her smile grew, "No matter how tall or grownup you get, I'll always see the little girl demanding to wear tunics instead of dresses," When Haruka's cheeks flushed again she chuckled, "But I've kept you too long now. You should go see the girls. Give our princess and Michiru my regards."

Haruka harrumphed but leant forward to kiss her mother's forehead, "I will. I'll be back tomorrow morning Mother."

Her mother smiled, but swatted at her, "Go! Get out of here you scamp, go flirt and impress our Princess!" she called as Haruka hurried out.

"Is it always so cold out here Neptune?" Jupiter asked, huddled together with Mercury on a bench in the outdoor training area.

Neptune laughed and nodded, "It is. You get used to it though. Summers are quite pleasant out here. If you think this is bad, you've never endured a Plutonian winter. Those are the true test of endurance," Neptune cast her glance over to the only Plutonian in the area and the older woman laughed.

"I do remember when your mother brought you to our planet for the Solstice all those years ago. You were so bundled up you looked like you could be rolled down the steps of the ballroom and be unharmed," Pluto spared a chuckle, "And Uranus, she tried to be brave and wear only her normal clothing and caught a nasty cold for her efforts."

Neptune laughed at this, "That does sound like something Uranus would do."

"What sounds like something I would do?"

Neptune turned and her face lit up at the sight of her lover, grinning and red faced from a jaunt across the grounds in the cold. Blonde hair tousled and eyes bright, Neptune found herself smiling more broadly than she had all day.

"We were talking about the time you came to Pluto for the Solstice in winter," Pluto supplied and Haruka flushed.

"Ah…About my cold right? My mother scolded me for hours after that…" Haruka rubbed the back of her neck, averting her eyes, but her embarrassment was cut short as she was almost knocked into the snow by Venus.

"Uranus! And here Mars thought you weren't going to be joining us today!" The blonde soldier beamed up at Haruka before casting a sly grin over to Mars, who made an indignant noise and blushed.

"I-I said no such thing Venus! Shut your mouth!" Mars turned to Haruka, who was grinning, and stuttered over her retort for a few moments, "I-I j-just said it was strange that you weren't out yet, was all…"

"Ha…" Haruka nodded and gave Venus a light squeeze, "Sorry to make you all wait, I was visiting my mother. She sends her regards by the way and wishes she could greet all of you, but she's not at her best at the moment."

Serenity, bundled up under a blanket stood at that, blue eyes worried and mouth downturned, "I wish I could help her…but my powers aren't…" she trailed off, her eyes watery.

Haruka detached herself from Venus and closed the distance between herself and her ruler. She ruffled the girl's hair and smiled, "It's nothing for you to feel sorry over Princess. Besides, are you saying I'm not enough of a Uranian host for you?"

"A-Ah! No! You're perfect Uranus! I didn't mean to say that I was being ungrateful-" Serenity's babble was cut off by Neptune's laughter.

She joined Haruka next to the young ruler and winked, "Don't fret Serenity, she's teasing. She's rather rude when it come to other people's feelings," she tweaked Haruka's ear and gave Serenity a gentle smile, "But since our host has graced us with her presence perhaps we should train now instead of simply gossiping?"

"Phew…Jupiter is better at hand to hand fighting than she was the last time we saw her. If she's diligent she might even catch up to me," Haruka mused a few hours later. She glanced down at Michiru, who had joined her for a walk around the grounds.

"Hah! You just had to wedge in that boast in there didn't you Haruka?" Michiru chuckled, "But it's true. The girls have matured. They're still young, but it's looking like perhaps we won't have to worry about the Princess after all," She met Haruka's gaze and smiled, "That's enough to be happy about right?"

"I suppose. They've still got a long way to go, but Venus really stepped into her role as the leader well," Haruka's lips twitched into a smirk, "It's good to see them in any case. I'd forgotten how lively they are."

They paused in their walking to share a laugh and stared out one of the sloping windows of the castle. Snow fell lazily from the sky and the wind had died down to a mere tickle of a breeze.

"It's peaceful isn't it?" Michiru murmured, leaning against Haruka's side, relishing that the taller soldier wrapped her arm around her almost automatically.

"More like the calm before the storm. I don't trust this peace. It's been far too quiet in the Solar System. It worries me," Haruka replied, her face grim, "My mother senses it too, and I think it's affecting her health. She's done this long enough to know that something is coming soon-and it isn't good."

Michiru sighed, shoulders sagging, "I know. The mirror has been showing me hazy images lately. It could be because I'm cut off from the sea, but I can tell something is brewing below the surface of all of this." She locked eyes with Haruka, both faces grim, "I only pray that nothing horrible comes of this."

Haruka shuddered, shaking her head, "All this talk of premonitions and the future is depressing," she gave a weak grin and nudged Michiru's shoulder, "My mother says hello by the way. To you in particular, I just didn't mention it in front of the girls," she pecked Michiru's forehead, her grin growing, "She's fond of you I think."

"I would hope so! She's quite the interesting woman. A tad intimidating to tell you the truth, but still, she's a nice woman," Michiru replied, smiling into Haruka's chest.

"You're sure this is alright?"

"Michiru-it's just my mother. It's not like you're meeting the Queen on the Moon for the first time. You're a princess for pity's sake! You're gonna be fine!" Haruka tugged Michiru forward, towards the Queen's chambers. A smirk twitched at her lips, "I can't believe you're afraid to meet my mother."

Michiru felt her cheeks burn and she harrumphed, pushing Haruka aside, "And I cannot believe you're teasing me about it! It's your mother Haruka. The former Sailor Uranus. I want to make a good first impression. She's important to you, so I want her to approve of me," she tugged at the hem of her tunic and bit her lip, "I don't want you mother to dislike our relationship."

Haruka laughed, pulling Michiru in for a hug, "Hush. You sound like a child when you talk like that. This isn't that serious Michiru. I've told her so much about you that I know that she'll approve of you. Besides, you're your mother's daughter. My mother misses her partner and you're nearly the spitting image of your mother."

Michiru smiled, tugging at Haruka's tunic to get Haruka to meet her eyes, "You've gotten better at distracting me since I've been away from you. Who have you been practicing on I wonder?"

Haruka chuckled, "The council mostly, my father when he gets into one of his stormy moods and of course my mother when she gets aggravated with people," she tapped her forehead against Michiru's and her eyes softened, "It's because I hate seeing you upset…I decided to get better at being reassuring and resolute."

"Silly. You've always been reassuring and resolute to me," Michiru whispered, closing the distance between their lips for a soft kiss, "But you've mellowed out a bit. Being home must have helped."

"Perhaps," Haruka mused, chasing Michiru's lips for another kiss, this one deeper as she pulled Michiru's hips closer to her body.

Michiru clenched onto the fabric of Haruka's shoulders and pulled back after a few moments, cheeks red, "Now there's something I hope you haven't been practicing with others on," she muttered, a bit breathless.

Haruka's grin was boyish and her eyes twinkled with mischief, "Who knows?" she answered, pulling away from Michiru to glance down the hallway, "Come on, we've dithered too long. We have to catch her before she gets mobbed for attention," she ran a hand through her hair and used the other hand to tug Michiru along again.

Michiru allowed herself to be guided around an area of the castle she had not yet explored, letting her eyes wander around the stone walls and the tapestries draping from every wall. She hadn't noticed Haruka had stopped and found herself slamming into her back with a cry of surprise.

Haruka stifled a snicker and nodded to the two men at arms next to the large door before to the two. When the two men nodded back Haruka straightened up, pushing her hair out of her eyes and fixed her shirt. She turned to Michiru and smiled, "Here we are."

Michiru quickly straightened out her shirt and ran a few fingers through her hair to make sure there were no stray strands and nodded to Haruka. The blonde's smile grew and she grasped the handles of the door, pulling on them.

"Mother? I'm home," Haruka's voice was soft as she beckoned Michiru into the large, dimly lit chamber.

Michiru took careful steps in behind her lover and watched as she bent down next to the large bed in the center of the room.

"Welcome home my dear," the voice that came from the bed was melodic and warm, and Michiru found herself comparing the two family members voices. Haruka's husky voice was a few notes lower than her mother's.

Michiru watched in silence as Haruka drew two chairs next to the bedside and listened to the quiet banter.

"You were right by the way, I should have allowed for more travel time when I went out to take care of the black blizzards. The girls were here before I got home. Not so much of a host am I?"

"You always were impatient Haruka. It only makes sense you would rush off and not think ahead. Still, be sure to apologize to the girls when you see them. The poor things have been shivering in their rooms for a week."

"Mm, I will. But I wanted to see you first," Haruka craned her neck and met Michiru's eyes, her smile softening, "I've got someone I'd like you to finally meet."


Haruka beckoned to Michiru and the Neptunian took careful steps towards the bed, lowering her head as she gave the two a curtsy, "Mother, I present the Princess of Neptune, Michiru, Sailor Neptune."

"There's no need to curtsy for me Neptune. You're my daughter's partner and one of my cherished friend's daughter. Come, rise your head," the voice was soft and Michiru could hear the amusement in it. She slowly raised her head and blinked in surprise.

Goodness she truly is Haruka's mother, was the first thing through her mind. Teal eyes that were kind, with that familiar spark of energy and life, and blonde hair that fell in waves around her face. She wore her hair longer that her daughter, but Michiru could almost superimpose the image of this woman bearing the familiar short haircut. Her face wasn't as sharp as Haruka's, instead giving off an air of refined beauty. The smile that twitched on her lips though, Michiru recognized in a heartbeat.

"My word, you look just like your mother," Michiru was startled from her musings at the quiet words, "You have grown up quite well Michiru," the smile on the Queen's lips softened, "Your mother would be very proud."

"Ah…" Michiru felt the familiar ache in her chest at the mention of her mother, but the flush of pride on her cheeks helped her to ignore it, "Thank you Your Majesty," she bowed her head, and then peeked at Haruka's grinning face, "If you don't think it too bold, I must say that your daughter is very much similar to you as well."

The two Uranians laughed and Michiru felt herself smiling besides her nervousness at the meeting. "If only you knew how rare it was to hear that! Everyone is forever saying Haruka takes too much after her father," the Queen beckoned to the spare chair, "But sit, no need to stand all morning."

"That's only because they've never seen you at your best Mother. If they knew how wicked you could be…they'd all be shocked that the kind and gentle Queen was such a barbarian too," Haruka jeered as Michiru sat down. She turned to Michiru and snickered, "Would you believe there are only around six people on this planet who know what she was like before she took over as Queen?" Haruka voice was almost amazed.

"It certainly seems strange…" Michiru parried, hands folded in her lap as the Queen swatted at her almost grown daughter.

"No need to be diplomatic here Michiru. I've known you since you were an infant. Both you and your mother share that certain stiffness that comes with being the Neptunian royalty," The Queen sat up in her bed taller, cocking an eyebrow, "If I can deal with my smart alack daughter's bad manners I can surely enjoy your polite manners. Haruka has told me that you are the essence of propriety. 'A stick in the mud when it comes to politics' I believe were her exact words."

"Mother!" Haruka's cheeks were red and Michiru had to stifle a giggle.

"A stick in the mud Haruka? Really? Well. See if I explain any of those complicated political terms to you when we're called into meetings," Michiru sniffed, and she smiled at Haruka's choke of surprise.

"A-Ah, come on now Michiru," Haruka chanced a grin at the Neptunian and reached for her hands in her lap, "It wasn't a completely truthful comparison after all…You're more like a…What's the word I'm looking for…"

"Perhaps a politician?" Michiru leaned closer to her partner, forgetting for a moment they were in the presence of the Queen and she gave a small smile, "Considering that's part of our job description Haruka I'm surprised you aren't jealous that you lack the 'stick in the mud' attitude."

"You'd better watch out Haruka, she's much better at this than I am," the Queen interjected with a laugh. Michiru jerked away with a blush when she realized how close she had gotten to Haruka. Haruka's hand still held onto hers in her lap.

"Well, I've just got to get used to it again is all, Mother. It's just been a while since I've seen her and I'm out of practice with keeping up with her wits," Haruka's eyes twinkled as she glanced at Michiru through the corner of her eyes, "I'll be trading taunts with her soon enough, mark my words."

"Well, until she can do so, you'll look after my ridiculous daughter won't you Michiru?" the Queen requested, a small smile on her face that Michiru realized was the same kind Haruka would give when she was thinking something sad, "She needs someone to look out for her or else she gets herself into all sorts of trouble."

Michiru felt her heart flutter in her chest and she nodded. Her throat felt tight as she bowed her head, "Or course I will Your Majesty. If I don't look out for Haruka who will?"

Haruka gave a quiet chuff of a laugh, her smile mild and sincere. She squeezed Michiru's hands and nodded, "Sounds like I've got nothing to worry about Mother," She turned to Michiru, her face warm and open, "Michiru has my back, and I've got hers too."

"Don't let me bother you two then. Go on and get reacquainted with each other, and for the Moon's sake Haruka if you want to kiss her go ahead. Don't let your mother stop you."

Haruka laughed, Michiru blushing a bit as she leaned in and Haruka did as her mother said.

"My mother? Intimidating? Michiru, she's a bedridden old woman. You are a young and spry senshi of the sea! It seems a tad bit silly to be scared of her," Haruka teased, pulling Michiru all the closer.

"That's just because you have grown up with her! You say the same things about my father. You think he's always a step away from spearing you with a trident."

"Because if he found out I was in love with his daughter he would feed me to the sea without a second thought."

Michiru savored the words for a second before letting out a breathless laugh, "You've gone and done it again Haruka. You said something romantic without meaning to," she teased, craning up her neck to look up at the blonde.

"I did what? I didn't do-Oh," Haruka's face flushed and she averted her eyes, "Michiru," she grumbled, pouting, "The more you point it out the less likely I'm going to say anything."

"Hah! Well, then it's a good thing that your loose tongue will keep that from happening," Michiru glanced towards the end of the hall and then stood on her tip toes to place a light kiss on Haruka's lips, "Try not to pout too much Haruka, it doesn't suit you in the least."

Haruka's pout all but vanished in favor of a wry grin, "Pout? What pout?" she loosened her hold on Michiru's waist and tugged on her hands, "Come on, let's go back to our rooms. The hallways are chilly, there are ears everywhere, and I just know you're going to want to take a bath after all of the training we did."

Michiru allowed herself to be led and trailed to the side of her lover, "So, what are you doing for the Showcase of the Planets Haruka?" She watched as her partner flushed and she giggled, "Ah-ha. Someone doesn't know yet do they?"

"Hush. I do too know what I'm doing for it," Haruka groused, "I'll be standing to the side as the Royal Guard does a sword dance for everyone. I will not be joining them."

"Truly? For someone who loves the spotlight you certainly are being unusually shy about this," Michiru mused.

"I'm a private person Michiru. Piano playing is something I do only for you and my mother. It's not something I would go and show all the delegates in the Solar System," Haruka answered, her voice tight, "'Sides. I'm nowhere near good enough to match you and the girls at your skills."

"I suppose…Still Haruka, I would love to hear you play for everyone," Michiru smiled, pressing a kiss to Haruka's cheek, "Don't be sullen love, it doesn't suit you."

"Haruka hand me that hairpin over there?"

"Here you go."

"Thank you."

Haruka sat on the edge of a spare chair with a sheepish grin on her face, "I'm surprised you're letting me escort you down to the Showcase tonight."

"Why should you be? You are my partner, in the militaristic and romantic fashions. Why shouldn't I be led down by the most dashing person in the room?" Michiru turned, holding her hair in her hands on top of her head. Her eyes twinkled around a soft layer of makeup.

"Dashing eh? I feel like we've done this before," Haruka's grin grew and she stood to go over behind Michiru at her dressing table, "You look beautiful Michiru," Haruka whispered, dropping a kiss against Michiru's bared neck.

"Nn, stop that. I have to finish my hair and you are not making that easy for me," Michiru meant to sound cross, but the giddy feeling that Haruka's lips brought made that difficult. She smiled, "Be a dear and get some more hairpins? I may have underestimated how much my hair has grown since the last formal occasion I attended.

"You should just leave it down. It looks perfect that way to me," Haruka suggested, still getting the pins her partner asked for. She watched as the small pins slipping into the curls bound up the teal hair.

"Yes, but I am playing violin tonight and the last thing I want to do is have my hair get in the way in the middle of my set. It's not just us playing in the studio, so I have to look put together for everyone."

"You're always put together."

"Oh hush with your compliments," Michiru parried, turning in her seat, "You're spoiling me with them."

Haruka leaned down, a smile on her face, "But I like spoiling you," she whispered, pressing a kiss to Michiru's lips, holding it there for a few moments of blissful contact before pulling back, "I'm just using up all the compliments I wanted to give you while you were away from me."

"Haruka…" Michiru shook her head after a moment and tapped her hand against the taller woman's cheek, "You've messed up my lip stain. You've gotten it on your face now," she sighed, her face flushed.

"You're blushing," Haruka sang, wiping her lips against the heel of her palm, "I made the almighty Sailor Neptune blush."

"And she will give you a black eye if you keep that up," Michiru warned, reapplying her lip stain brush to her lips, "And she will flirt with every man she can to make you jealous."

"Jealous? I don't get jealous."

Michiru laughed openly and turned in her chair, raising an eyebrow at her lover, "Do you wish to stand by that statement Haruka?"

The knight shifted uncomfortably but nodded, "Of course I do. I don't get jealous."

"Really now. Well, then what would you call the poor footman who answers to me, or perhaps the scribe who takes down the notes during our council sessions? Or perhaps you remember that one page that had finally worked up the nerve to say I was his inspiration? I sincerely doubt they deserved the wrath of the Princess of Uranus."

"That's not jealously. That's just making sure people aren't using you," Haruka mumbled as Michiru turned back to her mirror

"And that was before you went and kissed me. Goodness I wonder if you'll be worse?" Michiru continued as if Haruka hadn't spoke at all, watching from her mirror as Haruka's face fell in shame.


"Oh, Haruka, don't frown. I'll stop you from making a fool of yourself out there."

Haruka huffed, "I don't make a fool of myself showing people I'll willing to stand by your honor."

"Haruka," Michiru giggled, turning again, "My honor is where it ever stood, and I doubt anything you could do or say could make the court think I'm less than the perfect delegate Neptune has had in centuries."

Haruka rolled her eyes, sitting back down in her chair, "Are you almost finished? We've got to be down there soon, and I want to dance with you before I have to dance with all the girls."

"Oh? Does that mean I get to dance with that Earth Prince who showed up last minute with his little entourage of soldiers? He is quite fetching, I can see Serenity's attraction."

"Endymion? He's a decent soldier. His men aren't bad either-but they're nothing next to us. They might be a threat if they weren't so lovestruck by the girls," Haruka shook her head, chuckling, "That's all they talk about."

"You've met them?"

"Yeah. While you were on Neptune they can for a joint training session with our men. They wanted to learn Uranian swordsmanship. Endymion is a good guy, but he's awfully quiet. Guess that's just the way he is," Haruka's lips tipped up in a small smirk, "All of his men look like women though."


"They wear their hair longer than Venus and Mars! Most of them at least. They've got this young one, Adonis, or whatever his name is, he looks normal enough," Haruka stood and went back over to Michiru, smoothing her palms over her bared shoulders, "It wasn't a statement against their masculinity. It was just sort of silly to me, was all."

Michiru leaned into Haruka's touch, her head touching Haruka's stomach. "You are superbly politically incorrect. It's any wonder you haven't been killed over offending someone yet."

Haruka's hum echoed in Michiru's ears, "Yes, well, they'd have to catch me first, Michiru. I think we both know that would be just about impossible," she bent down to place a kiss on the crown of Michiru's hair, "And no, you are not allowed to dance with him. You'll break poor Serenity's heart."

Michiru's laughter was quiet, smothered by the back of her hand, "Oh, well it was worth a shot," she lowered her hand and smoothed the front of her dress, "Now. I think I've kept you waiting long enough," she stood in one graceful moment, a smile on her face, "Shall we?"

Haruka's lips turned up in a grin, "I'll lead the way," she offered a arm and swept a bow, "May I take your arm, m'lady?"

"I suppose you may," Michiru dipped down in a curtsy, fighting the grin that threatened to spread across her cheeks. She took Haruka's arm and allowed herself to be tugged closer to Haruka's body. She watched Haruka's eyes glint and caught the wink she was thrown as the two of them left her chambers and entered the halls.

"We're going to make quite an entrance you know. My father asked if you were going to need a Uranian noble to escort you down the grand staircase and he was rather surprised at how quickly I offered my hand to you. He assumed I would go for Serenity."

"Oh my! You chose me over our princess?" Michiru felt a warmth blossom in her cheeks and swell in her chest, "That is something to behold." Her hand tightened around Haruka's bicep and her smile grew.

"Yes well…We are partners, aren't we?" Haruka's grin was wide, "Besides, I'll let Endymion do his job. It's only right that she be escorted by a proper prince, and he certainly is one. Besides! We look so 'lovely' next to each other it'd be a pity not to go together."

"Oh? What, do you think they're going to throw rose petals in our path Haruka?" Michiru pinched Haruka's arm, "You're being silly," they were silent for a moment as they walked down the hallway, "Though rose petals would be a nice touch wouldn't it?"

"How about a choir? I think we deserve a choir with some string instruments involved. Show how wonderful we are," Haruka laughed, "How ridiculous that would be to travel with. People following you about to prove how pretty and handsome you are."

Michiru giggled, pausing in her gait, "Yes well, a person can only do so much, can they?" She smiled up at Haruka, "I don't think we need something so public, do we?"

Haruka's smile was soft, spreading pleasant warmth through Michiru's chest and she tapped her forehead to Michiru's, "We just need something for us. Private. All I need is you after all." Her lips brushed across Michiru's forehead as she pulled back. She paused for a moment, and a grin twitched to her face, "Though I must admit the thought of rose petals in the bedchambers is certainly a welcome one."

"Haruka!" Michiru's whisper was lost in Haruka's loud laughter and she gave her partner a shove, "We are in the Great Hall remember? Show some manners."

"Correction-we're in the hall leading up to the Great Hall. Tsk tsk Michiru, you shouldn't assume. After all-it does make an ass of-" Haruka teased, getting cut off by Michiru's finger on her lips.

"Hush. Or I'll ask your father for a different escort after all," Michiru threatened, only taking her finger away when Haruka began to place kisses on it, "And none of that in there. We've got impressions to make for the whole Moon Kingdom court."

"Right," Haruka straightened, fixing her tunic. She offered Michiru her arm once more and bowed, "Shall we?"

Michiru smoothed her dress down her legs, gave a small curtsy and took Haruka's procured arm. She watched as Haruka signaled the footman by the doorway, signaling that they were ready to enter at last. She glanced up at Haruka and caught the tall princess's eyes. She grinned for a moment, winking at her before turning towards the doors again.

"Show time, Neptune."

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